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3 thoughts on “DAPHNE

  1. You need to work on yourself my friend. This post screams insecurity and you how insecure people come off to others? Selfish. You were so selfishly involved in your own insecurities that it never even occurred to you that you failed to be a partner. You didn’t even NOTICE (or care?) that your partner has needs that you failed to fill.

    It IS your job as a partner to do things that make you uncomfortable sometimes for the sake of your partner. Things like – dance at a wedding. Telling her she is beautiful, not because you’re “supposed” to, but because you actually take the time to look at her and see.

    You completely ignored your love because of your own insecurities.

    Get a therapist and learn some self confidence.

    Sadly, the more insecure we are- the more we end up just thinking about ourselves.

  2. Sound like you are trying to run away from other problems by eating unhealthy stuff. That's neither mentally nor physically healthy.

    You don't need to do this alone. You feeling uncomfortable in therapy might also just be the wrong therapist for you. Maybe you can finde one which does feel better for you.

  3. From the OP I didn’t get the impression that the porn was so weird she would divorce him over it, just that he feels a bit self-conscious about his porn searches. Maybe he said otherwise in a comment?

    I guess I just don’t see the things he’s “hiding” as actually hiding, just a desire for normal privacy. And when somebody demands to invade your privacy and you say no, it’s going to look like you’re hiding something when actually, you just don’t want to share things that are none of their business.

    Like I would react strongly if someone insisted on being in the bathroom with me while I poop. But I’m not hiding anything, I just want privacy.

    Anyway, there’s clearly way more going on here than is apparent from the OP. Ultimately if a really has gotten to the point where searching each others phones is coming up that’s a deeply dysfunctional level of mistrust.


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