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  1. You can’t push anyone to therapy tho, they have to decide on their own usually otherwise they likely won’t be receptive at all and it’ll just be a waste of time and money.

  2. It simply means she doesn't want a romantic relationship with you. You are allowed to stop the friendship if you can't handle the compromise of just being friends. Breaking up with her now wouldn't be “breaking her heart” like her previous relationships. You had a good conversation about what you want and what she wants, which ended in some differences. There is no guarantee that she will ever want to date you. This is the friendzone, where one of you wants it to advance into dating but the other person wants to stay friends.

    Just stay friends with her. You don't have to ignore or block her, just know that the friendship you have now is all she has to offer you. This is normal. Maybe you will stay good friends, maybe you will drift apart, maybe someday she will have romantic feelings about you and want something more. Enjoy it for what it is.

  3. No worries bro. don't overthink it and good luck! but remember if it doesn't work out there's 4 billion women out there!! the odds are in your favour!

  4. We always had fights over petty arguments and all the time I would try to understand the reasoning and communicate. This time was not that time.

  5. Are you being added to the deed? How much is the house worth? Even if you are added to the deed, can the neighbor support an improvement like that and would you make that money back if you sell? Is he current on the mortgage payments etc if you say he’s having financial issues?

  6. This is so over the top. Yes, it's immature and a sign of poor communication, but it is not something you kick the father of your child out of your life for. The mature thing to do is to use it as a learning experience.

  7. Maybe so? Maybe the ex wouldn’t be so quick to stick her nose where is doesn’t belong if it was her in the naked seat.

  8. this is a classic “i’m the lucky one that gets to be with him, no one else would want me.”

    i’ve been there. my abusive ex had manipulated me so much into thinking i was undesirable and i was lucky that he would put up with me.

    i would wait until your brain has fully developed before making such a life altering choice in changing your body.

    you say you want to do it for you, but you were more inclined since you started dating your bf.

    bf’s that love their girlfriends are supportive and never compare their bodies to others. my bf tells me all the time how pretty he thinks i am and how he loves my body, when i never felt that way about myself.

    you are young. you will find someone who treats you like you deserve. break up with the toxic and manipulative bf and use tinder if you want to find someone, although i recommend working on your self confidence. it’s unhealthy to get confidence and self esteem from others. i saw you said you dont have a car, i’m sure many guys would offer to pick you up for a date.

    theres so many alternatives and i bet you will be so much happier and more secure if you cut this guy off.

  9. Its your focus on age that’s the problem. I know many women in their 40s and 50s that fit that category. Your creepy obsession with finding a 20 year old is just creepy.

    There is more to a partner then their age differential to you. Trying to relive your youth with a younger woman just makes you seem sad.

  10. why he might feel the need to lie

    Unless there's abuse involved and telling the truth is a safety issue, there's never a “need” to lie

  11. But you said you sent him pictures of how you looked before. How would that validate your current attractiveness? From what you wrote he does find you attractive and you do have sex when you're together but he doesn't find sexting a turn on. Part of being in a relationship is learning what works for each other and from this post and your comments, you don't seem mature enough to be in a relationship until you deal with your own insecurities and stop projecting them onto your boyfriend's actions.

  12. Was all this arranged legally? Did she sign away her rights?

    If not, you need to handle this as a custody matter through the courts rather than just avoiding or nudging and hoping the problem magically resolved

  13. I fully understand that she's trying to be supportive and trying her best to help. That's why I said I'm trying to approach this delicately and not say anything to her that could be perceived as rude.

    Going back to the hypothetical scenario involving medication-induced weight gain, what would you suggest I tell her if I didn't want her to know about the medical condition that required me to take the drug?

  14. He has explicitly told you he was not ready to be married.

    He also got you a nice gift that you told him you wanted

    You need to calm down and tell him thank you for the gift. Then, have a serious conversation about where you both are in your relationship and affirm that you have the same plans for your mutual future

  15. Come on man! That was just some banter.

    It's Friday! I want you to find one thing you need to do at work today and absolutely kill it like nobody else can. Get some light exercise. Listen to some happy music like the Monkeys- happiest group of the sixties. Find a dog and throw a stick for it. Grab a friend and race go- carts. Build a model. Go grab a beer and watch March madness.

    What have you got to lose? Give it a try and then if everything still sucks as bad as it did before, you can call my answers useless. I can see it now on Monday,

    Co- worker: “Hey, Any_Special_3825. How was the weekend?”

    You: “Weird. Some old guy from the internet told me to play with a dog. It was actually awesome.”

    Co-worker: ” Sweet!”

    See how great it can be?

    Seriously, and I think I speak for the entirety of Reddit here, seek some professional help. You are in a dark spiral here and need a hand just like we all do sometimes.

    What else bugging you man? I ain't getting any sleep.

  16. We have a 3 year old a 6 year old and an 8 yr old. The 3 year old is mine, we took a paternity test, it was aweful. He has special needs too.

  17. Dude sounds like hes been gaslighting you for the last 12 years, he cant even take care of himself how is he going to support a child ? Lets be real here he is never going to “be ready”. Hes been wasting your time. This “marriage” seems like one of opportunity (for his benefit) Not only that but because you have been covering for him he doesn't seem motivated to be responsible in his own life in the slightest. Why would you ever want to stay with this man-child ?

    Divorce him and know your rights about the embryos and their use. Definitely would not expect him to be involved with that. (now or down the road) If you use them you will be on your own completely. (if your ok with that arrangement without him or not up to you)

    At the end of the day whatever his issue are/is are none of your concern you told him what you want and hes not for that. You have to do what makes you happy/fulfilled in this world with or without him.


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