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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Okay let me say this , we tried the best we could to make each other happy , but I do not feel like I love her as I don't have that intense feeling that makes me think about her or want her because she did not care enough about me , I gave her gifts and time and wanted to have full sex with her but she refused full sex and she also doesn't care if we don't talk all day and she doesn't love me as I want a woman to love me I mean for a woman to love being with me and my imperfections and to love them but she just likes me and likes having me around and stuff that ain't love for me , forget about worshipping and obsession I have lead myself to those extreme thoughts because I am bipolar and her not giving me the minimum of what love is made me write this whole thing and be extreme where I just want to be loved in a healthy way , thank you. I do not want to worship her , I give her time money and love but I receive a bestie not s girlfriend

  2. You’re looking at all of this as if “men” are this monolithic entity that treat you a certain way.

    Do you even LIKE men? Do you want to spend time with a guy, find things in common, laugh and enjoy new experiences with him? Do you have men friends or even friendly coworkers?

    If the answer to this is yes, then look for guys who enjoy doing things that you like to do. Hobbies, games, sports, food, arts, culture, travel, even faith based stuff if you’re a believer. And although you say you don’t care about looks, at least try to be well groomed and dress like you feel attractive. You don’t have to be gorgeous or even conventionally pretty to find a nice guy, but if you’re disheveled or oddly put together, it won’t help your cause.

    It’s nude for socially awkward people to navigate this stuff. It took me decades to present myself in a way that didn’t repel people from being my friends, not just physically but how I spoke to people and handled social situations. It’s still hot sometimes. Socializing for some of us is like speaking a second language.

  3. I feel like this exact situation happens to almost every guy.

    I have no idea how to handle this though. Waiting on the comments.

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