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22 thoughts on “Ramona <3 the nude online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. This is a very brief post. You should have an adult conversation with her about your boundaries and how what she said makes you distrust her. Probably get some therapy.

  2. I'm a commercial fisherman and am on a lot of fishing subs.

    I 100% thought her bf was pissed that he didn't finish the fishing season and she did.

    It makes a massive difference in pay and would probably be demasculating to some sensitive people. I didn't even realize that's not what was happening until the comments

  3. He has some reason to think she will find out? Thinks someone might spill the beans, escort,Co worker ..threatening blackmail?

  4. I'm very similar but it's more because unless I actually care and am interested in what the person is saying I can look them straight in the eyes and can see they're speaking but my brains like, fuck you.

    So 1% of me focuses on what they're saying while I think about other things so I automatically respond without actually knowing what I'm saying because I'm not paying attention. But I also believe what people say because I can't read sarcasm.

  5. I think dating is to try people on and see if we can make companions. Not everyone is supposed to be with you forever. When you’re ready, will pick one mate. The fact the spark is already gone. Kinda indicates that the person is probably not the one. I never believed in the one. Then it happened to me of all people so I believe now.

  6. I'm going to assume when you mean propose you asked her to be your gf and not wife. Just FYI don't say propose because that means engagement. I almost thought this was whole different issue that you engaged with someone you only know for two months.

    My advice is you end the relationship and work on yourself. Two broken people won't maintain a healthy relationship. You have insecurities that you need to work on and until then you aren't ready to be with someone. Cause you have to respect other people's individual life and not try to control it and think negatively of them for having that. You clearly aren't ready to handle that so you need time to work on yourself. Being in a relationship and letting your insecurities consume you isn't going to help at all.

  7. OP this is actually the same advice I was going to give. This commenter laid it out really well and plainly for you.

  8. I'd report her. She has no right to do this. Everything up to this point was HER CHOICE. The kids, her medication, all of it a conscious choice. You have to let her feel the ramifications of that. She's putting a life in danger and won't act. Report her and Cut. Her. Off. There are mechanisms in place to take care of this. All you HAVE TO morally and ethically do is save the people who she is actively hurting. This is not harmless for anyone involved because she's the one being irresponsible. I'm sorry you were caught in this horrible toxic swamp she's created. Get yourself and others safe. Good luck ?

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  10. I've even paid for marriage counseling and she insisted it didn't work

    Then she's not willing to make it work. At that point, not your problem, you should leave.

    We don’t have sex. She doesn’t want to do anything with me.

    Dude, at this point you are not married. Just serve divorce papers and move on with your life. I don't think there's anything that can be said when you've attempted every recommended course of action. You're just done and need to find someone who cares

  11. I have never in my life played detective on a partner, but my gut feeling was so strong on this one that I really did investigate everything, and it turned out to be true.

    On the night, knowing she lied to me (my gut feeling was so strong), I couldn't fall asleep.

    For the past 2 or 3 months, I started to doubt whatever she said and this just added to the fire.

  12. You’ll never know what going on in her head. Only what’s going on in yours. She brings you chaos. You’ll have to choose whether you’d rather have the chaos that comes with her attention or peace without it

  13. How the fuck you leave a 7 month old baby at home? The baby is 7 months old, he needs comfort, he needs both of his parents, since it is even considered I assume he is not breastfed, but still he needs the emotional comfort parents and especially the mother provides…

    Jesus people…have some compassion for your children…leaving a 7 months old for a week…wow

  14. You must address this issue with a specialist (psychology specialist most probably).

    On the other hand, maybe a father-son bonding, where you “teach” him how to get a GF and what to do in couple? But again, this must be told by a specialist…

    Good luck!

  15. OP- if you were accused of doing something you didn’t- you would do everything you could to clear your name. Calling a roommate with you in the room is not an unreasonable ask? What is she hiding?

  16. Why are you being so cruel and calling her stupid and needs a psychiatrist? You've never been wounded by someone you trusted?! She's begging for help so please let's give her some support and HELP her leave rather than making her regret asking.


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