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  1. Medical school is tough. The pressure does not get any better once you're in. I was lucky enough to go through with a supportive partner and we are still together, now married. Almost everyone else in my class who started in a relationship broke up (I can think of 3 exceptions including myself) and some of those breakups were kinda ugly. Don't put yourself through that.

    On a side note, medical school is totally worth it and from this post it sounds like you have the nose to the grindstone attitude that it requires of students. Good luck. I'm pulling for you.

  2. So she is noticing and she's asking what's wrong first.

    And you reply “I'm sad”.

    And then what?

    It sounds like she did care and did want to know what's wrong but doesn't want to play mind reading games.

  3. If you don’t believe him, go with your gut. Idk what he’d be doing with a condom if not using it for its intended use, and I doubt he was going to practice his balloon art skills. Did he give any explanation at all?

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  5. Well, she's not getting younger.

    She's not aware that she doesn't deserve marriage.

    She's not aware that you've been stringing her along for a year and a half.

    This is not love and this is definitely not respect.

  6. We tried to talk about it but didn’t really resolve the fight because our emotions clashed so we didn’t talk for a day and we haven’t talked yet.

  7. She's got a high paying job as well right?

    You are 23 dude. Still kids. Marriage dont get married for a few more years at least. 4 more years of maturing and finding your place in life.

    200k is like comfortable middle class cash but not in Silicon Valley. Does she want a 150k wedding with 300 people as well.

    Only a kid would actually expect the rule that is nothing more than marketing bull shit.

    You bought a ring, that you could afford at the time, with love. Thats all. You did it with your heart. Now she's at the wallet.

    In 25 years time or even 15. When life is secure. Your in love still. Upgrade. But that ring is the ring of love.

  8. Lolllll good luck with that.

    You might be able to get a good guy but you sure as hell won’t be able to keep one.

  9. Talk to her but please be careful how you word things.

    This was my husband and I in the beginning of our relationship. After much reflection over the years, I now see that I used sex as the main method of expressing love and tied a lot of emotions to it. When my husband would turn me down repeatedly it would break my heart. More than it should, admittedly. I’ve tried to express this to him but over the years it has really affected our relationship. Now I’m the one who never wants sex and we’re lucky if we do it 2 times a month.

    Talk to her but make sure she knows how much you love her and want her, even if you can’t physically keep up. That is much more understandable and less hurtful than her thinking you just aren’t that into her.

  10. 5 years is a very long time. Time to realise she's not your wife, she's someone else's girlfriend

  11. The lawyer/attorney route is the only way to go. Since it’s coming up on the weekend spend your time this weekend getting together a timeline of events since his daughter’s birth.

  12. I think it would be a bit weird if they got together after being introduced by you but they had no idea who they were, so I don’t see the problem. Although it could be an issue if they ever break up or vice versa.


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