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Zori (bluehair) & Inez (blonde) live sex chat


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24 thoughts on “Zori (bluehair) & Inez (blonde) the very hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Well Fairy, how do you suppose I clean this drink I just spewed over my screen? Spot on advice. I can't wait for the update…

  2. Right because nobody has ever sought advice going into a new relationship where a person behaves differently than they did prior to dating…your logic is flawless, just as you must be to be passing out judgment like this. You are still intentionally misinterpreting me to make yourself seem righteous, it's kind of gross not gonna lie. I never said “leave them because they're stressed!” I said in some cases it can genuinely help to distance yourself from the added stress of a romantic entanglement. You continue to twist my words so you can remain outraged and self righteous, though.

  3. Well 2 things. 1st if his balls were in her face he doesn’t know what a lap dance is & 2nd if you’re upset or threatened over a gay guy you are very jealous and insecure. It was a lap dance from a guy that has zero interest in her sexually and on top of that she told you directly herself and you didn’t hear it from someone else or have to snoop through her phone.

    If she didn’t know he was going to do that to her you certainly can’t blame her. You also can’t expect her to shove a guy off of her and if she wasn’t the sole target of said lap dance & he treated others equally then she isn’t a target for him at all.

    Now if this guy was straight and had a thing for her or she was the only one he did that to or if she was at a strip club I could understand you being upset.

    I’m 49 & my wife is 50. If a gay guy did this to her and their friend group all in fun it wouldn’t bother me a bit. If you’re going to be controlling and jealous of everyone don’t let her leave home and you won’t have to worry. You have to learn to pick your battles in life & in relationships. I don’t think from reading your post she had ulterior motives unless something else comes up she lied about

  4. Take care of yourself. Take EXTRA care of yourself. Stay hydrated, eat good food, give yourself space to grieve, get a journal, engage in your hobbies. Also, please go get an STD panel. Virtual hugs!!!

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  6. Wow, that’s… something.

    Safest option is probably to just say, “Hey, I don’t think it’s working out. It was nice getting to know you. Take care!“

    If he tries to engage you after that, just ghost him. I doubt you’re going to hear anything more after that.

    Guys like that exist, but it’s really rare for one of them to actually hold it together long enough to get a date!

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  8. My opinion is simple. Fuck what other people have to say its your life and your happiness and you get to control them

  9. Lmao I'm dyslexic dear have fun with it. I highly recommend to go and mark for me were I use hay instead of hey also. ♡

  10. Get over it. Your mom was doing you a favor and did not do anything to purposely hurt you. And you do not get to ask for a replacement. You sound like a brat. Being upset is one thing not forgiving and asking for retribution is totally different.

  11. It's not about being happy. It's the fact that it's only been 3 months. My youngest son is still a teenager. Also I've never been one to rush into a relationship ever.

  12. So, he is paying for a spot to not use for a car and making you park in the street, after you had his baby.

  13. You’re a terrible owner, you enable bad behavior in an already questionable breed, you seem to thing it’s your boyfriend’s responsibility to train it (it’s YOURS), and you make every excuse in the book for an animal who will and should never come before people. Many dog owners I’ve seen perceive the slightest annoyance at their dog as aggression – how much should we bet your boyfriend was scooting the annoying thing away with his foot and you’re convinced he was “kicking it.” Get a grip.

  14. She needs a place to on-line currently because she can't afford to online on her own due to high rents. So the best option is to move in with a friend. Most of the time, people aren't looking for different roommates. This friend does. The personal and sexual life of that friend is none of your business. It's your gfs decision where to move in.

    And statistically speaking, a partner is a lot more dangerous to her than her friend (or her friends hookups).

    So it's the safest thing for her to do.

  15. noted, I'm sorry for being mean. but tbf, it's very easy to miss the point you're actually making in the original comment.

  16. Sounds more like he has given up on the traditional relationship and is more into FWB / sugar babies

    Quite rare two women will happily share a man unless there is something they want.

  17. I feel like most posts on here have too much nuance (and a whole other side) to give proper advice on. It's pretty obvious when things are break up worthy (dangerous, incompatible core values/life goals, etc), but when it comes down to more trivial things, it'd be more helpful to have a post where one person types out their side, the other person types out theirs (they don't have the option to read each other's until after posted), and then see what people think. But that's far past wishful thinking lol!

  18. If you know you're toxic and are hurting your partner as a result, you should do the decent thing and breakup with them.

    Work on yourself. Then, when you're in a better place, you can give it another go.

  19. It sounds like an epic cluster fuck on both your parts. I can’t imagine either of you gains anything by staying together. The relationship is toxic and irrevocably broken.

  20. Do you have a close male friend? Next time you and your bf meet him, run up and jump hug him like she does your bf (maybe warn your friend beforehand). See how your bf feels about it and how he explains that being totally different from what she does to him.


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