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6 thoughts on “Terry the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Thank you, I’ve been to speak with people about my problems but a lot of it I can’t talk about, but it’s nice to hear someone trying to help at least

  2. Seriously, it sounds like she would harm herself.

    I’m a SAHM and enjoy it, but it is good to have some sense of self. If your life is so wrapped up in your husband that you would hurt yourself should the relationship end that isn’t healthy.

  3. yeah, he's been amazing because he gets to lie and be selfish and he still gets the gf(s) at the end.

    He's probably stringing you and the “ex” along. He is in a relationship with you both, and getting you back just means that he has your car and can get to his other girlfriend easier.

    I bet you 100 dollars that the BF is the reason the ex is “crazy”. He has probably lied to her and told her “oh you are the only one”, ” i will only be with you”. I bet you he has told the ex the same exact stories he's told you, but about you to her.

    I bet he is using the same “crazy gf” lies on you both, so he doesn't have to commit to either.

    he's a sad loser and you and the ex should probably have a sit down and compare the BS he's fed you both.

  4. A lot here, but I am reminded of two things:

    You are having your child and all that matters is that child and that they are healthy. Nothing else, really! The very old movie “Wargames” where the key line is “The only winning move is not to play.” which is, in short, do not engage

    In the end, the world will little note nor long remember. Engage with those that want to be part of your child's journey with you, and dont worry about any others. All that matters is your child. There will be plenty of people throughout their life who want to be part of that journey and make your child's life awesome. And, in so doing, make your life better too.

    Your sister is “winning” because she is in your head. Dont let her on-line there rent free. Make sense?

  5. Yeah, I feel like that. It’s for sure a sex drug. I honestly think she did not have sex with them, but it’s still cheating in my eyes


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