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Tanned beauty looking to get dicked down , ♥ New HD+ media below! ↓↓↓// Control me to get me wet! Take panty off + tease clit at goal / PVT OPEN, ask for recording ♥ [Multi Goal]


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14 thoughts on “ASHLEY

  1. I am 15 months PP and currently 37 weeks pregnant. I needed to be medicated due to post partum depression and some not good thoughts. Please do not leave your baby with her alone, she needs help. I know it's hot to watch your wife turn into something completely different, you are doing the best you can. If you are able take some time off work so you can take her to see someone. My hubby literally dragged me to the ER. He had called them before I got in the car, they told him to bring me in and then I was immediately taken to the psych ward for evaluation. I had bad thoughts of ending my life and my sons because I truly thought he would have been better off in heaven than with me. I told my hubby about these thoughts because I knew something was wrong with me. I had post partum depression if she has psychosis it can become dangerous quickly and without remorse. Please get her help. ? I will keep you in my prayers

  2. His argument and defense of this demand is really questionable. I don’t personally believe his BS excuses. If it was about health he’d not be able to deal when he’s away or not changing his sheets for two weeks. The dude sounds dishonest.

  3. OP an alcoholic doesn’t have to be abusive to be a poor relationship partner. There is no “just drunken talk.” He is responsible for his words and actions. Take it from someone who dated an alcoholic for 5 years – it doesn’t get better if you stay and it’s time to leave. I grew in so many ways once I left my alcoholic ex, I graduated from my masters program, bought a house, got married, and has a kid (my dreams came true – yours don’t have to be the same). None of that would have happened had I stayed because of all the bullshit he put me through. Meanwhile he’s crashed his car, gotten a dui, and been to jail 3 times, struggled with housing and job insecurity. What do you want out of life?

  4. You contact a lawyer. Make screen shots of everything and ask them for advisement. You then get tested for STDs. Do not leave the home if you own it. Ask the lawyer what you can tell friends and family since you will want the narrative in your favor. Your marriage is over as there is no return from that shit. Sorry this happened to you.

  5. To me it seems these women “pressuring” you to marry know or feel your stringing them along. There is nothing wrong with asking your partner where the relationship is headed, also nothing wrong with not wanting to commit, but you need to be honest.

  6. Please remind her that her sex organ is not really piece of art either, the pieces of skin just randomly hanging, not that attractive but we on-line with what we have. To go and start cutting off because its more “attractive” its honestly absolutely ridiculous. Unless it makes your life physically uncomfortable, you shouldn’t do it and most definitely not to your child. There are much more deeper issues in your relationship than this.

    Even if that’s her opinion its insensitive and cruel. Have an open conversation with her and just tell her how you feel about this.

  7. From all those comments I was getting worried that I am somehow weird. I loathe wearing granny panties or anything that pulls elastics or fabric around /under my ass. Nothing more annoying than trying to adjust them every time you sit down, squat or even bend over. Thank you for validating me, haha

  8. Because her friend is telling her one thing, then insinuating another. She said she won't talk to him because she doesn't like him. But then told him that she won't talk to him because her friend told her not to. Which implies she would continue talking if not for her.

    It's like if you and your friend didn't know what one plus one was, so she puts her hand up to ask and goes “razzledazzle doesn't know what one plus one is”. Now it makes you look stupid and the whole class thinks you're dumb. Like that.

  9. I agree, but she also might be uncomfortable admitting that to the guy's wife if she's under the assumption that they both think this behavior is normal. OP would need to let her know somehow that she's open to this being a problem.

  10. You are not insane. Just reading this made me feel gross. That would be a dealbreaker for me personally.

  11. Just based on the title alone….just text her

    I am breaking up with you. We are no longer in a relationship as of today. Don't contact me.

    And block her. Tell everybody around you and most importantly stay safe!


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