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48 thoughts on “Blaire on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. WTF. Stop seeing this guy immediately. He doesn’t respect your boundaries, takes advantage of you, and sounds like an all around dick. What are you doing with him?

  2. It sounds like you and the girl you were talking to had a misunderstanding and things escalated quickly. It's natural to feel hurt and upset when something like this happens, but it's important to remember that communication is key in any relationship.

    First, it's important to acknowledge your own mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. It sounds like you have already apologized, but it's important to make sure that your apology is sincere and that you are truly willing to take steps to improve and make amends.

    Next, try to have an open and honest conversation with the girl about what happened and how you both feel. It's important to listen to her perspective and try to understand where she's coming from. Avoid getting defensive or placing blame, and focus on finding a solution and moving forward.

    It may also be helpful to take some time apart to cool off and reflect on the situation. This can give both of you space to process your emotions and decide if you want to continue working on the relationship.

    Ultimately, the key to reconciling a relationship after a mistake is to be willing to communicate openly, take responsibility for your actions, and work together to find a solution. It won't be easy, but with patience and understanding, it is possible to move past this and rebuild your relationship

  3. People are like that, you have to accept that. She was selfish only looking for her pleasure, that night. What surprises me is the feeling that made you decide call sick and go to her place ?. Do you know that decision completely changed your life going forward starting that second you decided to go to her place? At this point you can only pray this realized path of your life is the better one! It seems for me. The other one, which faded away, was potentially where you would have lived a life loving someone who deceives you. If you really understand what I said, your pain and agony will be there but you will gracefully accept it and on-line through it. But, never judge, people are like that. One day you might be on the other side. This will be a good lesson for you not to hurt your SO because you know how ugly, and painful the feeling is. As for her, pray that she try it being on the receiving side so she can learn from the pain and the grossity of the feeling.

  4. Question: are you generally conflict avoidant?

    I ask because – honestly? There is no good time or right time to find our that your partner is a creeping pile of bile masquerading as a loving partner. No one wants this news.

    But I've also never met anyone who would relather not have known, and sooner rather than later if at all possible.

    You could really sit across the table from her on a double date and not feel like your betraying her friendship, like her boyfriend is betraying her, by keeping his secrets for him? You're not doing her any favors by not telling her. And your not living up to your promise either.

    If you value her friendship tell her. Be the friend we all want and need by holding faith with her, and being honest with her.

    I'm not sure what you mean by facing him is she baits you- don't know the terminology there. But if he gets bent because you let her know he was a craptastic jerk- so what? He's a craptastic jerk and his opinion of you counts for nothing. Someone has to matter to you for their opinion to be worthy of consideration.

  5. She stole your money and seriously expected you not to be mad? For some people that’s a living income. I just want to know why you even trusted your wife with your money?

  6. I learned long ago I become indifferent. It's not fair to my partner once that occurs. I inform them of such and usually there is a slow but understandable separation. No big pain, just a good bond leftover from an attempted lifelong bonding

  7. Dude. I’m trying real very hot here but. What the fuck are you doing? This is a train wreck. Even without issues, you’re out of your mind to get pregnant right away, suffer an unfortunate loss, then get knocked up again by a dude you don’t even seem to like. This is fucking weird.

  8. I mean literally one line of your comment is geared towards the actual post, the rest talks of legality, which isn’t relevant here, as it’s just as illegal in the US as the UK. That also has nothing to do with it, considering the boyfriend admitted he has no problems with others smoking (presumably in their flats), just her. I was focusing on your comment on OP. I get that it seems like a drug you also don’t like, but saying OP has an “unhealthy attachment” with little to no context is odd. Hence my comment.

    The legality isn’t the issue here, and never was. The landlord memory was what he told her for why he believes he doesn’t like it, but again, it’s just her, nobody else.

  9. Time to cut ties like a normal male with a backbone. Staying around as her personal doormat isn’t doing a thing for you. Ghost her.

  10. Drugs? What are you talking about? I don’t bully my gf into agreeing with me. Discussions happen and we both agree I didn’t bully her into that at all. This is what I get for asking the internet

  11. Just talk to her about it. Tell her she doesn’t seem that interested and ask if she wants to cancel.

    It sucks that you didn’t get the response you were hoping for but booking surprise trips is a risky thing to do. I know for me it’d make me insanely anxious.

  12. Accuses you of cheating and gets into your buddies car? If she's projecting… you're being betrayed by more than one person my friend….

