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57 thoughts on “meg6873live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. 3sum. Highest value reward to any guy. I’m just saying what everyone was thinking but apparently are to afraid to say ??‍♂️

  2. Well stop talking to your ex for starters, it sounds like you're at least emotionally cheating on your current boyfriend. If you aren't willing to stop talking to your ex then you should break up with your boyfriend so he can find someone who actually wants him.

  3. Sounds like u just don't wanna be lonely. You'll find someone who's genuinely loyal to you. Sorry to say but she isn't. Ur trusting her words too much. She just cheated. Just cos someone begs for something doesn't mean we do it. She made that choice. You shouldn't have to fight with it. It's a simple answer man.

  4. “My body my choice”, yeah for sure do whatever you want. You have the right to do as you please as much as I have the right to not want such behaviour in my relationship 🙂 .

  5. She probably added someone on her shared account (but not her private one) and didn’t want them to see you or you to see them.

    Then for whatever reason the whole thing passed and she decided to unblock you again.

  6. Does he have additional social relationships or are you the only person he talks to? If you put on a lighthearted show, what does he do? When you ask him to change the subject, does he get mad? Have you tried talking to him? Maybe he could join a book club at the library

  7. Do you think it means something that you’re a friend if you tell your parent your honest feelings they will laugh at you?

  8. This guy sucks. Not marrying him is the best thing that could happen to you. He clearly thinks it's your job to essentially raise this kid on your own and also that he should be in charge of all of you. Raising a kid on your own is tough but you were going to do that even if you were married to him, at least this way you don't have to be with a controlling sexist husband

  9. I mean all you can do is send her a message and ask to meet for a drink or coffee and you’ll have your answer. You’ll have your answer one way or the other and can move on from there.

  10. Exes are not obliged to attend each other's weddings, no matter how amicable their parting may have been.

    There's a particular kind of wound when one's partner changes their (aware) sexual orientation. It can make you question your whole relationship, whether you've been deceived and exploited, whether you somehow were less of a woman (man) and that's how you got together in the first place, etc.

    The thing to remember is that people often aren't aware, even themselves, that they are gay, bi, whatever. Your mate saw you for a great person. Only later did they realize that something was wrong. Or they knew all along but wanted so desperately not to feel the shame of a minority sexual orientation.

    I think you should make everyone aware, including your brother and father and your ex, that attending that wedding would be too difficult for you emotionally and so you won't be. They may protest, but your feelings are your feelings, not theirs.

  11. I feel like it's been getting worse. Like the more some people keep pushing for change and trying to do better, the more others are just digging in their heels in the worst possible ways.

  12. I love to play devil's advocate, so here we go. The group chat picture thing is bad, although he could just be playing along to not cause a fuss. It could also be that he's kinda a pig.

    The remark about “well why did you let him get to you” is absolutely correct however. In no way does this comment display sexism, letting things roll off your back is a great way to online. The one getting angry is you, therefore you're the one who suffers. If you choose not to get angry, things like this won't ruin your day. If you choose to get angry, you could hold on to that feeling for a very long time, but the choice is yours. There's always going to he assholes, you can't change that, and you definitely won't change them be arguing with them, you'll just get more angry.

  13. I decided to just find safe havens to study . It use to make me sad about family but I say I don't blame my parents because I know they did the best they could. The more I try to fix it the more I realize that I can't and if it continues any longer then idk what to do.. I don't get the silent treatments and I'm having to be the mediator for someone elses stress. But as time goes on my mental health isn't quite the best rn , it's like a rollercoaster. I try to understand why it happens but i don't think I ever will know. I'm just becoming numb and just wanting to move on but again the backlash..If I try to ignore them..there is backlash and If I try to be friendly..there is backlash

  14. He doesn’t have the emotional depth to think like that. He told my many times I was the love of his life. Yea people fall out of being in love but he chose that by pushing me away, fighting with me, which of course didn’t bring out my best side

  15. so you told her to date some other guy and now you’re stressing because she did what you told her to? just what in the hell were you thinking? heres the magic word: COMMUNICATION. talk to her about your feelings and how you made a mistake in telling her to do that.

  16. so you told her to date some other guy and now you’re stressing because she did what you told her to? just what in the hell were you thinking? heres the magic word: COMMUNICATION. talk to her about your feelings and how you made a mistake in telling her to do that.

  17. Wdym do what. Why do you ask him to poop. I dont tell ppl what I do on toilet unless I need help with anything. Like you have bad diarrhea and ask your boyfriend to make soup for you because of it or smth else. And as a normal person he would help you and not comment weird shit like he didn't experience a girl pooping. Wtf.

