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  1. I understand that you want to share your life with your partner but this can get a bit hectic sometimes. From what you are describing i assume you are texting the whole day. A better idea would be to call each other once a day when you are not together and ask how each other's day went. Keep texting to a minimum. Like gm gn ,text me when you get to the bus/text me when you get home. I believe conversation through the phone could be more of a quality communication then constantly updating each other about everything. Let's face it most of our days are boring. Also don't worry too much,if something bad was about to happen in your relationship you guys are not going to prevent it by texting constantly .

  2. Yes I also recognize that it shouldn't be done, and i would've not done that if it was another friend. I don't know if you read the whole story

  3. She often jokes about going to see her roomate to see if I'd get pissed and honestly it works fucking wonder.

    MASSIVE red flag there before I even read the rest of the post.

    Her previous number of partners is irrelevant. This kind of behavior is manipulative, disgusting, and more than enough reason to end the relationship.

  4. My coworker said she always wanted a baby (I think she’s saying to keep things positive) but obviously once the kid is born, I don’t know what will happen. And that’s only if she ends up having it.

  5. From early 20s to mid and late 20s people can change their views drastically for a multitude of reasons. Maybe it is simply how he developed and how he sees marriage now.

    Regardless, if he says now he doesn't want any of that, believe him. You cannot change people's mind, simple as that. Decide for yourself if you can make that sacrifice to stay with him. Or if you really do want marriage and have to leave him to find this with a partner who thinks the same way. You've spent 7 years with this man and it's understandable you want to stay with him at all costs. But do not throw away the things you really want in your life over it.

  6. Oh, god, who would've thought that babies are made when no birth control is used…

    Gosh, what a bizarre notion…

    Ugh, at this point I just hope you informed your girlfriend that you rawdogged someone and she needs to take STD/STI tests…well, this and that you have money for diapers.

  7. Tbf I’d just let them use my fork. I’ve done the same with friends of both sexes. It’s not weird. The bottle comment was weird

  8. Honest answer for you, apps are good for meeting people. You can get to know a lot of different people that way, and go from there.

  9. Have HIM post a picture of the two of you looking loved up underneath hers as a response from his account with the caption “Taken by actual love of my life, but we can still be friends” or something petty. Or just put a pic of you two looking loved up without saying anything. Embarrass and shame her. And him. Make things awkward for them. Be petty.

    I wonder how many people saw the repost on his insta?

  10. He is using your past trauma to hookup with other women. He can masturbate. He should be supportive of you and not worry about his privates.

  11. This is called neglect.. and if you weren’t neglecting your child, then it’s because you had a undemanding job. It can literally only he ine of these.

  12. Omg you need to leave, the way he is treating you is abusive. It isn't as bad as things you have experienced which might make it feel normal. None of this is normal, you deserve better.

  13. You want her to wait 10 years into being with you before you'll consider living together? I don't know many women that would be okay with this. We are on a time clock if we want to have children. The older we get, the harder and more risky it is. You want her to be 29 years old and have invested 10 years into you before you'll move in together? Then if you find that living together doesn't work, she has to start over at 30. That's not an ideal position for a woman to be in. Is marriage a desire for her? How many years wait for that?

  14. I’m in the same boat… but my issue is we just had a kid 4 months ago, she says she misses us and she needs to work on herself but she’s made it clear that she’s out with Others. I work 20days straight and I’m home 10 days a month, I make great money and the only reason I have the job is to provide for use and reach our goals and future plans. And now I’m left empty and feel like my existence is purely be held together by my son. I still love her and I’m more stuck than I have ever been.

  15. He's allowed to feel good about himself but holding the opinions of strangers in higher regard than his girlfriend is weird! If my boyfriend complimented something about me and I didn't believe him and acted insecure but as soon as other men complimented me on the same shit I got confident that's weird af.

  16. If he payes 70% of everything. Its stand to equality that you doe 70% of the work home. You would not have that home nor that life without his money. So you do your part and everyone is happy. How nude is it to keep a house compared to keepin a life together for the both of you?

  17. All she said was figure it out

    Figure it out by leaving.

    She has every right to want that, but to not engage in supporting you whilst she takes this course… nah. You can do better, even if it means being alone

  18. Let’s put the onus on the predator and not the victim here. Blame the disgusting 24 year old who pursued and groomed a child.

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  20. Since her going away has no planned end date, what do you consider the difference between breaking up and taking a break, in this situation?

  21. I care because I am in some way involved with her. Its exactly what I said in the op. She has the right to dress however she wants, but I have just as much of a right not to feel comfortable with it.

    I also mentioned she's given me 0 reason to not trust her all this time, yet I can't shake this feeling around skimpy clothing. As for the last part, being a dude myself and having lived all my life in groups of dudes too, I can assure you the vast majority of men think exactly that when they see a girl dressed in way too revealing clothes. Not a single one of them is gonna be like “oh damn nice style” or “wow the aesthetics bro”. Do what you will with that information, but it's the sad truth.

  22. You can still have the big gesture of love.

    Then sit down in the shop later.

    Tell her not to buy the ring herself, but still do a big romantic proposal.

  23. Find a new place to on-line ASAP and value yourself more than you are right now. You deserve to be treated well by the people who are supposed to care about you!

  24. I did not change my story I just didn't want to type a newspaper but I see that you got everything mixed up but in essence:

    1- she gets upset when I'm on my vacation, we talk things through, everything is fine etc ..

