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18 thoughts on “Vasilisa the hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. The age difference leads me to believe it’s the power dynamic they like, being able to control a younger partner since they are more “experienced”. Definitely run from this

  2. I'd just make sure to try and set out pillows so when this marriage spits her out like a peach pit. There relationship will implode. It will get bad… i mean really bad. Advenually she will leave him or he will get caught cheating or both. I would litterally tell her ” remember when this marriage ends badly I'll be there for you” and just leave it at that. I would focus on making sure she knows she has options. That she's not trapped. That when she finally hits her limit your help to pick up the pieces.

  3. It’s not guilt tripping please google what that word really means instead of throwing it at anything. It is normal to mastrubate yes but not watching porn. Porn is way to normalized in our society. You can mastrubate without watching porn, how do you think these man and women „survive“ without it? Because you don’t really need porn in your life. He was fine with that boundary but he crossed that. He should’ve told her that he can’t promise to not watch porn. She could find someone who respects her boundaries and don’t want to watch porn because if you believe it or not, there are men who can life without it.

  4. It’s not a slap in the face, it’s a friendly overture. She’s giving you another chance to come to a family event. She’d have good reason to not invite you given your recent history, but she did anyways.

    If you don’t want to go because you don’t think you can be around alcohol, that’s totally valid. But reach out to your SIL, explain that you really appreciate the invite but you’re currently sober and don’t want to be around alcohol. That will show her you’re truly taking steps to ensure something like the wedding never happens again.

    I get why it hurt you that she didn’t immediately forgive you, but it’s valid that she didn’t. It seems she has now. Don’t mess it up by acting like it’s an insult.

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  6. It’s easy to crop a picture to cut out a photo. This was absolutely 1000% on purpose. She knew exactly what the fuck she was doing.

  7. Going on a trip and not cheating isn’t proving you can be trusted. At best, it will prove you can hide it and lie better.

  8. Yeah that sucks that that happened to him, but you seem to gloss over the idea that he was cheating on you.

    Anyway don't bother paying any of the ransome fee, because the catfish might not actually do anything.

    Yes they still can do something, but they might not do anything. Their goal is to scare the victim into giving money.

    If you confidently walk away from that scam, including to give the impression that you don't care if they share the photos, then nothing might come of it.

  9. Nah, don’t even tell him you’re a virgin.

    You shouldn’t have to tell him you’ve never had sex before to make him respect your want to wait.

    He doesn’t respect you and he’s trying to guilt/force you into sex before you’re ready.

    Leave. He only cares about himself.

  10. A) You said you don’t talk about the person you are seeing until it’s official, and you haven’t told anyone about this guy. This shows that you do not see your connection with this guy as official yet.

    So, in that case, his casually hooking up with another girl is officially not cheating.

    B) He told your friend he wants to stop hooking up with her, and instead of just dropping her and letting her feel used, he’s remaining platonically friendly and checks in once in a while, but is still no longer physical or flirty with her.

    This shows he has respect for others and has emotional maturity, and it appears he might be interested in you and might be clearing his slate to make room for a possible (official) relationship with you(?)

    C) You mentioned that her situationship isn’t loyal. She knew it was casual, and that directly expresses a mutual understanding and agreement that there’s no ‘loyalty’ to either person. They are friendly people who are attracted to one another and have been physical and that’s it. He ended it, and everything still seems fine between their friendship based on what you have told us.

    if there’s any loyalty issue here at all, it’s that you know you both seen the same person and you didn’t tell her.

    Of course, that’s why you’re here, though. You want help figuring out the best way to bring this up with her so it’s all out in the open.

    One thing you should accept is that you have no control over your friends feelings, only over your words and demeanor – so no matter how kind, careful and supportive you say – she will fee however she feels about it.

    It sounds like your friend is handling the situationship ending pretty well and is fine with just being friends.

    The only thing I could see her being upset about is that you didn’t immediately tell her when you realized that you were both seeing the same person… but who knows? If she’s not emotionally invested at all, since it was just a casual, short, physical thing, it might not be as big a deal as you are thinking it is?

    How has your friend felt about him this whole time, since he’s one of her first dalliances?

    All we have to go off of is your assumptions based on her lack of experience, and the way you mention cheating and loyalty when this guy hasn’t been official with either of you and has respectfully declined your friend and ended their casual situation to focus on you. Did you ever agree to be monogamous or in a relationship with this guy?

    If you feel what he did (which most people consider to be casually dating which isn’t monogamous unless agreed upon) was cheating, and a lack of loyalty, then it sounds like you need to speak up with the is guy and tell him what you are looking for in your relationship with him and find out if it’s going anywhere.

    This whole post is a big lack of clear communication about boundaries, expectations, and straight up honesty with your friend.

    Best I can suggest is decide what you want, be straightforward about it, and be straight with your friend. Ask her how she feels about the guy, and let her know you just realized he’s the guy you’ve been seeing and you have no idea where to go from here, but you value your friendship… and just go from there.

  11. For me this isn’t a difference of opinion, this is a difference of morals. I wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship with someone who was openly transphobic like that, but that’s my moral belief system at play.

  12. I know people hate this phrase but… called it! I freaking called it in the original post. This was never about you as a person for him, it was about the perverse fantasy of taking a “pure” woman and “defiling” her. He probably also thinks that he owns a woman after he takes her virginity, like in a fucked up bigoted way he will always “own” a part of her no one ever did. It's super gross and super dehumanizing.

    He said “it was fine” so he could fuck you, OP. That's why he said it. The moment he pulled it out, it was no longer fine, bc it was never fine to him.

    You'll find someone else! You are still really young, and the world is full of people that are better than him, I promise. But you will have a way better experience, and find a good dude faster if you learn to recognize red flags. The way your ex spoke about virginity was alarming, and everyone in the comments could instantly see what his deal was – it would do you good to think about why you didn't and instead made excuses for him. If you work through that, you'll simply waste less time on gross dudes.

  13. That’s awful! But did he tell her that in the midst of sex and ask her to turn the lights off?


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