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    Have a conversation about the division of work. There is no “helping out”, it is only “taking responsibility for OUR household”. Divide it the way you feel is fair and plays to both strengths. What I mean by that, is if you have high standards for bathroom cleanliness, and he just cleans it superficially when he occasionally does that, take the bathroom as your chore, rather than getting annoyed it is not done the way you like it. You can list out all chores (and include management tasks as chores too, like weekly meal planning, grocery list making, or appointment planning). You can also use ready-house cleaning templates for inspiration. Prioritize yourself and your time off. Take an example from him. He is taking his break just after he finishes work, you do the same. First thing after your work is done do something for yourself. If that is a workout, show, reading, meditating, or baking. But do not expect to be praised for it. If you bake because that is how you relax, don't expect that it counts towards you doing a chore, even if both of you enjoy the cookies.

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    If you both want it you can have it.

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    Well that was as a terrible therapist


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