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  1. An apology is very needed, but he doesn’t need to accept it or take you back. Sometimes you can’t take back what you said, and that’s just how it is unfortunately

  2. I'm with your sisters on this, your friend wasn't joking, she was getting vicious barbs in whenever she could and your so called friends are just as bad for making excuses for her.

    You should never, ever apologise to this nasty, spite filled piece of crap. ever

  3. No. No amount of time will ever restore that image of you. You might still have a relationship with them. But they'll never idolize you again. All children learn there parents are flawed ay some point. Theres no pitting that genie back in the bottle once its out.

  4. Your girlfriend is the same age as my little sister. If she introduced someone your age to me as her boyfriend. I'd either be horrified and think you were a creep or think you were her sugar daddy tbh


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