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  1. Okay let me say this , we tried the best we could to make each other happy , but I do not feel like I love her as I don't have that intense feeling that makes me think about her or want her because she did not care enough about me , I gave her gifts and time and wanted to have full sex with her but she refused full sex and she also doesn't care if we don't talk all day and she doesn't love me as I want a woman to love me I mean for a woman to love being with me and my imperfections and to love them but she just likes me and likes having me around and stuff that ain't love for me , forget about worshipping and obsession I have lead myself to those extreme thoughts because I am bipolar and her not giving me the minimum of what love is made me write this whole thing and be extreme where I just want to be loved in a healthy way , thank you. I do not want to worship her , I give her time money and love but I receive a bestie not s girlfriend

  2. You’re looking at all of this as if “men” are this monolithic entity that treat you a certain way.

    Do you even LIKE men? Do you want to spend time with a guy, find things in common, laugh and enjoy new experiences with him? Do you have men friends or even friendly coworkers?

    If the answer to this is yes, then look for guys who enjoy doing things that you like to do. Hobbies, games, sports, food, arts, culture, travel, even faith based stuff if you’re a believer. And although you say you don’t care about looks, at least try to be well groomed and dress like you feel attractive. You don’t have to be gorgeous or even conventionally pretty to find a nice guy, but if you’re disheveled or oddly put together, it won’t help your cause.

    It’s nude for socially awkward people to navigate this stuff. It took me decades to present myself in a way that didn’t repel people from being my friends, not just physically but how I spoke to people and handled social situations. It’s still hot sometimes. Socializing for some of us is like speaking a second language.

  3. I feel like this exact situation happens to almost every guy.

    I have no idea how to handle this though. Waiting on the comments.

  4. Beneficiaries only apply to life insurance, when the person dies. All other insurance policies pay out to the individual who's named on the policy, or their gaurdian.

  5. Beneficiaries only apply to life insurance, when the person dies. All other insurance policies pay out to the individual who's named on the policy, or their gaurdian.

  6. Ultimatums is forcing you, and completely different from setting boundaries. You have been dating for 9 MONTHS you barely know each other. You barley out of high school gain some life experience. If she is so insecure to push marriage this early she’s not ready either, and needs to work on herself.

  7. Did he put you in danger because of that lie? Why did he lie? Have you asked him? We all have reasonings behind why we do things and maybe you should allow him the ability to better explain who he really is.

  8. Nobody's Perfect. So keep looking until you find that someone, u just can't live life without and hopefully they feel the same about you.

  9. I was a divorced dad of 4 and 2. Separated at 6 months. She was cheating.

    Also here to say it’s not that nude. Personally have no empathy for the travails of stay at home moms that are always exhausted and in a bad mood; but that’s a different post. I for the most part had a blast as a 50% co parent.

    I ended up being probably a better dad than I was in track to be. My career got a little side tracked, but no regrets spending my afternoons playing soccer and hockey instead of 60 hour work weeks.

    Good luck.

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  11. I think you are owed an explanation without you prompting her. You need to have some self respect and show her that you cannot just have a revolving door policy in a marriage. That break was caused by something. She took the children and upended everyone’s life to just saying nothing caused all this? She needs a bit of humility for the unhappiness and hurts she has caused. If you are to move forward you deserve an explanation, so that you can begin to heal from this. I think you are being a bit passive, perhaps.

  12. Haha my god, enjoy the single life ho, you is crazy ? and I mean batshit crazy. I'd say your vibrator is the size of a gorillas fist ? ?

  13. From what you describe, leaving him is not a shitty option. Scary, sure, but ultimately freeing and in your best interest.

    And don't believe him when he tries to love bomb you into staying. He will not change.

  14. Unfaithful over seeing 1 nsfw gif? That’s a stretch. He is saying the family has forced their advise onto her, and push her to follow it. And she can absolutely go to her family for a shoulder to cry on, but in the end it will be detrimental to their relationship if the family is not conscious enough to let her make her own decisions without trying to push her into doing what they think is correct.

