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One thought on “Amonet online webcams for YOU!

  1. This whole hint sounds crazy suspect to me.

    I’m a fairly outgoing guy, and lived at the beach for a couple years, I cannot even fathom randomly approaching a random 20 something female, chatting her up and getting her to drink from an unsealed bottle from his bag.

    You were studying, and she smells strongly of whiskey? That’s not a single drink, or even a couple. Also doesn’t sound like a “I just met this guy” situation. The fact that it straight up escalated to a fight with her telling you to trust her sounds like gaslighting. You should have a legit conversation about this, cause to me it sounds like a thing.

    “Have trust in me and humanity as a whole” I think she’s busy trusting this 45 year old dude with her holes. Sorry OP


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