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11 thoughts on “EmilyBell

  1. I feel like this could be extremely dangerous for you at your age physically and mentally. you are sharing your body with him and he needs to respect that. It’s honestly disgusting that he would do that. I wouldn’t be having sex with him anymore if I were you. that’s just not acceptable he’s obviously not mature enough to know that you don’t do that or he watches a lot of porn I’d assume. i say ditch him plenty of other boys will respect your body

  2. Would you forgive her for doing the exact same thing? I doubt it. Whatever she chooses to do it is solely her decision to make. You need professional help, you have humiliated her and disrespected and degraded her and your marriage. I personally don't see how you can fix this even getting professional help for your addiction. It's more than just masterbation, it's also a porn addiction, and a sex addiction because you purposely set out to attract other women for sexual pleasure and would have met up with them if you could have. Half the world has probably seen your d*ck by now. I personally don't think that anyone could please you. Good luck, I don't think this will end up in your favor.

  3. I called you immature. A word you used to describe yourself in your own post. And I stand by it because that’s exactly what you’re being.

    At the end of the day you have a person your age that you’re extremely close to who is having a baby. You’ve voiced the fact that you’d wanna be pregnant at the same time that’s the BAM. It makes the likelihood of pregnancy seem more real to him. It’s actually an extremely good thing to have multiple forms of birth control. But if you think it’s cause he’s cheating…the issues in your relationship have nothing to do with fertility.

  4. Being the stepmom is the biggest issue. You do not want to step into that role unless you absolutely want to and would love to be one. If you are stepping into that role just because the dude you happen to fall for happens to have kids then that is a very bad idea. You will resent the kids soon enough and the kids deserve better than that.

    May also wanna honestly discuss with yourself how important your job is to you since there is a chance, however small, that this may cause you you to lose your job.

    You say he cannot manage his feelings; what does that mean? Does he blow up at every little inconvenience? Does he break things? Does he get violent? If any of that is true do you really want to ignore all that and be in a relationship with this guy?

    Sorry to say this but the feelings you are talking about may just be rebound haze.

  5. Your sister hasn't reached out because he is talking out his arse,

    They knew what they was doing and this probably isn't the first time.

    This sort of betrayal from 2 people closest to you is hard to get over.

    And I'd never be able to get passed it at all, I think there more to this story and they have been sleeping together a while.

    Text him say stop texting calling, we are over, and as soon as possible I will be filling and you and my sister can go on pretending that this hasn't happened before, And you are now block until baby is born, any updated needed I'll have my mom inform you.

    Then block him, you know you can never take him back, and I don't believe for one second this was the first time.

    I'd even trip him up and catch him in a lie, telling him I've booked a Polygraph test for you for next week,

    And when it comes back clean then we can talk, I will be asking have you and my sister ever been intimate behind my back, and did you really think it was me you was kissing, and have you been intimate when anyone else since we got together. Watch him fold like a stack of cards and tell on himself.

    They been sleeping together ??‍♀️ it's crazy obvious, otherwise she would be begging for forgiveness saying she was high yada yada but she knows.

  6. Accountable is what I did was wrong, I'm sorry I will go.

    Accountable is not, but she's done worse to me, but she didn't respect my boundaries, but she touched feet with another dude, and I didn't.

    You are doing the latter

    You are shit talking this girl into the ground to hold onto that you didn't do something as bad as she did, so she shouldn't break up with you because it was only once.

    Tbh. I CANNOT see why you are fighting so hard to be right in this situation she doesn't even sound that great

    She should break up with you for the shit you've said here alone.

  7. I wish I wasn’t such a doormat, dude. I WANT to make him take care of himself, and I’ve been sort of doing it, but the fights have just gotten SO much worse. Like it’s volatile. He punched my car one day, too. He calmed down a little after that, but he straight up stopped doing anything but go to work for WEEKS! I let the dishes pile up after a couple days, and he never touched them. So I couldn’t take it anymore and cleaned the kitchen thinking he threw his fit and now he’ll start helping again, right? He made his point. Nope. It went on for weeks.

    This man has been a clean freak our entire relationship, btw. Like psycho cleaner lol. So this was extremely out of character. He also has a habit of micromanaging me whenever I clean anything, so I only clean when he’s at work or not around. It’s ridiculous, I know. Eggshells everywhere. (He’s a LOT like my mother in this way. It’s icky)

    It’s just not working. The only thing I haven’t done was make him Uber. At least not every day. I work a lot of events, and he works odd hours, so several days a month he ends up Ubering or catching a ride home.

    Idk, it just feels like spending that money unnecessarily is pointless when I’m trying to save. I can tolerate 20 mins a day in the car with him. At least he stopped punching it. I did kick his ass out after he did that though, and he walked to work. I went OFF on him. I think that was actually my breaking point with everything.

  8. What the fuck?

    Unless they were, “I sure would love it if you spat in my face, I'm into that shit.”; How is this at all relevant?


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