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  1. Alright in that case, I don't know where your sound system falls into.

    A headset could be something realistic to get. If you do, ensure it's compatible with ps5 and switch.

    If you even felt like sharing his current headset, I could tell you where it falls into for quality.

    Side note: Good job on a successful reletionship. Not often we see it on here. We mostly deal with problems rather positivity. So, its uplifting to see

    Best of luck!

  2. To me this is the worst part:

    He then brought up an old relationship of mine where I was 16 and my bf was 24. He said “what about that?” And I said “that was literally grooming and it was not ok. I've told you this. It was the worst time of my life.”

    So, you opened up to him in the past about how horrible being groomed was, and he throws it in your face as an argument IN FAVOUR of sex with minors??

    Thats just super twisted. Does he not know you or care about you at all?

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