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24 thoughts on “MennaLeelive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. I have to say OP's ex has made it very easy on her in terms of not missing or mourning the asshat. I hope she realizes that she got a uniquely stupid idiot, and there are plenty of Canadian men that would love her and would be good to her.

    I also predict that in six months time the asshat is back trying to get with her, but she will have moved on. She will meet someone whose brains aren't all mushy from going to the gym. She will be so relieved.

  2. I disagree I say no new friends . I think it’s wrong to tell someone to cut them off just because they are opposite gender. Also depends on each relationship.

  3. How tho, especially if I dont want to but I overthink and it forces me to yet in an intorvert and dont wnat To? Yet I'm hs with that? And basic needs.

  4. It's important that you focus on your own health and wellbeing. Your boyfriend's behavior is his own responsibility, not yours. Don't allow yourself to be used as a crutch or an avenue of escape from confronting his bad behaviors– like cheating– by walking away from the situation instead of addressing it. If he truly cares about your relationship, he will listen when you set boundaries and respect them going forward. I'm glad to hear that you're taking steps to seek professional help for any lingering issues from your past, as this can be immensely helpful in managing those topics at an appropriate level.

  5. It seems she definitely needs some kind of counseling. You'll have to decide whether you can handle being with someone this broken. It's not a simple situation.

  6. It feels you're being disrespected and made like a sex tool to your husband isnt it. Just tell.him your feelings once and for all to your husband especially what he has been saying to hia friend. If he is still continuing with this, then you decide whether this marriage is right for you.

  7. Nobody starts out intending to cheat. It's small boundaries being broken on a continuous basis, plenty of alone time, cuddling. Footrubs. This takes away time from you, his supposed gf. What if you were being cuddled, and a friend who is a guy spends alone time with you. If left untreated this will escalate. I would say “honey your time with her is taking away from us. If you want us to remain together you need to cut this off with her.

  8. Next time you see her run up and say pull my finger, then look deep in her eyes and fart as loud as you can, chicks dig it

  9. Culturally, it's alright if we live together. I would disagree in regards to being incompatible just because I don't want to fork out $50,000 due to what I think is highly unreasonable.

  10. They can do whatever they want. And they know the risks. Surprise babies happen all the time, even on birth control. It's the fact and the reality of PIV sex. Period. And you make that choice every time you do it.

  11. As a poly person, ouch. Never feels good to know people find you disgusting. I hope you’re able to one day see that multiple relationship styles are valid and healthy, and I’m sorry this affected you the way it has.

  12. Once the trust is gone the relationship is over. She lied and covered it up and doubled down on the lies. Move on.

  13. You’re right :/ I guess I just wanted it to work out really bad because we genuinely did have a great connection and the sex was great. I opened up emotionally a lot to him and I hate throwing that away. But I deserve more than this. Thank you for your advice/support I needed it

  14. Depending on where OP is from, it can be. Over the last decades the law changed in many western countries, but in perhaps even most countries in the world, marital rape does at least legally not exist.

  15. So they probably do know each other if he's liking the non-sexy stuff too.

    Do you have an open phone policy?

  16. No not wait. Demand. Or you communicate or we are done. Or you learn to talk to me or I move on to a person that can communicate their problems and their concerns with me!!! I am not a magician, I can't guess what is the problem so you have to talk and then I can help and solve it!!! Simple!

  17. Looking into everything insurance related now and have texted him asking for the model of his tv so I can text back the instructions as I am in no way up for a phone call.

  18. I trust it's the pain and torment causing you act so stupidly. Cause crikey kid, wake up and smell the coffee.


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