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35 thoughts on “Suraya_Starslive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. I feel like we've come so far to quit now.

    Look up the sunk cost fallacy. You can't stay in a situation you're unhappy in just because you feel you've invested too much to leave. I left my relationship (originally ld) of 7 years and it's one of the best decisions I've made.

    It seems like a bad decision to throw a good thing away over small situational issues that are not permanent.

    How good is it really if small situational issues are able to tear you apart? Long distance is a challenge, not a death knell for relationships. You get out of it what you put in. I don't think closing the distance is going to solve your problems.

    I think you need to evaluate where your arguments are stemming from. It's understandable that you're both stressed, but are you both using too many accusatory statements? How do these arguments start? Are you the only one cooperating and trying to foster intimacy? A goodnight and good owning text every day as your only form of communication is just… sad. Irregardless of how bust you are there is absolutely room for more communication. If you can't carve that out, someone isn't putting in the necessary effort.

  2. Pregnancy is a roller coaster. Be there for her as she needs and allows but take this time to work on yourself. What kind of dad do you want to be? Are you prepared mentally and emotionally? Learn as much as you can to be a good father and maybe that will help your situation with mom…it will certainly help with your child. Be the best dad you can!

  3. If you want clarity on where u are with one another u have to communicate that. If he is exploring things with her…then he cannot ask you to wait for him. And if he’s just taking some space to think, then maybe you both are just taking a short break…idk.

    Tbh with how new your relationship is with all this drama it’s probably more worth it to tell him you’re gonna move on if he isn’t committing to actively dating you. It’s no5 difficult to recognize if you’re interested in someone. The fact he’s hesitant shows he either feels obligated to explore it with her out of their history or that he simply enjoys the feeling of her liking him. Not saying he couldn’t develope those feelings for her, but if he’s into you then it should be a no brainer.

    Don’t be with someone who’s not sure about you. You deserve someone who’s ready and available to commit. If you really like him just be open about how you’re gonna move on if he isn’t sure.

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  6. Good for you for blocking him, he is scum and there is nothing he can say that would make him look any better.

    If he truly thought you were his soulmate, he wouldn't have had sex with his wife and gotten her pregnant, you realize this right?

    And I assume his other affair that his wife mentioned was another soulmate of his?

    Yeah, no, The scumbag is a cheater, has been a cheater and will always be a cheater. As hurt as you are right now, you are still tons better than his poor wife, who is married to the cheater and with a baby on the way. Instead of thinking of this as a bad start to 2023, think of it as your lucky break. You already wasted one year of your life on this creep, at least now you can be free to meet someone decent and who doesn't have the moral compass of a goat in heat.

  7. What types of fights? You have to be specific like is he doing stuff you think it’s a red flag and if you answer yes to anything than I don’t think he’s right to marry

  8. She probably did lie and pretended to be me. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to give her any informations about me.

  9. But sometimes I wonder if we’re “meant to be”

    I will say that out of my 3 most serious relationships, the first 2 I also had this feeling and I should've listened to it, the 3rd one I am not having that feeling, so I'm not a dumbass, I am still in that relationship, haha.

    This is by no means statistically significant and I don't want to tell you to leave him based on this. But at the very least, based on my experience, this feeling warrants exploring.

    You seem to have a few things going for you, it's really a situation of: does the good outweigh the things you question or the things that are outright bad?

    I will say that the extreme extrovert + introvert dynamic will only work if you guys figure out how to balance that in a way that his extroversion has an outlet that doesn't consistently involve you.

  10. Sounds like he knows your going to talk to someone so you should take a lot of the advice here and get the tests as soon as you can. Write down dates and times of conversations and when you found out and go to the police. If you can stay with friends or family that might be a good idea too

  11. That’s excellent! Please don’t be hard on yourself. I bet it takes a lot of deprograming to be able to say out loud what’s been happening. Is it possible to make a plan with your therapist and have a session with your mum or dad and work through saying out loud what’s been happening to you? I know it’s obviously easier said than done. I unfortunately understand that sickening feeling and needing cognitive dissonance. Also it might help to talk to someone that has a specific background in CSA therapy, if you haven’t already.

