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  1. I'm so sorry this happened to you. What a devastating shock! Do NOT say anything to him. DO screenshot everything you can. DO call a lawyer and see them asap.

    You sound like a strong woman. I believe you can get through this.

  2. We don’t even know the context of these requests, these could be harmless jokes but she misinterprets it as serious, she needs to make it clear what it is. The key thing if serious is the only thing I could agree on, it’s not that serious to cook or clean for someone, he should just be prepared to do the same for her if need be.

  3. Gf might get on a medication that messes with bc effectiveness and they could need to go back to condoms. Antibiotics can do that, for example.

  4. Yeah sounds like you guys got into the relationship young and he never had to really take care of himself. And now he’s so comfortable and doesn’t feel the need to get cleaned up for you. Time to end it.

  5. I think this is unsettling. Have an honest conversation with her after which if you still cannot respect her boundaries and SEXUAL ORIENTATION then leave her alone.

  6. Ah, well, then be candid with him. He was at least able to be honest with you (as far as we know). I personally wouldn't want any of my exes in my life, while I wish all of them the best, if my friends were with them I probably wouldn't want to be friends anymore or at least have a lot of contact with them. I totally understand that ick feeling. The more I think about it, the more I think you should just drop him lol.

  7. The latest update does not explain why she was sending happy selfies to him. Depressed people don't do that. It also doesn't explain why she started texting constantly and ignoring you. It sounds like she is not over him, not the excuse she gave you. I don't think she is telling the truth at this point, just saying what you want to hear so you calm down.

    I would watch her in the upcoming days. If she continues to text alot, guard her phone, and not communicate with you….Prepare yourself for a bad ending.

  8. This isn't an “us” problem, it's a “her” problem. Her fixation on you watching porn has led to a host of unsavory behaviors on her part, including going through your computer or porn, creating accounts on reddit, and getting paranoid absent any reason to be paranoid. She's elevating porn to a level it doesn't deserve in your relationship, based on her maladaptive thoughts & behaviors.

  9. That’s a logical question to ask. People struggle to be honest in regards to rejection. It’s one of the reasons ghosting is so prevalent.

    It’s not worth wondering. You’re right; you are too old for this shit (I say that emphasizing from an age perspective). What’s important is that you learn from it.

    In saying that, of course in a perfect world people would just be honest when it comes to rejection. But we’re not in a perfect world. So you need to recognize the words and actions you’re presented.

  10. This is cheating no matter how many excuses you’re trying to make in your mind for him. My ex did the exact same thing, said he wasn’t cheating and ended up giving me an infection because he’s a fucking liar. A friend found his profile on Tinder and he had the audacity to say it was my fault he did it and he just wanted to talk to other people. If you have to make excuses for him and question his intentions, the relationship has lost all of its trust and he’s not worth your time.

  11. Honestly this should be your wake up call. I have seen plenty of morbidly obese people become fit. At this point it is severely negatively affecting your life beyond the physical health concerns that come from being overweight. Being overweight can have some serious parallels with addiction and in all reality most overweight people do have a food addiction. One of the major tells for addiction is that you continue doing something despite the negative consequences on your life. It sounds like this is the point you've reached with your weight.

  12. Yeah I was think this too I don't care what I'm doing or what time it is if I get a call saying my SO is in the hospital I'm there. Instead she chose to call him and continue her night knowing her husband was in the hospital after being attacked

  13. Exactly! My uncle kept doing everything his girlfriend wanted him to do, including calling out from work until he got fired. He was not an educated man and so physical labor was one of the few things he could do and that job was the best paying in the county. Once he was no longer bringing in the money to afford her lifestyle of partying, she left him.

    You're better off, OP!

  14. “Letting him wait for sex”? First of all, OP wasn’t entitled to sex at all. And it wasn’t PLAYING him if they got into a relationship lmao. It’s not like she was teasing him.

    Men are so annoying sometimes. If you sleep with a guy before you’re official they suddenly don’t see you as relationship material. If you wait to sleep with them you’re a tease. Fuck off already. GF didn’t do anything wrong here and no one is entitled to every single thought or feeling or action another person has or makes. You and OP are blowing this out of proportion IMO.

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  16. Male here. I think my wife, in 28 years, “may” have orgasmed a couple of times through piv.

    But can I say that it would appear there are techniques you can try to improve your chances of it happening. But you need to be a couple that wants to try. Or all couples do. My wife is a star fish and will try nothing at all. Zilch. She will orgasm maybe 8-12 times, by hand, when we do things. I say things as last year we had piv twice and fumbles 10 ish times.

    At the end of the day communication is your key. That’s my take. If he, and you, wish to come to some form of happy balance then Comms is it.

  17. Hindsight is 20/20. From your most current comments, he is highly intelligent- he really thought through all this abuse thoroughly, and carefully. He’s incredibly cunning.