  15. Most people his age don't date people your age. Now you know for sure he has even more issues than that (and the others you were aware of). Please block him.

    And don't be in such a hurry. Wanting a marriage proposal from someone you'd only been dating that long is crazy. Especially at your age. Keep your independence for a few years.

  16. Find someone new without soooo many bedroom issues.

    Its not her fault having endometriosis, but she could provide head and anal, she is just making excuses not to.

  17. first of all take a deep breath, it's just some lip injections. She's still the same person you fell in love with, just with a little bit of extra stuff in her lips. I know it might be nude to accept at first but try to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place. It wasn't her lips, it was her as a person.

    And listen bro, it's not fair to her to keep bringing it up and staring at her face. That's not cool and you're just gonna make her feel self conscious. It's her face, she can do whatever she wants with it.

    You said yourself you're trying to force yourself to accept it, but that's not the right way to go about it. You gotta let yourself feel your feelings, but don't let them control you. It's been only 3 days, give it some time. If it's really bothering you that much, try and talk to her about it calmly and see if you can work through it together. But remember, it's her body, her decision.

    And don't even think about breaking up over this bro, that's just ridiculous.

    In the end remember what's truly important, that's your love and relationship with her, not the way her lips look. Keep that in mind and it's gonna be alright.

  18. He’s very vanilla so it’s just women flicking their bean. He told me himself that he had loads of sex with the ex, not the 20 year ex but the casual one before me… but she was married so they just tore the clothes off of each other apparently when they did manage to get some time together. I’ve seen her, and I think she’s pretty. She’s never had kids so I assume she has no stretch marks etc… But even then he said that she had broad shoulders and small tits and she only did it for him when she was dressed in the full seduction kit, stockings and heels and all that… but then he’s saying that regardless of what she was wearing or not he still shagged her six ways to Christmas… it makes no sense. He’s an ex rugby player and up until recently a chief fire officer so despite the fact that his own body looks a lot like he’s carrying triplets these days he still thinks he’s this powerfully built guy with women falling at his feet because he’s a fireman

  19. As another gamer who is also a woman, defend yourself. If you need someone to white knight you when live! trolls lose their shit because they got outplayed by a woman, you're not cut out for competitive on-line gaming. To be clear, that behavior is not okay and should absolutely be called out every time. And while we should all come together as a community to stand up for those who are being attacked in online games, the reality is that women need to stand up for ourselves. If you need a man to protect you, that just feeds the trolls.

  20. Well you're welcome…I happy you appreciate my advice. Expectations and Assumptions always lead to disappointment….

  21. Please look up littermate syndrome. Even if you drop the terrible man, two puppies can become way too dependent on each other and ignore you, making training 10x more work.

  22. i completely get that when we are awake, but what is there to enjoy when we are both asleep? i guess i just wonder if there is more to it, be that feelings or whatever else.

  23. I'm not being facetious, but sorry dude, your wife is at the very least having an emotional affair. No mother would be okay with her children developing a child-father bond with another man and not the paternal father assuming the relationship between the parents is healthy.

    You're pretty stuck here, because you have children with this woman. I don't know your history with her or how you two got to this place in your relationship, but clearly something is broken and you two need to sit down and communicate.

    My hunch is that there is a lot you aren't telling us about your relationship with your wife. As the father and sole bread winner, you have every right to cut your hours to spend a little more time with your kids. I'm assuming doing so wouldn't harm your ability to provide for the children. The fact she responds so negatively is either really telling or you're withholding information. Either way, your wife is having an emotional affair, and you two need to have a long, serious, and probably unhappy talk about what the hell is wrong with the relationship.

  24. I’m sorry, my love. He meant to send it. You know it. He knows it. We all know it. Your marriage was already rocky to begin with, and then he goes and does all this? It makes me feel like he’s deliberately trying to sabotage your relationship so you’ll leave him. You deserve better than that pig.

