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5 thoughts on “AmbraDevine

  1. Glad I'm not the only one who got the ick from that. To specifically mention he basically sees her as a 13 year old and then mention that he's somewhat attracted to her… ?

  2. Leave the relationship. Have some respect for yourself and walk out while you have a little bit of dignity left. Find someone who values you and the relationship.

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  4. Tell him that if he wants to have sex or cuddle, or whatever, that he must shower first because he smells. Then stick to it.

    No, this won’t change unless he chooses to change it. Have you asked him why his behavior is so different now regarding hygiene? Have a serious discussion about your needs and boundaries, and how things have changed.

    He could be depressed, he could have undiagnosed other reasons, he could be lazy now, or something else. He should go to a doctor and/or mental health professional to find out what’s going on, if he doesn’t know why.

    You get to decide what is too much or not enough. One other part of this is whether he’ll be able to hold a job for much longer, since other people are smelling him as well. Start separating your finances and such if that would be an issue. I wish you well.


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