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6 thoughts on “bigbootysarenalove

  1. Also immigration as he's trying to stay married to become a US citizen, or at the very least, a green card.

  2. She is locked into an abusive cycle which is all she has ever known. You need to convince her that she is being severely abused and needs to get out of there ASAP. Host at your place, or a friends, and if you can somehow contact her encourage her to grab all of her documentation.

    The next few months will likely be hard for both of you

  3. Wow. Didn't read the post I guess. They are trying again after 2 years apart, tell me, after a few months do you just decide that a person is worth bodily mutilation? Because you can remove a tattoo, the skin under it isn't the same as before you had the tattoo. So waiting until you're sure shouldn't be this huge thing. And no it isn't not a several hour recovery time like you so naively stated.

    I've watched many of ops comments get downvoted simply because of peoples stance of his post. The comment is shedding light and bringing new information into the conversation, nope, -20, because he was pestered by his partner(of a few months, let's be real, they were separated for 2 years) to undergo a medical procedure to prove his worth. His willingness to stay. His value as a potential partner. If you have to be psycally harmed to prove your worth, you gotta wonder who you're with.

    All I see is coercion. If someone is not accepting “no” and trying to twist and break you down to turn it into a “yes”, that's coercion. If yall are defending coercion, I'm fucking disgusted.

  4. Next time he does it in front of others calmly respond “I'm sick of feeling like shit around you. Every time you insult me about how I look it isn't a joke, there's nothing funny in it, it's just mean and spiteful, please stop.”

    Do it in front of others. People go along to get along until someone stops it. If you stay calm and speak clearly without sounding upset it really drives the point home. Basically, a little public shaming is needed.

    Also, you are defending him in the comments as decent 90% of the time, but he's really not. He's a misogynist that saw you as someone who could potentially fuck, and now that that's off the table his instinct is to deride you. Not really a friend and actually not a decent person.

  5. I just rolled my eyes so hot they fell out of my head. Why the hell do people think autism is a visible thing? It's so stupid.

  6. This sounds very familiar to something I've experienced 🙁 you don't deserve a “friend” who treats you like that. It won't be easy to move on but you know you best and you have every right to be upset with her and cut her off. She's been crossing way too many boundaries and not giving you the effort and respect you deserve


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