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42 thoughts on “yasminebluelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Ya, it’s pretty gross and it would bug the shit outta me too. Maybe if you spoke to him and were honest about just how much it bothers you. He gets defensive partly because he knows it’s true and partly out of embarrassment. It would be a dealbreaker for me if I explained myself and they still blew me off.

  2. maybe your bf is afraid that if the sleepovers continue, then your dad is going to eventually want to move in. I bet thats it and hes really terrified of that. Have you ever thought if your dad would want to do that and would ask you if he could?

  3. The degree can be a bit of a filter, but it's by no means a deal breaker. You really just have to get to know a person. I know plenty of people with degrees who are complete dinguses. I also know high school drop outs who are far more intelligent than myself despite me having that fancy piece of paper.

  4. Why tf are you paying for her therapy? Feels like she's all take and no give. I'm not even talking about sex either, but respect and empathy. It feels super lopsided.

  5. Wow. Just wow. This is a very odd mix of stubbornness, mansplaining and just outright idiocy. He has never seen a woman in a backless dress? He can't think in the moment that there may be other contraptions that women use when they dress. How does that happen?

    You should be super-annoyed. If you want this relationship to continue, I'd sit him down with specific examples of where he was wrong not necessarily because he is not a woman but because he's not a listener or curious about the world.

  6. “We didn’t have sex” she actually only sucked his dick

    “He’s just a fried” with benefits

    She is not an honest person.

    Leave. Block. Do not take her back.

  7. I'm glad you understand that you're projecting . With that said . I think you should take a step back and look at the way you perceive yourself and the people around you . Your other comments make it look like you're very judgemental based on the person'ss gender . Take whatever conclusion you want to take from that

  8. Her brother has “found” the courage to come back to the family?! The brother who has a one year old daughter?! I am sorry, but everyone in that family needs to have their brain checked out for damages. A step dad who is a pedo monster, a mother who stays with a disgusting man who abused her own daughter and now a brother who is insane enough to bring a 1 year daughter near this circus.

  9. That's the BPD talking just walk away from this guy and in no time you'll have another guy you're absolutely madly in love with after only a few months

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  11. You're acting as if you have already successfully predicted every outcome of this situation, but unless you're the Oracle of Delphi, you probably haven't.

    You need to tell your brother the truth; you have been avoiding him not because he did something, but because his girlfriend's social media habits are excessive and because you don't trust her after she filmed you against your will and posted the footage live! even after you made your uncomfortableness known.

    I can understand why you feel violated by her actions and why you might not trust her in the future, but you seem to have a very black-and-white stance on this and be completely unwiling to have your initial feelings challenged.

    It's fine if that's really how you feel, but if your overall question is how you can make good with your brother, then the answer is that you are going to have to give this woman another chance.

  12. Good lord. He lied to her to get sex. You should be concerned that he lies so easily to get what he wants. What story did he tell you to get you back? Truly you have no self respect or standards.

  13. I have met a few women who have said that and my response has always been showing them. Sometimes they need to get high first and have them keep their socks on too.

  14. Drop in testosterone levels. It happens as men age. It affects some men greater than it does others. He’d have to get tested by a medical professional.

  15. If it had been a dude or an old woman, would you have asked them to move? If so, then you weren't just doing it to be nice.

  16. This is so bad that he will complain and just not eat at all

    Tell him that if he doesn't want what you cooked he can make his own dinner because he's a grown adult and not a toddler.

  17. if i were in your situation right now OP, my biggest question to your partner would be: was that the first time he did what he did? (approach a woman 15 years younger, cheat / flirt etc while married) or was it the 100th time?? ?

  18. That's amazing, my only cat training attempts resulted in them making a mad dash for the forbidden room any time the door was open. They seem to have an urge to explore wherever they aren't meant to.

  19. You don't know that. A short week could mean anything. Also, there is no response from OP related to any parts of my comments.

    As I said, fish and guests stink after three days. I love my parents a lot, but I'm an introvert, and three days is my absolute max for them to visit.

    I'm confused why OP doesn't just solve this problem by going to visit her parents. Why do they have to come visit her?

  20. We’ve had conversations about how I’m more sexual than he is, but since I’ve found out I’ve been more so making jokes (that aren’t really jokes) which I need to work on because I suck at sharing my feelings, especially for nude conversations like these

  21. Let me change it up so you can see your error. Would you EVER tell your gf you are attracted to OTHER women? “Hey, Babe, I wanted to let you know, I really like Asian chicks. I think they are so sexy.”

    If the answer is “Sure, why not?” Then OK. Because you are basically telling her that she needs to wonder about guys pulling you from her in addition to women. Why would you awaken her jealousy?

    Do you feel shorted in any way by being with only her? If you and she progressed in your relationship, could you be happy if you never had ANYONE else, male or female? Because if you can be content with her, then don't even think about telling her about guys.

  22. Your friend is obviously not your friend, and your wife is either too naive or just as your friend, she is a really shitty person.

  23. You are correct, you need to distance yourself from the whole situation. It would be bad form to encourage your friend's partner to leave him and losing a friendship just to become someone's brief rebound fling doesn't make a lot of sense.

  24. Obviously she can do what she wants, shes probably hurting as well, id simply ask your bros to initiate bro code on her and to not be her rebound to avoid awkwardness. That's about all you can do. But i wouldn't let it reflect too hard on her. Again, drunk and likely hurting.

  25. god damn. as a non-native english speaker, op's post was maybe a bit insensitive (yet understandable), but this comment is insensitive as hell.

  26. As others have said, make sure you involve a family law lawyer in all of this. There is going to be a decent number of hoops you'll need to jump through.

    If you are unsure of how or who to contact please Google “(your state) bar referral service” and give them a call. They will help guise you towards a selection of lawyers that best fit your needs

  27. Both madly in love with each other over the past few months ? Jesus christ lol honeymoon period going nude


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