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7 thoughts on “Niki_lilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Are there any parts of the relationship that are working well?

    You say the differences were apparent over your two years of dating. So what were the parts that made you get together? What did you have in common?

  2. What do you do? You go swim like you want to. You ignore his childish and self-centered and frankly jealous red flags and do what you want until he gets used to it or until you get fed up with his bullshit and divorce his ass.

  3. OP is not doing this for her own satisfaction. The situation is not satisfying in any way. She is trying to keep Melanie safe. She is taking a risk by trying to protect Melanie. Sometimes the innocent party who exposes bad behavior is blamed by other parties–certainly Bryson, possibly his parents, etc. Apparently her interest in doing the right thing outweighs the possible negative consequences for herself.

  4. Look… relationships are hard… especially ones where things like this happen. I know it is nude but you are in an abusive relationship. Right now is the most dangerous point…If you decide to leave (please leave). But let me be clear… If you stay he will hurt you… eventually… he “won’t mean to” he may even cry and beg for your forgiveness… You will give it… because he is slowly chipping away at you.

    You need to tell your family and close friends. Ask for help… ask for strength. Ask to leave for a bit with your family. If you can’t right now, ask your family to file a police report, ask your family to make sure your phone doesn’t have tracking software on it. I know it feels like a lot… that’s what I am saying sounds dramatic but I don’t want to hear about you on the news. Please leave and get out of town for a bit.

  5. I don’t really understand why this would hurt your relationship to share?

    Imagine this happened to a friend of yours. What would you tell them?

  6. No one should be “testing” you to see your reaction, especially not a significant other. It's manipulative and childish. Hot pass.

  7. It’s at the point where I try to avoid talking about Luke with Gabby because of how, idk cold, her demeanor has felt in the past when I’ve spoken about him. She talks about her boyfriend to me far more than I bring up mine to her.


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