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  1. She has some damaging ideas of what a man is supposed to be. I'd sit down and talk with her about this. The fact that the old bf beat her is horrible. She sounds really, really damaged.

  2. Dude, I’m sorry. Obviously (to the rest of us) 26 is still very young and love is very possible. I remember having this same thought at 19, lol. When you’re lonely all you see is the loneliness. You haven’t even met all of the people out there who are going to love you. Open up your social circle, maybe take a class or volunteer. Meet new people. You’ve got more time than you think.

  3. Terrible advice. He's obviously doing this intentionally. The only reason someone would laugh in that situation is to degrade someone and make them feel small.

  4. I wouldn't be able to respect my bf to be honest and couldn't see myself having children with such a man. If he had distanced himself and his dad wasn't in his life anymore, different story. As is, I'd break up immediately without a second thought.

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