  25. I never get time truly alone to myself in the space.

    Why is it not a solution for the two of you to each do your own thing, both being present in the house?

    If I want to have friends over, we have to be respectful and considerate of his needs.

    This one's on him – if he's always home, he could endure two hours of you and your friends hanging out in the apartment.

    It would be such a gift, such a nice courtesy, and honestly probably good for him too, to make some plans that don't involve me and go explore the world a bit more on his own.

    Sure, but that's obviously not who he is.

  26. Staying with him is excusing his behavior. He has faced no consequences for his actions. You constantly live with depression and anxiety FROM being with this person. This person you can’t trust. This person who your gut is screaming at you to leave and you ignore it, which causes even more anxiety and depression.

    You cannot trust him. You want to but you can’t. You will forever be in this limbo of wanting to trust but being afraid of being hurt again— because …. YOU CANT TRUST HIM.

  27. He was in pain. God, ya'll have no empathy or understanding at all. Who cares about whether or not his greeting was cheery like a 1950s sitcom wife.

    You have wierd values. This just doesn't matter.

  28. Why is it anyone else's business who pays what in your relationship? Are people asking? Your wife just needs to shut up at this point.

  29. he lied through omission. he is gaslighting you about current sexual issues. he doesn't care that he is now causing you pain when you have sex.

    Well, if you stay, YOU have to figure out how to have sex with him. Grin and bare it? He isn't going to do anything because there isn't a problem. So it is going to be all on you.

    I would find that exhausting and I wouldn't bother trying. he's 43 and a selfish lover.

  30. That makes sense, I just saw a lot of the same advice here about crate training. But you're right, it is more of a relationship issue because your boyfriend refuses to do anything… Maybe come at him that he is hurting the dog by not teaching it appropriate behaviors?

  31. I’ll definitely change my opinion if they are not showing any remorse and are just expecting me to overlook them and forgive them. If this is the case in OP’s case the more power to get and she should move on; if he is showing remorse and willingness to change or endure this won’t happen again then again I’d be willing to give one more chance.

    Cheating is completely different thing at least to me. I see that as a personal betrayal and there’s no second chance in that. The drunk driving I see as a colossally stupid decision but one I’d be willing to forgive once as long as they show remorse and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    I’m not saying op is wrong in her decision. I mentioned before that a person has the right to end a relationship for any reason. I just stated what I’d do in the same situation.

  32. Honestly, you should probably stop all communication for about a year. In that time try to make some new close friendships, so everything is riding on this very confusing one. If you've been friends for 10years, a 1 year hiatus for the health of the friendship is 100% worth it.

    Your unresolved feelings will truly destroy the connection if you try to deny them to avoid feeling lonely in the short term.

  33. Honestly, you should probably stop all communication for about a year. In that time try to make some new close friendships, so everything isn't riding on this very confusing one. If you've been friends for 10years, a 1 year hiatus for the health of the friendship is 100% worth it.

    Your unresolved feelings will truly destroy the connection if you try to deny them to avoid feeling lonely in the short term.

  34. That's why I made that comment, to share the information. She stated it elsewhere in comments, I summed it up in my comment that you initially responded to.

  35. Sexual incompatibility can break a relationship. You need to decide if this is something you can live with forever. Most people can't. Why do you feel like you can't satisfy your needs? Does he forbid you from masturbating or say it's wrong or something?

  36. I know someone (a woman) who was sexually assaulted at 6 years old by a 12 year old boy. That is exactly what happened. He was 12 and so he was given grace and help because, again, he was 12. It's only anecdotal but I think you're choosing to have a problem when there doesn't need to be one.

  37. You need to get a lawyer to figure out how to separate your business.

    I don't really understand how you're willing to walk away from half a business but not whatever items of yours he has? What stuff are you wanting to get back? Unless it's something irreplaceable your goals seem really off

    Figure out how to separate the business. Sell and split the money or have him buy you out. But absolutely do not just walk away with your name on it. He could totally run the company into the ground to fuck your life up.


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