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  1. Please just be yourself! My partner is almost the exact opposite of what I thought my ideal type is, but I adore him to no end and he is the light of my life. After I met him I came to realise things like ideal types really mean jack shit.

    Please be yourself! I love my partner for who he is, I fell in love with him just the way he is, and so did yours. So please don't change yourself!

  2. My mom has all adult children except for my 16 year old brother, and when her bf moved in like two years ago I’ve NEVER seen him in boxers just walking around the house. Only once and it was like an emergency situation, we thought someone weird was at the door. It’s just common decency to not wear boxers around somebody else’s kids, girlfriend or not, your house or not. Shirtless is a whole other topic, but not something I would consider a basic respect it really depends on the individual. People are saying the kid is 14? Just put on some shorts, talk to your girlfriend about it. Try and view your place as a home you’re trying to grow WITH your gf. If that’s what y’all want, and y’all are in it for the long haul. If you love this woman, just talk to her. And general consensus is, it’s not a good impression or respectful as a man to walk around wearing boxers in front of someone’s kid. It’s not a good impression to walk around in a bra in-front of someone else’s 14 year old son, while we’re on the topic. That’s just my opinion on this though.


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