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Model from: ua

Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 1998-05-27

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureNone


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3 thoughts on “NotsoAmateurlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Yikes. 20 and 24 isn't much of a gap. (It's right on the edge where it's not creepy, but I can imagine the 24 year old getting annoyed by certain differences.) 18 and 23 is a hell no. That's a high school student and a college graduate. She's not talking to you because she knows he's a creep. People who fall victim to that shit are very defensive. Acknowledging that they were taken advantage of feels like admitting that they're stupid or weak, so they'll argue until they're blue in the face about how they're “different.”

    She needs to know that you'll be there when she finally leaves the weirdo. She's not going to be able to apologize until after that.

  2. You did the right thing. Give it some time and allow yourself to heal. You will find love again. Its healthy and okay to break up over missing sex and intimicy. Its a need and you never have to apologize for wanting your needs met.

    Whoever tells you differently is just wrong. Fact.

  3. I agree that does sound manipulative. It seems like it would be best for you to leave this relationship.


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