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Birth Date: 2003-02-14

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4 thoughts on “missbrunalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. After reading through some of the comments I think you know this isn't a good fit.

    You're not only marrying your fiance, you're marrying the family (unless they are estranged but they dont seem like it.)

    These are not circumstances that look like a good outcome. It would be one thing if her family was fully supportive and she was pulling away, or if she was absolutely incredible and supportive and helpful but her family were rude, but you have the bad end of both of those.

    And the huge huge kicker is how she handles difficult situations without being willing to go to couples therapy. That would be a resource for you if she was willing but it doesn't seem so.

    All of these are not good signs and while it is painful now, getting out will save you a lifetime of difficulty and delaying the inevitable.

    I wish you the best of luck but save your money and cut her loose. Her family will be there to support her and you will find someone else to love who will be a better match for you.

  2. I really don’t see a reason to address this so passively. I would go with “am i trippin or did you come and kiss me on the forehead before you left for work?”

    If he lies and says no, then OP can choose how to proceed from there. Maybe he directly says that he remembers it and asks wtf the deal is. Maybe he laughs it off and buys a lock for his door. Or a camera for the room. Whatever.

    I would afraid that pretending he thinks this is a dream would be almost inviting his roommate to do it again. But even more carefully next time. He would be able to gaslight OP and tell him that he must have been dreaming moving forward.

    If it was legitimately a joke then they should be able to talk about it and laugh. If this wasn’t a joke, then it’s a huge violation and should be approached directly. In my opinion

  3. Clingy-ness is one of the most off-putting things ever. She knows you’re into her. The ball is in her court, let her decide what she wants to do with her time. In the meantime, you go and on-line your life.


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