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Birth Date: 1986-06-11

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28 thoughts on “Vivian_MayXxXlive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. You say you want to change but lack the will, motivation, desire, and drive to make the choice to change. You CHOSE to constantly cheat just like she CHOSE to stay with a notorious cheater (your choice of words). To quote what I said to a cheating ex 7 years ago, “All I'm hearing right now is excuse after excuse to help you sleep at night with a slightly better conscious after choosing to cheat.” Life is naked and sometimes you just gotta have the will and desire to make the tough choices. That being said though, to answer the first question, you have to look within yourself to find the answer. Maybe something happened in your past that made you choose to take the dick route. For both of you, I think therapy would work.

  2. Fuck him!!! Thank god you broke up with him. And please! Don't let him manipulate you into thinking that you're selfish, lame or whatever names he throw at you. Block his number and in all of your social media accounts. Don't listen to him. Cut ties completely! Please don't ever give him another chance even if he decides to compromise. He's not a good guy.

  3. i hope i’m not too late to the party; happy (possibly belated) birthday, OP! i hope your next ones are filled with love and laughter. keep chugging, i know it’s naked but everything will be just fine!🫶🏽

  4. Google seems to say that it can be genetic.

    Although both biological and environmental factors play a role in the development of psychopathy and sociopathy, it is generally agreed that psychopathy is chiefly a genetic or inherited condition, notably related to the underdevelopment of parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and impulse control.

  5. They are mandatory reporters in English speaking countries and it may be able to help your situation (which sounds really bad by the way).

  6. I’m arguing against a narrow minded and ignorant view because of personal experience. Is that what you meant?

    My partner is 13 years younger than me and we have a very fulfilling relationship, key word being we.

    My mom and step dad are 17 or 18 years apart. I think they would tell you the same thing.

    Maybe a better question is, do you have experience to relate to? Or have you decided based on stories here?

    I included and article for one of you in this thread, feel free to read it, or, just keep on keeping on. Ignorance looks good on you!

  7. I mean to be fair they previously dated for unknown length of time and she makes it seem like the boyfriend and the baby mama didn’t have an actual relationship beyond sexual so I wouldn’t go as far to say she’s a stranger to the boyfriend or anything but she is still not the stepmom

  8. Oh? The guy was really 33? Hmmm yeah now I think OP should just avoid the guy and just focus on herself because her body is going through changes…. I think… 🤷🏻‍♀ the way she described her bodily changes and feelings there☝☝☝☝☝☝🤥reminded me of how my body tells me that Im experiencing hornonal imbalance cause my period is in 2 weeks. 😰 and its gonna go through some changes

  9. Don’t know how long or involved you are with your SO but his views on relationships regarding gender roles is not healthy for long term. Either he changes for a better perspective on this or you need to re-evaluate your situation.

  10. Ok 6 years is very long to put a ring on it. But engagement can last many years. At least this means you’re more committed than just bf gf

  11. I don't particularly love the idea myself. I am pregnant. But I have an amazing partner who is incredibly loving and supportive. This man will use the child to keep her trapped. He's already doing it!

  12. You said going was a deal breaker and he still went. Now you have to follow through with that and kick him out. If you don't he will know he can do all those things that are also deal breakers because you will just act like a doormat and he can get away with it. He will go again and get more lap dances and maybe some extras, you won't know, he will just gaslight you again. Is thus really what you want your child seeing? He's probably chatting shit about you and laughing with his friends behind your back. Maybe even already arranged the next time. I don't mean to come across as mean but, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Chin up sweetie. Dump his ass and concentrate on you and your new baba.

  13. My (24M) gf (22F) doesn’t feel “motivated” to do more around the apartment because I don’t “contribute enough” financially.

    Don't undersell yourself – you also don't contribute enough in the way of housework or being a decent partner.

  14. Babies aren’t possessions to be “shared”. Your son and DIL are the baby’s parents. She is absolutely, categorically not “your baby”, and referring to her like that is frankly weird and creepy. They are responsible for her and they will care for her and bond with her and make all the important decisions about her. If you want to be involved as a grandma, you need to respect their boundaries and stop making demands.

  15. OMG, she's exhausting. Just tell her to lay off the subject. Putting this much emphasis on meeting the parents and telling your entire town that you're dating is completely ridiculous.

  16. I think the key issue is if the bf is aware of if you want to be noted about it or not. If you have informed bf that you are well aware of that you have X, Y and Z but don't want to discuss it, then it would be shitty of him to talk about it.

    However, if he genuinly thinks you would want to know about it, he can pick a time when you have the time and the energy to possibly deal with it. The general rule is that if some physical issue can be fixed immediately in a few minutes without problems, then it can be commented: otherwise its mean. So you can comment on somebodys dirty hair if they have the time to clean it before you go out; comment that somebody has parsley between their teeth if there is a mirror nearby; comment about a dirty shirt if a clean one is available at hand.

    Obviously a partner should in time get to know you to that level that they understand what kind of grooming level you normally want to hold. If you have missed something that can easily be fixed, it's only polite to note on that.

    Then of course intent is also important. Does he say it to help you and is he emphatic, or does he blurt it out to shame you or to make you feel bad about yourselx.

    note: people always write in these threads that “obviously everybody knows how they look” but i feel that thise comments are either very unthoughtful or just coming from people who are obsessed with their looks and constantly on the mirror. Personally I might not notice some blemish or growing hair for many days for a variety of reasons, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't like to know if there's some change in my face


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