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HELLO! JUST TODAY all media 222/ snap 144 tk/control me 77 tk/ Naughty timeAT GOAL [GOAL MET]


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3 thoughts on “anapanda

  1. Hey. Oh this is hard. Would she consider couples counseling? If ever a situation called for it, it’s this. Touch is vital. I absolutely believe it is not all about sex. Something happened in the brain surgery. See if she’s willing to fight with you for your marriage. I really hope so.

  2. he purposely left the timing out because women didn’t seem to want to date a newly divorced man

    Yeah and you know why people don't want to date newly divorced people? Because of exactly what's happening to you now. You're the rebound. He doesn't have his shit together yet, that takes years after a large breakup or divorce. He was not ready to date. That's all.

    Leave this guy in the dust.

  3. Honestly, I feel bad for him because it’s not his fault that his creepy religion enforces this shame and guilt….

    But it’s not your problem and you deserve better. You can’t work out his deep-rooted warped understanding of sex.


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