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43 thoughts on “steph_limalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. oh no let’s not make him gown up and be an adult. smh, girl/guy stop worrying so much about you soon to be ex and start making a concrete plan for your happiness.

  2. I wanna preface what I'm about to say/ask by explaining I'm looking at this from a bank perspective and not giving personal opinions or information from a legal perspective.

    That being said.. If the insurance pay out was in your name then that would lead me to assume that in order to obtain the funds they were directly deposited in to a checking account (as opposed to a physical check being cashed.) So my follow up is- does her account have your name on it as well? or is it just her name on the account? because direct deposits on the bank side will still have an intended recipients name on them and they should usually be returned by the bank if the individuals name isn't on the account. However, from a banking perspective specifically if both of your names are on her account then once the funds are put into the account they become equally owned by any users on the account (so once in the account, it would technically be her money as well). Therefore, it may be a much easier case for fraud if your name isn't on the account. If it is, that could allow for complications relating to the funds being “technically” accessible to you through the bank (despite that not being the case, clearly.)

  3. Personally, I don’t care if my partner wants to fuck around, but if I DID care… I’d cut him loose. You’re both young. I wasn’t even sure who I was or what I wanted until I was 25/26.

  4. You are overthinking this. You are indulging a deep thread of insecurity. Did you know he was with other people before you? If so, why are you this concerned with blatant evidence that he was, in fact, with other people before you?

    It's not my intention to put you down or disregard how you feel. I mean to say, if you love him so much, and he is your best friend, then you suddenly feeling “turned off” or “not attracted” to him anymore.. well, it sounds like a You problem. I know this sounds unkind, but it isn't meant to be.

    Be who you are, as you are, let go of your jealousy and insecurities, and go love your best friend. The one who is with YOU. Not his ex.

  5. This stung bad because you’re right on all counts.

    I work part-time for my husband and part time from home for myself, so I’m always either at the shop or at home, where my husband and 19 y/o are also between the two places.

    But to be clear, I’ve never considered acting on these feelings. I don’t want to feel this way. It’s consuming my thoughts, distracting me from what’s important to me, and making me feel gross.

  6. Exactly… he's already at the finish line.

    And you, being a doctor at the age of 30. That's ~10? years of schooling. Your career is moving, but it's still in the earlier than later stages.

    And to completely check out of your career now, is a nice thought, but your effort to get there in the first place, poof. Meaningless. I feel like you would want to see it out partially.

    You two should be retired together, or none at all…

    I would be curious to his reaction if you suggested you wanted to join his retirement.

  7. This is tricky. Would you say you’re close at all? It sort of sounds like it but also maybe not at the same time. Lol. Perhaps you socialize often enough but not exactly with deep conversations and emotions. I would try and make an opportunity to bring up your lack of a desire for a relationship. Perhaps while she brings up her past relationships. I say something like, “yeah, I’m definitely not missing out on that. Haha. I’m so happy to be single.” And if she’s a girl with a crush she’ll try to pry that statement open more with, “well relationships can be good…I miss the company…when relationships are good their great…don’t you want one?…intimacy is rewarding…” or some sort of statement to attempt to make you reconsider, back down from your statement or back track. That’s when you stand your ground. “Honestly, I’m happy single. I have a fulfilling career, have a loving family and am enjoying my time alone. I don’t have any desire for a relationship and don’t feel like I’m missing out. More power to people who are in relationships and I wish the best of luck to people looking for one but that’s just nothing I’m interested in anytime soon.” That’s a clear sign that you’re not on the market and if she has half a clue she’ll start backing off. Also, I’d start encouraging her to talk to some girlfriends about the ex. Maybe make a comment about how you wish you had more advice or helpful words and you’re sure her other friends might have more to add to the conversation or something. She needs to be treating you as a friend, not an emotional caretaker, and for a girl recovering from a breakup and seeking male attention, confiding in you and receiving her primary emotional comfort from you will only strengthen any interest or feelings she might have.

  8. Advice on what, honey? Are you happy? Is this healthy? Sounds like you’re going to have to have an intense conversation about your trust issues and boundaries

  9. You seem pretty immature. I am not sure you should be in a relationship until you grow up more. You ended it because he didn't seem interested? How? Was he slow responding to texts, so you threw a tantrum? Seems you did all of this for no reason. The fact that you describe yourself is petty also tells me you need to mature a but before you date anyone.

  10. If it was a long serious relationship when you were adults, I’d say it’s disrespectful af. But, you broke up two years ago when you were teenagers. Grow up.

