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  1. It takes a lot of accountability for racist people to actually admit they’re racist. The fact that he acknowledges that his beliefs were wrong is a definite positive. As I see it, you’re more likely to have problems with his family though.

  2. Honestly it sounds a little as if you have gotten close to wanting a real thing with the guy and never really felt like it would go anywhere in my opinion you're taking this more as a relationship type of thing since it sounds like you had no ground rules set up. If it were me I'd think long and hot why I was upset about the situation knowing it wasn't a real relationship other than fwb and causal friends. If you realize you like this guy say something shoot your shot and if you realize you're just upset he slept with someone else and don't carry feelings other than you like having sex with him then tou need to decide if him sleeping with your friend is a fwb ending action or not. Good luck sister

  3. I always wanted upfrontness in dating so I made direct communication my non negotiable. She could be busy, she might be still on the fence about you but she hasn’t sad no yet. You could say hey, when’s good for that second date if you’re still keen? I was thinking (insert interest of hers).

  4. Just read your update, well done brother.

    Sorry you are going through this, I feel for you GF too but this is an unforgivable mistake.

  5. Info: why are you dating a stupid man? What happened to all other men in your state? Did they drown in the river?

    He had unprotected sex with a girl who had a bf and was banging other dudes. If you haven’t already go get tested for std because if any of the guys can be the father then god knows what disease any of them may have given you and your bf.

    Well, maybe he didn’t know she had a bf or other sexual partners- that’s exactly why condoms were invented, because you don’t know what a stranger woman/man is doing and you can’t trust their word that they’re on pills or single or whatever.

    Again, you couldn’t find someone this stupid even if you looked.

    idk what she wants

    She wants a father, any father for her child. She was gonna make the ex bf raise him but that guy thankfully realized it and moved away. Her harassment will go infinitely higher if she proves your bf is intact the father.

    If you’re at all smart you’d cut your loses and move on like this girl’s ex bf. This is not your mess, 7 months is not enough to commit to your moron bf. Just cut your loses.

  6. I think if you are able to, you should make sure the mother of your children is in good shape to be successful. This will go a long way in keeping your relationship healthy with your kids. They will see the good example you are setting in how you treat their mother. You don’t want your kids mother to suffer. Do whatever you can to help her be more independent financially.

    You are a good man. If your current partner isn’t happy with the set up, then perhaps you need to slow it down and move in and combine things once your ex is more financially stable. We all come with baggage, but of what you are doing is working for your family, I don’t think you should stop especially if there is an ending to the scenario.

  7. I'm just tired of being alone and am willing to settle. I don't feel I'm wasting my time, but I understand.. I'll think on it.. Thanks for the response.

  8. I would also have a contingency for him bringing the outfit to the venue to change into at an opportune time. Though, it sounds like the BIL is the type to fuck around however he can, so if he can't wear the stupid outfit he's probably going to try some other nonsense. It might be easier to just not invite him and if that means her family doesn't come, I guess her family doesn't come. Would suck, but if she's working on boundaries like OP said in another comment…it might just be how it is.

  9. So two adults enter into a consensual relationship, and are genetically unrelated and you make this about you? Maybe just get over yourself and let them be happy???

  10. Other people are already telling you about how problematic your boyfriend is so I'm just going to say this for you, perhaps it can help in the future?

    Flavored condoms. I read you said flavored lube, which I had never heard about but sounds odd, but yeah if it's at least partly because of the taste of semen, you should try flavored condoms (or actually probably any condom?)

    It's not going to be the same for the guy obviously, but they can take a 20% decrease in pleasure if it's an 80% increase in comfort for you.

  11. Your bf's insane fixation on your virginity (and his taking it), especially when he himself is NOT a virgin is horrifying and a BIG RED FLAG.

    I'm not going to give you crap about your omission, because honestly I would be weirded out from his behavior. But I will give you crap about STICKING with him while he behaves this misogynistically.

    Honey, dump him.

    Go find someone who you can be honest with and who will respect your personal journey.

  12. I know you don’t want to do this alone, but you don’t have a choice. It’s your responsibility as a parent, (it’s his responsibility too but he’s a POS) to put your child in the best possible position so they get raised correctly in a loving home. Any place with him in it is not that place. You need to leave him and do this by yourself. Sorry you got a deadbeat baby daddy. Get a lawyer for the divorce proceedings and child support.

  13. Nope. Sounds like an, “it’s not you, it’s me. You deserve so much better than me. It’s probably for the best if we don’t keep in communication because I would only hurt you more” kind of breakup which means he’s not into you anymore.

  14. It takes two people to get pregnant. This is his responsibility too. If he runs off after you tell him then he is not good for you or a good person. Just my two cents.


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