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41 thoughts on “RobbXl_camlive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I was on Celexa I couldn’t orgasm NO MATTER WHAT I tried. It was just horrible experience. Changed meds, but I don’t ever have sex now lol

  2. You should only ever do this when it is YOUR personal choice and belief. Anyone else’s and it’s just asking for trouble!

  3. Sorry but you didn’t do anything wrong. You had told her in advance that you needed the day alone, this is something that you seem to do regularly, so it shouldn’t be something that she has to come to terms with.

    Her inability to 1. Not drink and drive, and 2 communicate what she actually means when she sends you a text are her problems to deal with.

    She owes you an apology for her reaction.

    As for clearing the air etc, you can tell her the truth. Tell her that you love her, and that had she actually conveyed her request properly you would have said yes, as you would have wanted her to be safe, and you do enjoy being around her.

    Whether or not that works is up to her, but if it doesn’t, then you might want to re-evaluate your relationship with her

  4. You are not in love with her. you can not be concerned by these kinds of superficial thing when you really care about someone. Stop wasting your time and hers. Seriously “Cellulite”? OMG

  5. First of all. Getting trashed is not in any way giving consent. I’m sorry the roommate did this to you. You would benefit from counseling.

    Second, talking with someone on discord is not a relationship so you did not cheat.

    Third, this relationship you find yourself in now with this person is incredibly unhealthy. You didn’t take the time to get to know each other and date. You both are far too codependent and you’re still basically strangers to each other.

    You really need to take a step back and learn healthy relationship habits. Again, counseling would help.

  6. You made a mistake and he decided to forgive you. Now he made a mistake, and it's up to you if you want to forgive him or not.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, so don't put yourself through the turmoil thinking you did this to yourself. You didn't. He decided to flirt with that other girl, that's on him. You need to ask him why he didn't come to you if he felt he needed validation.

    As far as the initial blackout and sex with the friends roommate, you said you take full responsibility, but honestly, depending on the situation, and not to stir the pot, but it could have been date rape (although by a friend not a date). Was the roommate giving you shots? In addition to typically weighing less than men, women don't process alcohol as fast as men. Which means women will get drunk much faster, and guys know this. Before you blacked out, do you remember thinking “I'd smash that”, or do you remember telling him “I have a boyfriend.” Whatever thought process you had before blacking out is probably your thought process when you were blacked out but at that point you were unable to speak for yourself. You need to look out for yourself because unfortunately a lot of guys will take advantage the first chance they get.

  7. Well you’re breaking this sub’s rules as OP didn’t ask for this advice and you are giving it unsolicited. Just stop.

  8. Hon, I took a look at your post history to understand this relationship and I’m worried for you about your alcohol use. You’ve gotten advice for the GF situation, so I’m just going to address that. I see that you deal with suicidal depression and first of all, I’m sending you hugs because I dealt with the same thing. But, I also wanted to let you know something I wish I had known sooner: alcohol is a depressant. It actually depresses your nervous system!

    I always think of it as borrowing happiness from tomorrow because although it helps in the moment, your suicidal thoughts and depression will be much worse the next day. I think you should do your best to work on only drinking when you’re in a good headspace, and maybe take a tolerance break so that you don’t need as much to feel buzzed?

  9. Is this a joke? She’s clearly trying to get pregnant and apparently so are you. Use a condom. Also birth control pills don’t make you infertile whether she gets a period or not.

  10. It’s so much. I am so terribly sorry there is no good option. I am glad to see in other responses you are going to get therapy, because this is deeply tragic, and you’ll need support no matter what you do. A therapist will be so helpful on helping you explore and figure out your own limits and needs. And to grieve what you had before her accident. Build your support system, because you’ll need it no matter what you decide.