  12. I suppose that if he was thinking about drugging someone else, he might have experimented on you first. That would make him extremely evil, obviously.

  13. I wouldn’t be delicate. He knows he’s doing it. He’s leaving actual shit in your bed. Apparently the honeymoon period was him washing his own fecal matter from the place you sleep. You shouldn’t have to pussyfoot around someone who leaves shit in your bed.

  14. I’m not a man. But on the flip side, why does the opinion of one person cancel the opinions of multiple people?

    I would think the attention she’s getting from other men would tell you he’s wrong. I dated a guy who constantly told me I looked bad. He criticized my clothes, hair, shoes…Actually referred to one of my v-neck shirts as my “how shirt” and it’s not even a deep v-neck. I dumped him and dressed the way I wanted and low and behold, I look great. My husband, because he isn’t an insecure jerk, has never tried to dictate what I look like or wear. He also doesn’t care when men look at me because he knows at the end of the day, I’m going home WITH HIM. Turns out my ex was that way because he just didn’t like other men looking at me.

    Shockingly enough, people will actually tear down their partner just to make sure they don’t leave. Also, she feels she looks good. Is her opinion of herself not nearly as important as the opinion of her boyfriend?

  15. You sound pretty misogynistic, dude. I think I'm done here.

    She understands me and life as a man and tries to do anything to make my life easier , this is just the only gripe i have

    I nip shit in the bud cuz i know how girls get if you don’t check them appropriately

  16. You're doing the right thing but I'm kind of pissed on your behalf. Like, how does he get involved with someone with kids? Seriously, regardless of his loving you, I think that's a real dick move on his part.

  17. Just leave. Why do you want to sit around in agony waiting for someone who doesn't want the same things as you in a relationship. Being alone is berrer than being tortured by someone you love.

  18. There’s a reason he had to go with a 19 year old when he was 28… this is it. Immature behaviour.

  19. You suck.

    It is much easier for you to get a vasecty than her getting her tubes tied, also yours would be a way easier surgery.

    Be honest, you don't want to be with her anymore. You want to keep your fertility for when you leave her

  20. I really don’t want to make any decisions for some time. I need to gauge wether her reaction was exaggerated simply because it was a shock to her, or if this is truly how she will always react. I can imagine she always envisioned her daughter to be with a Christian Armenian man. And for that not to be the case, an initial overreaction could be warranted. Her choice of overreaction was very questionable and unnecessary, but again an overreaction isn’t completely unreasonable.

  21. I married someone relatively “normal” no history of drinking/substance abuse. After years he suddenly had a psychotic break. His behavior got increasingly more irrational and after a couple scary events we divorced. He spent the next several years stalking me, in and out of mental hospitals and several brushes with going missing and getting arrested for stalking random families. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and eventually after several attempts, died by suicide. It was only then that o heard from his family on how bad the last several years of his life got and how at one point he was coming to kill me and then kill himself.

    Sometimes I r need to look at situations as black and white. You have to do what’s right for you and staying with someone for the sake of sunk cost fallacy isn’t a got enough one.

  22. I completely understand what you are saying. It is just surprising to me as she has always been willing to take in children in need. However I understand this isn’t what she signed up for. I still hope she comes around but I am going to consult with a lawyer tomorrow.

  23. there is no competition. it can be an infinite number for a girl just swiping right. the only outcome i can see is random dudes spotting her in public and asking why she never replied after they matched.

  24. Yeah I definitely understand her side. I didn’t sign up to be interrogated by a girlfriend though ? I have some social anxiety and that sounds really stressful. I don’t want to overstep on their relationship though, I agree that there may be emotional cheating

  25. What a stupid take.

    She lied to him for the entire relationship and it was a stupid lie because the brother knew.


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