    2- fast forward a week later she was being cold and distant seemingly out of nowhere ( she's done this before where she would complain about me not giving her enough time then a few days later she's not there herself / she's cold and distant.

    3- I told her she's being an ass which upsets her, that is the sole reason why she's being upset , not because I didn't give her enough attention a week prior.

    4- I text her a day later , she ignores me and goes silent.

    5- another day later, I text her, she's ready to talk about why she's upset, I call her out on the silent treatement then things out of hand.

    I think where I went wrong is when I called her an ass. Other than that I also have the right to get mad and enforce my boundaries, as I REPEATEDLY told her nicely that I don't like that. If you don't see anything inheritly wrong with the silent treatement then this is where we differ, I never will tolerate that shit. anyone want a day or two or a week to cool off should be able to say that they don't want to talk instead of punishing their partner.

  25. You mean exes, which is extremely sketch since the bride doesn’t even know about it. What a shitty, horrible friend you are.

  26. Do you think incompatibility is effectively a deal breaker? No way to overcome? I've faced incompatibility issues in past relationships where my SO and I couldn't see our careers allowing us to live! in the same place. I see this potentially as more of a love language misalignment that we need to talk through.

  27. the purpose of him stopping by was to tell us that our tv was too loud, which we respected and turned it down. and when confronted about the loud noises that have been happening since we moved in, he got very defensive. unfortunately the man that stopped by owns his condo, and we are only renting ours so our “landlord” can’t really do much so we are just confused on what to do.

  28. “I wouldn’t do it if she’s uncomfortable.”

    GF is clearly uncomfortable with the idea Goes forward with us anyway because “it’s my hall pass” and I gave her a heads up

    Just say you cheated. She wasn’t interested in this “hall pass” idea and you pushed it on her and went through with it even when she didn’t seem on board. Do your girlfriend and break up with her and stop dating teenagers in your mid-twenties.

  29. I am not in the US.

    What you suggest is available here but isn't something I am going to be considering for the next few months.

  30. Or how about: What OTHER PEOPLE think of her makeup has zero relevance because it's HER face and it's something that gives HER a confidence-boost.

    Do you think people put on makeup for the sake of others? Yeah, time to sit down, kiddo.

  31. that armour was tinfoil

    you're settling. Why?

    you do realize that he's not going to stop, right? he's going to try to control EVERYTHING about you now that he's got you 100% “trapped”

  32. Tell him he is royalty who can expect you walk behind him in submission. If you are not always, even in arguments, and respected as an equal partner, that he needs think about his relationship behavior.

  33. Yes I see what you're saying he thinks with two girls is ok just because they don't have the same body parts but two guys nope it's unacceptable and gross apparently

  34. Newsflash, not everyone is okay with someone they aren’t in a sexual or romantic relationship keeping photos of them tucked away.

    Deleting the pictures after a break up might be the nice thing to do, but unfortunately no one should expect that.

  35. You should never be afraid of your partner in a relationship. You need to leave this guy immediately before he hurts you. His behaviour is not acceptable and he's gaslighting you. Do not stay with this guy.

  36. Two things. Your weight will affect your future health issues and orthopedic issues. Google six pack abs diet and stick with it 6 days a week. Cheat a little on day 7. Second, offer to watch porn with him. Your welcome.

  37. I think I was a little guilty of that when I was young and it does create a no-win situation. So I would just tell her if she wants to know the truth, she has to be able to handle the truth. I eventually learn how to handle it. Tell her the fact that she can’t handle the truth does not make you want to be honest with her.

  38. honey cut your loses dump him & blocked her. I cannot imagine what else he has done before, during & now.

    Its so humiliating & the utter disrespect is outrageous!! his responses are so F rude !!

    Google a billion dollar company WILL NOT have a wrong date on its files. what crap is he talking about!

    If he is innocent & what he is saying is true he will be comforting you instead of saying you are immature & invasive. cheater caught will response like he did.

    Tell him to go F**K himself. I hate cheaters!!!!

  39. I can't recall being very happy tbh, I think I had gotten out a similar but not as bad situation not super long before… Seems I'm a prime target for manipulation ?

  40. yeah, what a misogynistic conspiracy!

    just happen to be curious on other ways to get all his lovely stuff.

  41. yeah, what a misogynistic conspiracy!

    just happen to be curious on other ways to get all his lovely stuff.

  42. Has it ever occurred to you that you may like something and still look for an upgrade? I sure like my car, it was great condition for the price but I sure as hell am going to upgrade if I find a better one at good price!

    Same goes with jobs! I like my job now but if someone offered me a better position, I’m packing.

    Life isn’t a status quo. At least not for many people. Where you are right this moment, happy or not, doesn’t have to be where you’ll always be.

  43. It’s not selfish, though. He’s the one who needs her to compromise herself for his benefit. She’s not selfish, he is.

  44. You have to walk through the uncomfortable to get to comfortable. Rushing to find someone new tries to go around or avoid the uncomfortable.

    You were with this person for 4 years. In that length of time we tend to lose some of who we are. Like we start eating our eggs the way they like theirs and maybe even forget that that was isn't actually our favorite. (Runaway Bride movie reference)

    Spend a little time finding out who you are and what you like. Get comfortable with being single. Get comfortable with you. In time you will be ready to date again but in the meantime you have so many options!! Enjoy them!


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