  11. The thing is that this is exactly the problem. I do very well in my school, job, and I more than 10k (half marathons). However I’ve never been in a proper relationship and I stuffed it up with this girl I really like because I was acting guarded and distant. And now I want to change but she doesn’t want to give me a chance. All of my accomplishments outside of this area of relationships mean nothing to me right now

  12. I don't think he'll continue to obsess over it. In fact, you've probably already spent more time thinking about it than he has. It probably did reinforce his loss of both parents in the moments right after you said it, and yeah – it probably did make him feel sad. But if you've been together for a year, he probably understands that you didn't say it to be cruel.

    IMO your window for apologizing has passed. You could have said “Oh no – that's not what I meant, I'm so sorry” while giving him that little side hug. But if you try to apologize today, all you are likely to do is pick at his emotional scab even more. Just let bygones be bygones, and try even harder to be a comfort in his life. It sounds like overall, you are doing a good job of that.

  13. Aww!! Thank you! I hope I am not too prejudiced but he really would be good. Not me! I would end up in jail trying to deal with all the stupid people out there!

  14. If you want to go by yourself go, it's your life and your money and you have a right to online it. It's only selfish if you let it be selfish. But keep it in mind that when your BF does this and he will and he will go with friends he won't want you to go. That's just the way people are and they get jealous. Go have fun and enjoy your vacation

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  16. He is untrustworthy and a major liar. Being legally tied down to an untrustworthy liar is making yourself vulnerable to him giving you an STI or financially ruining you.

  17. yeah, that's more like 80 not 60. At 60 we're not yet even retired, we're planning exciting things for when we do retire. And there are people who are set in their ways in their 20s. Like my colleague, fresh out of uni, whereas I already had a couple of kids. I'd ask her what she got up to at the weekend, she'd done the housework on Saturday and had tea with her mother on Sunday. Then for holidays she always went to the same place with her husband. They would even sit on the same bench in the same park when on holiday.

  18. Girl you’re 24 and as I was reading this I’m thinking this kid is 17. There is no reason why you can’t go get your license and your own place.

  19. I agree. If it’s his homeboys FWB, why is that a can of worms he has to hide? People don’t hide things unless there is something sketchy going on.

  20. You know you want to bang the 24 yo man. You acknowledge she's attractive, while also stating you see her as a child.

    So I guess pick one man?

  21. Omg. If it’s that big a deal y’all need to rent a bigger place with another bedroom to serve as an office/hobby space.

  22. Is she stressed about this too? because that can delay her period.

    There are early pregnancy tests available or if there's a planned parenthood in your area go there. Here they have a sliding scale for prices and they give great advice.

  23. I haven't been in your situation, so my advice is going to be limited. But I would say the first step is to reconnect with your family, and see if they would allow you back and help with your transportation if you ultimately decide to leave.

    But only you can answer the question if you should or not.

    Best to you.

  24. You will NEVER resolve this until you ask HER what is bothering her.

    With the way your comments are written it is all me, me, me… do you actually care about what is causing her issue or is all that you care about the fact that you are not getting sex?

  25. As annoying as this situation is I would definitely rather just make sure to be home by 10:00 than to move out at 19.

  26. He has told you he's an addict. Don't overlook this. Think of addicts in the streets and how likely recidivism is.

  27. Go to Surviving It helped me with a cheating wife. Cheaters will secret 2nd phone for communication. They will lie and gaslight you. They will “project” which is accuse you of cheating when they are cheating

  28. I had a shitty stepparent who was just like that. My 47-year-old ass is in therapy due to it (as well as a whole bunch of other crap but a lot of it wouldn't have been so bad if my stepmother wasn't the reincarnation of a demon). You know that you need to get your son out of there. I'm guessing that he treats his biological child like gold, yes?

  29. Are you dating the hulk wtf How in the hell did she rip a door off the hinge That in itself is reason enough to leave someone, regardless of all the other issues. In my experience, and according to experts who study abuse and domestic violence, people who break shit and hit things in a rage will eventually escalate to hitting you.


    This is a terrible relationship and thankfully it has sailed back to Africa..



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