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20 thoughts on “twyulive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. I hate to be that redditor, but you should break up. You aren’t compatible and she seems to not want to accept responsibility for her words and her immediate response is to gaslight you…

  2. I am saying this a psych professional, he sound like he has a lot of borderline traits. One of those is the inability to handle emotions and therefore expecting others to handle them. This will usually be done through manipulation. They also have a great fear at being abandoned. You cannot fix this. Please call the police in his area, show them the picture, and let it be the end. I’m sorry. He needs serious help that is years of therapy along with a willingness to change. There is a reason it is called a personality disorder. Medication doesn’t fix this although it can lessen reactions. But for you, the more you try to help the worse it will get for you. Leave it to professionals.

  3. It may not be malicious, but as a parent you have a responsibility to educate yourself so that you know how to properly deal with issues your child could face. Many people choose not to do that, don’t believe what they find, or have no idea how to do good research.

    My point is that even if it isn’t malicious, it is absolutely their fault. OP needs to accept that they may love her but they are hurting her so for everyone’s sake she needs to seek outside help. It will not only help her and her sister, it will also help her parents learn the things they should have much earlier.

  4. The problem is he hasn't said it again since and I'm afraid to bring it up again. If you're a guy what would you want the girl you said it too, to do? Confront you or just ignore?

  5. This is bullshit, she actively lied to him about being on birth control. Why would you initiate on wearing a condom while in a monogamous relationship with a person who is on the pill?

  6. You must be new here. You're supposed to stalk someone's profile any time there's missing information from someone's post. Nobody is expected to put all the information we need in their post. You have no critical thinking skills.

  7. Whatever you do, tell the wife. If you're naive enough to stay, that's your choice. But don't let her talk you out of telling this woman. She deserves to know

  8. LMAO exactly, it's her pretending to be the bigger or nicer person. Affair Partners have such incredible ability to ignore their willing participation that it's hilarious to watch.

  9. As far as who is to blame, it's definitely both of you. You plain sound incompatible. You can't stand the death by a thousand flirtations. The fact that she's a streamer, to me, makes me believe the stuff about ex's more. It's alllllll for male attention. She's being honest when she said emoji guy means nothing, none of them mean anything. It's all attention. Frankly it's just cringe.

  10. They don’t get to decide if the dress choice is okay and no wearing white to a wedding is never acceptable. Honestly I would have kicked them out until she changed. They make and sell maturity clothes so there is no excuse because they are trashy. Go NC

  11. My husband and I now have a rule, it’s called the “weird place” rule. Basically if he sees something in a really weird place he is absolutely not to put it away without asking me, because it’s very likely that I put the thing in the weird place so that I would have a visual reminder.

  12. That is very sad. My sister who has this disorder, every single boyfriend she has ever had thought she was the sweetest most loving, caring wonderful woman. Everyone that meets her thinks she’s the greatest. She is also excellent at pulling the wool over the eyes of counselors and is a fantastic con artist. Oh all those men she dated in the past that thought she was the sweetest most caring woman they ever had? The end game with them is brutal punishment, robbing them blind, beating on them, or framing them to get restraining orders, destroying their reputation, etc. Not because it has to be done, but because she enjoys ruining people, especially ex boyfriends. I guess I am sharing this because there was a point in time, a few of her boyfriends were warned, but said phrases similar to what OP said, and insisted on learning the very hot harsh way.

  13. She said she’s a single mom already so I guess she doesn’t mind being a single mom to 2 kids with different fathers ??‍♀️


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