Dakota Blare

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control lush- make me creamy- cumshow [GOAL MET]


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4 thoughts on “Dakota Blare

  1. Your wife is having a psychosis episode, she needs immediate psychiatric help. Stimulants can induce psychosis, it could also have nothing to do with the stimulants tho. Post-partum psychosis exists too. If she smokes weed, it could induce psychosis as well. Regardless pf the source, she needs psychiatric help RIGHT NOW!

  2. Open your world a little more and stop comparing yourself to others. They are on their path and you have yours. Work your mindset.

    Just because you are a certain age and you haven't experienced things others have, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. I've known virgins in their 20's, people finding their true love in their 40's and others have everything they dream of and lose it just as fast. My point is, everyone is different and experiences always vary.

    So if you're fed up and unhappy …. change it. Rather then saying … what's wrong with me …. say … what can I learn that's new this month? Where can I be more social and meet people? What new skills and hobbies can I try?

    I mean this in the kindest way but get your ? together ? Positive people attract positive people ✨️

  3. Oh wow, no. This is not your problem, and even if you wanted to stick it out and support him if he wanted to work on his shit (and blaming your partner for your own enjoyment of consensual sexual acts is some shit), things will get worse before they get better. Get out of there

  4. I don't think he meant it to be condescending. It sounds more to me like he was trying to explain why it was important for him to get some sleep last night, even though you wanted to keep telling him how upset you were. The thing he doesn't think you understand is his triple-whammy problem of not being a good sleeper in general, not being able to think and function well when he doesn't get enough sleep, and having a grueling uni schedule this week that requires him to be fully alert and clear-headed. As you said in your post,

    whenever my boyfriend is upset I always make time for him if he is sad and I just feel like at points when I am upset he just says I’m going to sleep. Anyways, I had tried bringing it up to him last night and he said I am delaying his sleep.

    He's trying to explain that he needs more sleep than you do, and you shouldn't take offense that he had to hang up before you were done telling him everything that upset you. It's wrong for you to weaponize this as one more argument in what sounds like an ongoing fight about the same old stuff. And I have to say, I'm on your BF's side here. It's really not fair of you to expect to continue a relationship fight well into the night, especially when you know he has classes the next day.


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