  13. You can want a baby and not think you're ready to take care of one. That's literally a normal ass situation. A lot of people have babies and are scared they aren't ready for them. MIND YOU the question here isn't whether or not we should have a baby. It's whether or not we should have an abortion if there's already a baby. Nobody is talking about purposefully getting pregnant. And it's not about wanting or not wanting to make a baby right now, its about what to do if we already did.

  14. Sit down and talk with her. Ask where she thinks the relationship will be in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. Ask what can be worked on to make it better.

  15. The pictures isn't a big deal. Not everyone wants to have to go through the process of scrubbing their socials. The key chain is a little weird, but I also have things from past relationships I haven't gotten rid of. Could be harmless. Is he still in contact with said ex?

  16. You can end a relationship just because you don’t want to be with someone. If this isn’t the life you want, don’t go further in that direction. Why he with someone who treats you poorly? Walk away.

  17. If you’re accepting this behavior then that’s on you. Actions speak louder than words. He wasn’t even excited to see you. Pay attention to his actions.

  18. Why would you

    A. Have a child with a women who only had sex with you to make said child.

    B. Marry said woman knowing these facts.

    C. Marry said woman after hearing she doesn’t want anything to do with further sex from you.

  19. all this will allow you to do is ascribe some moral value to OP which again is unnecessary. even if someone reads this and thinks his GF is a raging bitch, they should arrive at the sentiment that these people do not have a healthy relationship and should break up or get counseling

  20. Technically you didn't cheat but it would be pretty hurtful. If she doesn't wa t to work through it there's nothing you can do.

  21. Never have I ever restricted her from contacting anyone. It's just that it feels weird when she talks to someone even after knowing that she's their love interest.

  22. “Scott” sounds like the perfect “rebound” for you. He doesn't live! near you and you'd never have to see him again. Maybe consider that you need a meaningless fling to get over your breakup.

  23. What would make him think the hardest is if you blocked him back and never spoke to him again.

    Anything you say to him right now will just confirm that he “won”. Don't play these waste of time games, with some waste of time loser.

  24. I’m assuming it was an experiment…. He wanted to play with the idea and see how it affected you in a twisted kind of way. Get out. It’s manipulation and trapping nothing to do with you

  25. If he's only been there for one week it seems like you're asking a lot from him in a short space of time. Additionally, it's a big change for him to adjust to as well. I'm not saying he's behaving well but if it's literally only been a week it feels like you're jumping the gun a bit to throw it all in. Have you tried talking to him about it and understanding how it is for him? What his expectations were of living together and expressed yours?

  26. “He doesn't hit me, but…” That's literally a red flag for abuse. It might be stable, and it may never escalate to physical harm, but my experience from volunteering at a domestic violence nonprofit taught me that emotional and verbal abuse is just as crippling (if not more so) than physical abuse. It's just less obvious because it's only your spirit that gets broken, not your bones.

  27. You know, women can be feeders too, my grandmother was one.

    Your health is not worth any other person, what you do with your own body is absolutely no one's business. She doesn't live! in your body, you do.

    It sucks to face a decision like this but I have to say I'd pick me first every time.

  28. 49M here.

    He expressed that it's not at all personal, it's just that sometimes he needs that time and space to shut down completely and not interact with literally anyone.

    This is exactly how I feel. I need and treasure my time to myself, and without it I get very grouchy. I also rarely initiate contact. Don't take it personally.

  29. No you can send boundaries, of what you are accepting and what you are not accepting and what are the consequences when the other person is breaking and playing with those boundaries. Rules is for yourself because guess what you are more strick with yourself than others. If you say that that behaviour I don't accept then that is a boundary and explaining that that behaviour has consequences to the other person then that is also a boundary.

    Control goes when the other person is doing such things without a reason, because he wants to control the innocent person. Here she is totally not innocent. When someone is setting rules to you while you are innocent then you talk about control, but when you see a behaviour and you communicate that you don't accept that then that is a boundary.

  30. I disagree.

    Asking your SO to not do “xyz” because it is disrespectful is setting a boundary. Him leaving would be the result of her crossing that previously communicatsd boundary.

    Men are allowed to set boundaries by asking women they are with not to do disrespectful things. He knows she flirts with other men when she goes out and it has been shown that she isnt to be trusted in that setting so he set a boundary. Its up to him to enforce it.

  31. Do you have concerns that she will drink enough to impair her judgement? Or be drugged? Was she talking about this guy like,”can you believe this”? Or more like “someone likes me. You should step up your game?” Do they have breakfast plans in the am?

    Do you have kids? Do you snore? Maybe she just wants some “me” time.


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