  11. Got it, if she can compromise on monogamy that’s acceptable, if he compromises in any ENM capacity that’s unacceptable, because ?

  12. She got 14 measly stitches. There no way after a year that scar is all that visible. I got 13 stitches on my chin, it was a deep cut too, after a year you could barely see the scar, it’s been 5 yrs and I have to point it out for people to notice. His little fragile ego is what the problem is. It has nothing to do w the scar

  13. First, you have open phone policy? See if something might be up.

    And just tell her…… he'll no.

    Then if she goes anyway. There is something going on with your marriage and her.

  14. No one cheated, and the OP even stated Cyan is most probably gay.

    Oh wait, are you the OP like some posters said?~

  15. Don’t fall into the sunk cost fallacy.

    I was in a 7.5 year relationship until I was 25 and absolutely devastated when it ended, begged him to change his mind. Except he never stood up for me when it came to his lol, didn’t understand my mental health, and bedroom was dead af.

    Anyway now I’m getting married to the most perfect guy that I never would have gotten to meet if I stayed in that dead end

  16. Thank you! Part of me is scared she’ll find someone by summer. But if she’s still talking to me 2 hours a night surely she’s interested and waiting for me. I really hope so.

  17. How is it pro choice if the mother’s life is in danger? What choice do you have at that point but to save her? Save the fetus?

    It’s not really a ‘choice’ if his back is against the wall and he has to abort to prevent further loss of life

  18. No, most people do not agree with your hopefully soon EX- boyfriend. He's just a scumbag who personally doesn't respect women who have sex with ANY man besides him. I've had a threesome with two men before, too, and I'm asexual. Fuck his “upset”! He was totally ready to fuck another woman, but God help you if you fuck another man! Please understand that he's just exposed himself as a sexist.

  19. I concur with everything Dont139 said. My ex wanted to try it and for me it hurt because it was just penis in butt with some lube? Was there lube? I don’t remember. I didn’t like it. But as I experimented on my own, I discovered I did like anal, but not with my ex. Toys and lube and yeah, I’m here for it. But it was something I had to do on my own, at my own comfort level. Not because I was pressured into it.

  20. Why are you on a dating site if you’re not interested in dating? Or is that just what you’re going to say to him to steer away from the fact that you’re judging him for being in a wheelchair?

  21. It sounds like she might lie to you about it because she knows you'll react badly.

    There is nothing inherently better in being either a saver or a spender, but if you have a mutual goal, then both need to be contributing to it. The way you write it is unclear if she also finds your living situation terrible, though.

    And this sounds like a conversation all couples should have prior to marriage.

  22. I'm not really sure what else to assume aside from ulterior motives on your SIL & brothers part. Why would you have to remove your name to protect your fathers money in the event of a divorce when you could just get a prenup? Unless I'm misunderstanding what a prenup is for/can do.

  23. Personally (f) I don’t super enjoy oral sex done on myself and I’ve heard from many other women that it’s not their things either. Not every pussy is the same and some just aren’t as sensitive to really get a lot out of that type of stimulation. It can be hot to be honest with him especially at such a young age and with less experience but you will feel so relieved if you do explain to him it’s something you don’t prefer. Or you could work on different technique than just all tongue. Suggest trying something different next time he wants to go down.

    Maybe somebody else will chime in with a better way to approach it gently with him as I tend to be pretty to the point with ppl hah.

  24. He should either pack a lunch himself, or he can call one of the many places that deliver to businesses.

    It's not your responsibility. If you cater to him like this, he will just get worse with his babylike expectations.

  25. This takes strength, conviction in n knowing that your decision is right, courage and knowledge that he is, and has been manipulating you and is unlikely to change. It also takes knowledge, and acceptance of the fact that you need to do what is best for you. He needs help but is unlikely to accept it. You have to simply amber firm and end it. BE FIRM. Tell him, or not and then cut all ties and forms of communication. You don’t owe him more chances. You don’t owe him anything. If you don’t you are at risk.

  26. I mean, its been 2 months, she is goin through things but is just shuttin ya out ma guy, she may not need to be in a relationship atm fr

  27. Yeah and Jim had no intention of breaking Pam's engagement to Roy when he told her that he was in love with her.

  28. Yeah, you're kind of coming off as if you have some expectation/entitlement to be included in these friends' lunches. They know each other, they don't know you, and not many people are gonna break bread with someone they don't know.

    I get how you were raised, but those aren't the rules for everyone you come into contact with.

    I'd let it go, and try and learn to not expect anything from anyone.


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