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i love you [Multi Goal]

3 thoughts on “ashleyblondy

  1. but she came back by saying it wasn't a good conversation and she said we will leave it until the morning.

    Thank her for this mature response, and apologize if things went into offbeat territory too fast. Re-assure her that these are just kinks/fantasies and don't really play an essential or huge part in your life or relationships (if that is the case).

    You could also tell her you can put this entire discussion on ice for now, and re-visit it as a retrospective once you have both regained your footing.

  2. I'm sorry. The same thing happened to me around that age, and it was devastating. I thought I'd found true love. That we were perfect together. That we got each other when nobody else did. Everything was passionate and wonderful and I cared about nothing else. The problem was, I wanted to be in love. He wanted to explore the world and life, which included exploring sex with other people, travelling alone, etc. I can't really fault him for it because that's the age when people do that sort of thing. What I felt so angry and bereft about was that he didn't value me the way I valued him. I mourned the loss. But you have to understand that you are mourning what you THOUGHT was the reality of both of you, when it never was. It's like mourning a future you had planned out, you thought could see the path right in front of you, when there was really always going to be those turns up ahead. Give yourself time to invest in yourself. Time will help. Someday, you will find somebody who wants to be in love too.


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