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Melissa and Jhonny, 22 y.o.


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16 thoughts on “Melissa and Jhonny the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. my husband and I were very “on again-off again” at first. We met as older teens, partied together, were friends BEST FRIENDS, had so much fun together. When we tried to be “together” he would always pull back-afraid we'd ruin our friendship. I had to watch him try to date another friend but she wasn't into him that way. I remember being so jealous and hurt but I played it cool and did my own thing (dating etc). Meanwhile, stayed close as I could with him as friends and the flirting would eventually always happen and voila, we stayed together. We've been married now for 25 years (omg -.-)

    My advice for you is: DO play it cool and take it slow. And play “hard to get” a little bit with him. be open with him that you're still interested but you want to cultivate your friendship first and foremost. If he suggests a relationship, say you want to give it time but still treat the situation like you're going for it. If things progress quickly, and you're having fun, there's nothing wrong with making commitments. And there's nothing wrong with telling him point blank: if you want to be with me, be with me but if you're just waiting for (___) to be single that's not really cool. He shouldn't want to be with someone who wants to be with someone else and maybe as this has progressed, he realized you're really the one he's enjoyed talking to more anyway. A crush on someone is nothing compared to real friendship substance.

  2. It's better than that period he is an SAT prep instructor. When he met her she was 17 and in high school. He hired her to push his services to her classmates and then f***** her

  3. No she has a right to complain and I'm not home weekly (don't know if you missed that) I spend 4-6 days a month, again not the best but with I do it's better than what it could be. She did know this well before she married me she is a truckers daughter. I live by if you love someone gotta let them go, and I been working on my attitude. Might not be something people read

  4. Yup… in america calling the cops becomes a he said she said game where you can get screwed over when you’re completely innocent

  5. Why doesn't the boyfriend just ask genuinely for a handjob so he doesn't have to be all sneaky about it? Unless OP doesn't give his boyfriend handjobs/blowjobs?

  6. What country are you in that takes so long to get married and what is the process?

    More importantly, since he is so close with his family, this may be an issue in the future, are you sure he is going to fully support you in going through med school once you are married? Will he demand you to be home with him? Will he support you in the future if you have a job promotion opportunity in a different city? Will he be ok with the long hours you will work once you do become a doctor?

    If he isn’t 100% behind you and supporting you than you answer is chose you and leave him. If he is 100% behind you still chose what’s absolutely best for you because you have no guarantee of the future, so take the opportunity to get through med school and complete this incredible opportunity.

  7. I would think a partner wouldn’t be inordinately angry with me for not being as polite as they would like after I explained to them my physical condition.

  8. I am not sure why this person is still your girlfriend. She is going to come to find out that most adults, male or female, are not okay with their partner behaving like this. You're not out of line at all, OP, for disliking this. Even if nothing happens in bed, that doesn't make it acceptable behavior.

  9. I’ve really tried to get on board with the whole thing. I like to think I’m a pretty open-minded person, but I feel like an outsider in my own engagement sometimes

  10. It wont matter how he acts. She is a borderline, its going to end badly. Making it sound light and easy isnt going to help him.

  11. why is it “necessary” for him to do that? also, unless he is giving them money, i wouldn’t care.


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