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Model from: in

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1995-08-31

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityIndian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

14 thoughts on “sexylustcouplelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Alright in that case, I don't know where your sound system falls into.

    A headset could be something realistic to get. If you do, ensure it's compatible with ps5 and switch.

    If you even felt like sharing his current headset, I could tell you where it falls into for quality.

    Side note: Good job on a successful reletionship. Not often we see it on here. We mostly deal with problems rather positivity. So, its uplifting to see

    Best of luck!

  2. To me this is the worst part:

    He then brought up an old relationship of mine where I was 16 and my bf was 24. He said “what about that?” And I said “that was literally grooming and it was not ok. I've told you this. It was the worst time of my life.”

    So, you opened up to him in the past about how horrible being groomed was, and he throws it in your face as an argument IN FAVOUR of sex with minors??

    Thats just super twisted. Does he not know you or care about you at all?

  3. He got sex toys for this 21 year old woman….very strange. Sex toys are usually gifted between partners or close friends, not for your partner's friend lol

  4. Well that's fine then. Original post gave me wrong impression then. If things are otheriwise goign well I would get over this incident.

    Although I don't think both of them (gf and her cousin) can stay under the same roof much longer. For now what is importnat is that your gf does not accumulate anger in herself. The issue is to get rid of it she needs to be listened to by someone. I imagine her parent's are an option. If they cared about her they would see how much harmful their current situation is and made sure they don't on-line together. Ergo I don't think they care. If you think they do suggest your gf to press them to either help her (financially) online seperately or kick her cousin out.

    She can't really vent to you, if she tries to make you her therapist your relationship is pretty much dead. Even if she gets therapist this probably won't be enough. She really needs to on-line seperately from her cousin or she might become properly toxic person.

  5. Yes sex work is fine.

    Taking advantage of addicted people to wring them dry beyond their ability to provide isn't.

    And that's what she apparently did.

  6. I'd just let tempers cool and sit her down afterwards and tell her you're sorry, you made your genuine best effort to make the situation better, and that most importantly YOU ARENT A MIND READER. Assuming it's an argument you're both ready to move past, this about all that should be said. Good luck

  7. don't beg for this man back. he's so ungrateful for all the cleaning and cooking etc, looks like he wants to work full time and manage the house by himself. it's time to move forward. focus on getting your finances in shape and talk to a lawyer before doing ANYTHING. stop contributing within the house, let the dishes pile up, let the house get dirty. not your problem anymore and it should be a wake-up call for him, not to change his mind but to hopefully not be difficult during the divorce.

  8. I have had really severe nightmares at times, and I know how bad they can make you feel. That being said, what would you hope to gain from talking to him and how do you think it could help? Consider how you would react if you were a sweet, loving & loyal partner and your bf told you he had dreams of you cheating on him? They aren't predictions and it doesn't mean you think he would just because your brain is chonking through some of your trauma when you sleep — but it could be really hurtful for him to hear and make him doubt you or your trust in him. Do you have access to therapy to process your trauma?

  9. I think asking her transparently but with as much goodwill as you can muster is the right route. It's possible the kids got into an argument and he said regretful things and this has nothing to do with an attempt at cheating but… Yeah, looks like he made her wildly uncomfortable and I can't imagine many ways that would happen.

  10. Don't assume your wife will never hurt your children. I had a friend whose husband hit her multiple times. She swore he would never hurt the kids. Well, guess what. He not only hit one of his kids, he put her in the hospital with a fractured skull. Your wife needs some intensive anger management therapy. You might want to take the kids and leave until such time as she gets therapy.


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