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Misato want some dick between her titties, do u wanna see?, ♥ [Multi Goal]


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4 thoughts on “BadassLoly

  1. Yeah, you’ll have to take stock of wether constantly fighting to be heard is worth your time in a relationship. If it’s not, you’ll keep a clean break and keep all the flaws in mind from this one when you head to your next.

  2. I do want to do it but I know I should wait, so it's just naked cause it's like my brain is saying no and my body is saying fuck it just do it ? I just don't wanna do it too early and regret it

  3. So what magically happens on their 18th birthday that changes them into an adult that they didn’t have the day before when they were 17? The only thing that changes is the number on the end of their age. You are like those creepy guys that thirst over teenagers and count down to their 18th birthday so then it makes it ok to sexualise them because they are an “adult”. It’s gross. And so are you.

  4. This situation is extremely unfair to you. If she winds up pregnant again, she has no right to blame you. Your vasectomy clearly indicates that you've done your due diligence. She should also be on some form of birth control if she's so anxious about getting pregnant again.

    I read in some of your comments that you saw joint counselor but your wife didn't like how many of the problems between you two stemmed from her, so she stopped and you both went to individual therapy instead. Please ask her to reconsider joint therapy, this is an issue that affects both of you. If she her anxiety around sex is so bad that you've become an emotional punching bag, I'd just stop having sex with her until she gets it under control. Seriously. Sex is the cause of the pregnancy anxiety, without it, no potential pregnancy to be had.


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