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20 thoughts on “Blaire

  1. If you're going to pull stunts like these, just get it over with and break up. You're allowed to breakup before acting like a crazy person

  2. Absolutely fuck this guy. Calling you a liar? Only caring about your “virginity status”, rather than your trauma??? I know it’s very hot, but this is a MAJOR red flag, and indicates that this guy is majorly toxic. He needs to grow the hell up, and you deserve someone way better than this asshole.

  3. Once they bring up “poly/OR” talk, it's because she has already cheated or has a guy(s) lined up…Don't be naive and think this is over…

    Hope we don't see you back here in a month's time singing the blues lol…

  4. In my opinion he'll just get over it, there's no way he keeps being worked up about a food remark since it only happened once in your relationship.

    But this is a lesson learned and that's how couples survive

  5. He was stressed too , lost his grandpa, sister in the hospital, he was also up all night, you seem to make it about you, cut him some slack, empathy? If you like him!

  6. I'm not sure how likely it is for others to find out.

    we are really close, almost like sisters… so I know her nuances and could piece it together after a while.

  7. Try approaching it as a problem the two of you can solve together. He doesn't want to overstimulate you, you want him to be happy, so what are things the two of you can do to make both of those things possible? Maybe coming up with a code word or having earplugs nearby could help

  8. Your fiancé is an asshole and said what she said, didn’t apologize and then tried to tell you that she DID apologize? Then turns it around to things you may or may not have said I. The past which has nothing to do with your current argument. She is definitely not marriage material. She will blame you for everything bad that happens. I’d be rethinking this relationship if I was you.

    Oh wait…I WAS in that position in the past…

    My ex husband was the same way. Finally found out he was a narcissist and would never, ever take the blame or apologize for all the bull crap he put me through. Always tried to turn it around on me. (Look up DARVO). I always had to be the one to apologize just to keep the peace. I’m telling you that it wasn’t worth it.

  9. Don't mix up what love is versus obligation. Love yourself first especially since she does not love you.

    Find a therapist to get your head straight.

  10. Your sister is a grown woman. She needs to understand that giving gifts =/= getting gifts.

    Also y'all's gift requirements are so out there. I get one present each for my parents and my brother unless I find something else I think they'd like. My brother is the same way. And our parents are okay with this.

  11. No good father wants to see his daughter have two kids with a slacker gameboy. My guess is he was jacking off the whole time while living with her parents instead of leaning in to earn his keep. Guys like this are a dime a dozen and his precious daughter picked one.

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  13. 7 billion people on this planet and folks always choose a friend or sibling. Dude let this ripe pussy goooooooooooooo


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