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Model from:

Languages: de,en

Birth Date: 1962-03-18

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureHousewives


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14 thoughts on “Omi0911live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. He just likes the attention, while giving mixed signals so it's never we quite his fault for engaging in “flirty” behavior… when someone takes him seriously, he backs away, because he really doesn't want the results… he just likes the chase. ?‍♀️ from my own experience. You like him, a lot, and your looking for any little action from him ti validate your own feelings. It's human nature. Your doing the right thing. Back away, fast tho. The more you linger the more this cat and mouse will continue, causing your feelings, not his, to get the worst of it. Plus possibly causing you to risk your job in the long run. By everything becoming uncomfortable and awkward for you. Possibly him too. Who knows?

  2. saying really awful vicious things (like he married someone out of his league not because he loved her but just to look after his kids??) then just turning up to a family event like nothing happened is absolutely not normal. In my past relationship, I would still take the time to pull my ex aside and apologise even if I had just snapped at him moodily or broached a subject rudely.

    You are posting like he just told her to fuck off and then said sorry. The things he said were designed to crush her and by just turning up to Christmas and saying nothing he demonstrated that he's not bothered at all. It is fair for people commenting to warn her that someone who can be so malicious behind closed doors but act normally in public is showing concerning behaviour.

  3. It’s not a trick I generally dress pretty far along both ends of the spectrum. I also did not describe it as a test to him merely when he asked about the difference in outfits I said that I like to know a guys general feeling when it comes to clothing. It is only the second date I’m not going to ask all the deep questions and try get into his brain it’s merely an early indication and if I hear a guy say how they wouldn’t like my outfit I know not to waste anymore time on that person.

  4. I literally said that I am not saying it will happen in this case but that I found it disturbing because it was the start of worse and worse behavior and is designed to frighten and intimidate. If you read OP's other comments this is the same man that on another occasion veered in and out of traffic at ridiculously high speed, which could in fact have killed them.

    I am saying to look at patterns of behaviour that are worrying in someone who has displayed dangerous and potentially harmful behavior previously. I have worked with abuse victims for a long time now and based on my own experience this person is potentially dangerous and she should get away from him, which is what I said. Someone who does not respect someone's boundaries and acts in a way intended to frighten and intimidate is not safe to be around.

  5. Would like to add to this that it is also detrimental to the victim to ask a narcissist to go to therapy, because it will give them more tools to continue the manipulation. It makes them more agile

  6. She doesn’t trust that this is temporary. She is convinced my sister will always live! with me. Maybe a break is the only option but hoping that we will one day find each other is just unrealistic

  7. he says that but also says he cant break up with me, hes unhappy without me and he really does act in love. this is why i feel so frustrated. is it definetely mot worth trying to fix?


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