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3 thoughts on “melamoanslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. His previous actions and his current ones are making zero sense. He is saying he wants to be a family if you keep it but how does he expect that to work if he doesn’t want the child? He’s not going to suddenly love the child now that it’s born unless maybe that is how he is? Cause I’m his first child he didn’t want him but then after he was born spent months trying to get him back. So maybe it’s the same this time? That’s the only logical explanation for his behavior. So my honest advice is to maybe make an emergency session with a therapist or your counselor or if you can’t at least have a talk with him and ask him these questions and have him explain why he doesn’t want the child because from everything I have seen he hasn’t given you a solid explanation as to why he doesn’t want the baby just that he doesn’t want it. And how he expects you to be a family if you decide to keep it because your not going to want to let him be a father if he doesn’t love his child. Which by saying he doesn’t want the baby is showing he doesn’t love his child. Not to mention how you feel about him cause let’s say you did become a family after how is he going to treat the child and you? What if he develops resentment towards both you and the child and becomes mean? Also even if you say he doesn’t develop resentment (highly unlikely if he truly doesn’t want the child) you would be constantly concerned when your not around about how he’s treating the baby and it will cause issues. So honestly I think you need to have a sit down talk and explain all this to him and ask him these questions and then make a decision but I say keep the baby either way but it’s just finding out if he will be apart of your life or not. I really hope it’s just maybe he doesn’t feel attachment or love till the baby is born some people are like that I don’t know if it’s a common thing or if it’s a disorder or not as I am not a doctor but I know this has happened in fathers before and even some mothers

  2. Sounds like you traded one asshole for another. When you say “snatched them up”, do you mean he put his hands on your children?? If so, divorce. There is not another option, this man is abusive. Did you even know this man well before getting married and moving in with your children?? These poor kids are still trying to adjust to their parents divorce and you married someone else within a YEAR?? I can't fathom how you thought that was a good idea. I just feel so so sorry for them. PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST. Jesus.

  3. Sorry OP, your husband has issues judging from this and previous posts.

    Focusing on this one for examples, expecting you, no, demanding you, to initiate sex just because he has an erection is lazy, entitled and abusive. I mean he gets mad and violent if you don’t??

    I would be concerned about your safety in that relationship rather than be thinking about giving you sex advise.


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