    And you were 21 when you married him a guy 8 years older than you. (If I read correctly) He groomed you, most likely.

    Just be SO grateful that you came home a day early. You are now able to protect your son, and your quick action has prevented your husband from cooking up a water-tight defense.

  18. This explains why it seems like more of a grooming arrangement, than a boyfriend girlfriend relationship based on mutual respect.

  19. Sadly, if she doesn’t see how shitty he really is, there isn’t much to do besides be there for when she finally opens her eyes. He is sounding manipulative and borderline abusive. Plus, depending on his religion he is committing a sin by forcing her to change her religion.

  20. I couldn’t be someone who didn’t think I was good looking or didn’t think I was smart. The smart thing is even more important to me than him thinking I’m naked! My husband does struggle a little bit because I’m smarter than him in some areas and that makes sexist men feel insecure, but he is smart enough that he can feel good about being smarter than me in other areas and overall feel like we are equal. Despite his insecurity, he never, ever tries to insult my intelligence.

    I also remember once in the first year he said he did or think I was funny. I was hurt and horrified. How could he not see my sense of humor. Eventually he saw that while I am not funny all the time, I am quite funny sometimes and it is something he loves about me and definitely appreciates.

    OP, he is doing a number on you. He is insisting that you are close to average. That is unacceptable. You know your strengths and he is discounting them. If you were a musician and he told you that you were only slightly above average for the whole population, you would be insulted. If you were a college volleyball player and he commented that you were just average compared to an average American, it would feel insulting.

    If my husband wanted to tell me I was average at athletics, I would disagree and tell him I was below average. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if he thought you were average in ways that you are actually average!!! But he is intentionally picking something that is something you know you can feel confident in and undermining your confidence.

  21. For a start, if your wife bought you a present out of your shared finances, she only bought you half a gift. The other half was bought with your money.

    Anyway, she gave it to you and what you do with it is up to you. If she wants to keep it she can buy it back from you, with her personal funds not from the joint account.

    You say the Xbox is collecting dust, so she doesn't play with it either, so there's no need to keep it.

    She should be happy you're not spending money that's needed to pay your bills. Swapping is a great system provided both owners feel like they're getting a good deal.

    Feel free to swap it for whatever you want!

  22. You dodge a bullet. If you two had a daughter, she wouldn’t trust you with your own daughter. She’s the sicko.

  23. Sorry you have had to deal with some terrible Americans. ?I suppose some can really give a bad impression and this weirdo this thread is about did not help.

  24. i can’t believe anyone actually believes this. so you’re telling me your fiancé hasn’t taken the trash or recycling out one time since you’ve been feeding him a boxed meal four times a week for months?

    people are so gullible

  25. Tbh it wasn't a game to me. I wasn't trying to confuse him or anything. That was truly saying You're allowed to not choose me, but please let me know before hand, would not want it by surprise.

  26. i was about to comment, got about 1 sentence in and went “hey that sounds like an autistic trait!” lol, and then the edit about social cues?? autism!!

  27. I think you should figure out your plans with your gf, since you're already weirdly defensive. Acting pissy because a stranger doesn't think it's a big deal. Sounds like you have bigger underlying issues. You should work on those too.

  28. He’s 18. What does he know? I am guessing this is something he’s heard other boys say and he thought he’d sound cool saying it to you. I had an ex say “you could park a Cadillac in there” to me. It was something he’d heard other guys say. I was like ?. No one else has ever said that to me. He was just a young jerk. God the thought of going back to sex with 18 year old boys horrifies me.

  29. I emigrated to the US and married a citizen – the green card process can be grueling and we had to do the same things you mention, despite it being a genuine marriage.

    Funny thing is, our friends couldn’t answer the same things about their partners and had been together in some cases decades longer. We also never had a home visit but they do happen.

  30. Just plan a special day on the weekend after he comes back. There are many instances in a relationship when things don't go as we want. It's more important to learn how to compromise and improvise sometimes instead of being hung up on a silly date such as valentines. It's really not that important in the bigger scheme of things. You two being able to plan a special time together is what is important.

  31. As a 26 year old male that is similar to OPs son minus the strippers and hookers I have not paid for sex. But the dating world sucks now I was just dating a woman, and not a week later of making our relationship official, I get a message from a dude she met on a dating site prior to me and her, asking if me my then gf were dating and proceeds to show me an entire convo between them. And to this day she fully admits the conversation is fake and made up she never talked to him after we made it official because he was “crazy and hurt because I completely dropped him for you without saying a word to him”

    So yeah dating world sucks and I sympathize for OPs son but 30k for strippers and escorts is a little much.

  32. I’m so sorry. Ditto what another woman said, those lists are in order. Get tested, now and in 3 months cause you don’t have dates on her latest encounter and some things take awhile to go positive. Cheating is awful, but also risking giving you an STI while doing so means she completely lacks morals.


  33. Exactly. What’s wrong with men that they think this is an insult to women? Is it our job to writhe about and pretend that we’re excited?

