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14 thoughts on “Sonika_Sharmalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I hear what you're saying, too. I genuinely do. There's just so many guys on this thread saying “Dump her, she's a penis receptacle” instead of “Hey, maybe you should communicate your needs to your partner.”

    Jealousy is a mindkiller though, I truly believe that.

  2. go for it, revenge is a dish best served cold. if she wants to mess with you then you mess with her. show he who is in control

  3. I guess you cheated.

    Sexual relations seem to be the only thing with a “but I was drunk” get-out clause. Doesn't count for anything else like drinking, violence, vandalism, flying a plane or whatever.

  4. Historically women bear the brunt of responsibility when it comes to having a family. No matter how supportive the man thinks they are women bear the mental and physical load in relationships. This ends up limiting their careers while it usually doesn’t for men. These women realize this and don’t want to take that on at this stage of their careers

  5. Part of having a kink is consent, unless you consented to him being able to do that while blackbout drunk (which doesn’t hold up legally), that was rape and assault. Weather you either want to see it that way is up to you, but the only time people practice consent-no-consent kink activities, is with consent.

    Honestly if besides this horrible fact he seems controlling in other areas also, I’d say he sounds extremely abusive and a scary person to be with that feels like he kicked out with you and your kink so anything goes. That’s not how that works.

    Also with the age gap, everything you’ve said sounds extremely dangerous and terrifying to me. I would run away from that now and not look back before you wake up five or more years from now with a kid locked in and see how abusive he can be. You’re very young you’ll meet way better people and ones who are not abusive and can participate in your kink or even have the same one themselves respectively.

    I had a CNC kink, my partner isn’t a fan so I don’t know. But if I found out he abused me too tears and raped me while black out drunk… he’d never see or hear from me again. That’s rape and a crime.

  6. Waiting until you love together for x number of years before getting married is why people are staying single into their 30s. Because they find a few things that aren't ideal about their live-in partner, stay on the lookout for something they think is better, and then use that as an excuse to move on. Rinse and repeat. If you love each other there is no reason not to just get married. Being married will help you to figure out the rest.

  7. You seem to be in love with the infatuation stage of a relationship. That doesn't last. A deep love still has excitement and thrills. But also comfort, support and steadfast loyalty. You are correct when you said he deserves someone who feels as strongly as he does. Maybe don't get into another relationship too soon. Explore who you really are first.

  8. Exactly. While my wife is great in bed, she isn't the best I have ever been with. It just doesn't factor into our marriage or relationship because I am sure I am not her best of all time either but we didn't get married for the sex.

  9. She is just being realistic with you. But you both also need to realize that there are no guarantees in a relationship this young, regardless of your age. Even if she's gotten somewhat better I think your GF is still struggling a lot with her past traumatic events, did she ever recieve any therapy for what she went through?

  10. You don't sound like you want a future with her.

    You do sound like you want your cake (emotional intimacy) and to eat it too (have fun like a bachelor.) That's not about a compromise. It's a choice.

    I have never lived like a rich bachelor so to me that sort of life sounds vapid, something that gets old very fast. But hey, maybe that's all you need to be happy. I don't think you have a realistic expectation for a bachelor's life though — at 40 you will likely only get fleeting attention from younger women who would be interested in your money or stability that you symbolize to them. They would want to be promoted into the role of your current girlfriend (and eventually, wife). So eventually, if you are desirable, you would either keep rotating shallow escort-like relationships or end up in a similar situation where you are right now.

  11. I have no medical experience beyond my own crap but I have been diagnosed with ADHD and several other mental illnesses. It’s the same for most of my family. No sensory issues. I’ve literally never heard that it’s common in conjunction with ADHD.


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