    If the fish is dead, there’s a good chance you’re the one who killed it. Learn how to please a woman in bed and she’s likely to respond.

  34. Rock paper scissors is broad but also sorta friend based. You wouldn't RPS with strangers but your homies for sure.

  35. Thank you so much, but do you think all this crying is a sign I shouldnt? or just a sign of me dreading this needed loss? He left me a card that says the sweetest things on it and everytime i glance at it i burst out in tears.

  36. Like others say, offer to meet in a third country where it's easy for people to get a visa and enter and where women are protected (Thailand maybe?) Enjoy the vacation together

  37. You talk to him about your feelings. If sex isn't agreeable to both partners in the moment it shouldn't happen. You stand a lot to lose in a divorce. So, I think maybe some counseling would be appropriate here.

  38. She is being creepy. She shouldn’t have married you. She needs more maturing. And she is being creepy. Tell her. Like creepy. Inappropriate to pressure. She chose poorly.

  39. This boy is not ready to be a father and when he did in fact become one, he didn't rise to the occasion but rather started or continued drugs, alcohol and not enough income.

    Being in a relationship with this guy will not make your life easier or more fun in any kind of way. It will even do the absolute opposite and you will be at risk of losing money and positive energy to him. He is also what stands in the way between you and your future life – either as a happy single or in a new, healthy, relationship.

  40. I'm gonna keep it 100 with you but when I was younger I use to date a very anxious / depressed girl as well. I put up with it and supported her a lot, but at a certain point it becomes very emotionally draining. I started to feel more like her therapist than boyfriend at some points and started looking for a way out. This is not to invalidate your feelings or concerns, but just to point out they can have negative emotional consequences on your partner as well, which they might not be ready to deal with especially if they're young. You should seek help however you see fit, but I do think keeping a positive attitude towards life will help you in many regards, including in your relationships. Another alternative is to find a man who shares your depression and anxiety because then they might be able to relate on a deeper level and wont feel drained because of it. Just my 2 cents

  41. What's there talk about? I would just say, I guess the saying is true, “how you get them is how you lose them. Ok, enjoy your Tinder dates.”

    And watch to see how he responds but no matter what he says or the love bombing, be done. Pls, value yourself more. Amazing connection or not, he wouldn't be on Twitter if he felt the same.

  42. Yeah why was she calling him crying asking him to calm her down while she and he have a partner? The wife isn’t wrong to be jealous when her husband has a clingy ex he’s not setting boundaries with.

  43. If you have an interest, hobby and/or passion about something you get enjoyment from…. and anyone puts you down for it, belittles it, makes fun of it or you for getting enjoyment out of it.

    That person is a selfish piece of shit and you really don't need that kind of toxicity in your life.

    It really is that simple… fuck those people and their bullshit.

  44. I actually understand what you're saying. He's too good now, not the man you first met (which he's never going to be again). But he's putting an awful lot of pressure on himself and it's like walking on eggshells at a certain point.

  45. I honestly don't have much to add because this is well out of my league but I will say this: him cleaning up his act because you said you wouldn't have kids with him is most likely not a good sign. It doesn't seem like he changed because he wanted to, but rather he wanted something.

    Months back I was browsing on some subreddit and a woman was saying how abusive her husband became after the baby. He completely alienated her alone with the baby and completely tore down her mentality without ever physically abusing her. He constantly told her how stupid she was, how she was an unfit mother, that she should be able to look after their child alone, etc. She stated before he was a wonderful husband.

    Please think about his ulterior motives. He may view you having his children as trapping you.

  46. Because blackmail of this is your child pay me or I'm telling your family you're a deadbeat to multiple men pays better than child support from the court But considering this post screams creative writing it's because the op doesn't know how these things actually work

  47. Just FYI as a mental health professional, people who aren't autistic very rarely even ask themselves if they might be autistic. It's likely that his self dx is accurate. Take into consideration that your understanding of what autism is may be underdeveloped. A lot of people have an incredibly narrow perspective of what autism can look like. From the outside, it can be imperceptible.

  48. You two didn't actually fix anything.

    Your love-language is sexual intimacy. You have a high sex drive. You value sex in a relationship as a way to feel wanted, needed, loved and involved.

    She doesn't.

    You have recently been acting out in a way that she noticed, because you were not having sex often enough. During this conversation she admitted that, sometimes, the little sex you do get is because she is afraid you will break up with her… so what happens? You two talk and find a compromise, right?

    Only she still has a much lower libido than you and is still just having sex with you so that you two stay together.

    She didn't find a way to want to have sex more. You didn't find a way to want sex less.

    You just normalized her having sex with you when she doesn't really want to.

  49. Marriage therapy often works as a way to smooth the path to divorce, because to get to that point most people are almost done anyway.

    It's like the restaurant makeover shows. 75%+ go on to fail anyway.


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