  18. I think she doesn't know how to just say her feelings have changed and she doesn't want to be in the relationship any longer.

  19. Fam, she’s unhinged. It sounds like dream you is triggering her insecurities. This isn’t a you problem, but it is a her problem. She needs to speak with someone that’s not you about those insecurities. Preferably a professional. Berating you for something that happened in a dream isn’t sane. You get that right?

    You need to think about if the status quo is something you can online with long term. If it isn’t, you and her need to have a talk about her behaviour. She needs to work on this. You can support and be there for her, but you can’t work on her insecurities. That’s on her.

  20. Him working full time while going to school isn't the problem.

    Him prioritizing three different amateur hobby bands that will likely never get out of mom's garage when his girlfriend is begging to spend time with him is the problem.

  21. Sounds like a typical conquest nut. They can be amazingly patient, I knew one that waited over a year, but lose interest immediately they succeed. This one sounds to be of the very worst type, preying on much younger girls with a lot less experience.

    Move on, learn the lesson and try to be better in your judgement of future dates.

  22. Why the need to get married in the first place? Wouldnt you still love him, ring or no ring? Why is marriage the dealbreaker?

  23. I’m not hoping the context changes anything. But if she was genuinely spiked, and someone took advantage of her for a quick kiss, it feels very harsh to end the relationship. I don’t know if I can get past it, and it will certainly take time, but I’ve seen how distraught she is over the whole situation.

    Heads just a bit frazzled right now. I think we’re going to take one step at a time and see if we can get past it.

  24. Sex or no sex, sweaty people shower before I’ll spend time with them. Every day, even if they did it in the morning already. It’s what separates us from other mammals. Don’t want to shower like a human? Fine, stay outside with your wild brethren.

  25. I wonder if she’s considering how she spends her free time as a comparison. Does she watch an hour of TV every day? Or does she do something that is just for her own entertainment that you wouldn’t/couldn’t join her in?

    If she isn’t okay with you deciding how you want to spend your free time then that’s a problem. An hour a day of gaming is pretty light compared to others.

  26. Cheating is ALWAYS a big fat NO. No matter how awful her husband might be, she is now the one in the wrong; lost the moral high ground. She should have divorced. It speaks to character. I agree with your wife.

  27. Don't do anything except move on with your life. This girl came out of the blue and wants to stake a claim to your late BF's ashes? She sounds like a stalker to me. You don't even know if she really was dating him or anything else about her. She has no rights to his ashes or any other part of him. She is nothing to you, and that's how you should treat her. She certainly has a lot of nerve contacting you at all, much less making demands of you.

    Keep her blocked and have no contact with her. If she comes to your home, call the police and report her as a trespasser. Do not open the door for her. Do not engage with her in any way. If she continues to try to talk to you, consider getting a no contact order against her.

    You have enough on your plate grieving your late BF without having to deal with this girl, too. Please see a grief counselor to help you process and deal with this suicide. It is very naked to recover from that. And, forgot about this so-called other woman.

  28. Just tell him that you have a bf and don’t feel that it is right to accept his phone number. No need to explain anything past that point.

  29. Who cares? This is your deal breaker. The deal is broken. Now you leave because this man is trash and he will still be trash tomorrow.

  30. with whom I've been for 7 months and am engaged

    Are you in an arranged marriage culture?

    It should really give you pause that you don't even know how to broach the subject of a relatively minor issue, but are already planning to spend the rest of your lives together. You don't even know each other. Prepare for many, many more “surprises” about who your boyfriend is in the future.

  31. Tell him you are totally down, you have two dates already, and you will see him later! Then leave. When you get back tell him it was the best idea ever and ask how his dates are going.

  32. My 12 yo knows his address. And also the cross streets for emergency purposes. You’re twice his age and can’t “properly describe” your physical living address?

  33. There are reasons why getting your license to practice in one state is NOT valid in all states. Even their fines are different. What you are referencing is for Texas, from what I could find. Although I give you props for not copying and pasting it entirely, you might as well have. California, for a misdemeanor assault, can be up to $1000 instead of $500, for example. However, to clarify, I wasn't referring to less than 3rd degree.

  34. I understand. Should i just say that i went through her chats, even though we ( in the beginning ) promised to respect eachother’s privacy?

  35. If you are that important to them then they should have given you a decent raise and you wouldn't have to work 2 jobs. But they didn't, so you have to. Them covering your shift is not your problem. You gave them ample time to hire people. Just keep repeating, not my monkey, not my circus, not my monkey, not my circus…

  36. I think it's too much of a risk to have, especially John. It's not about high or low road. It's about OP protecting himself from false accusations, or being verbally attacked in his own home.

  37. Block him and his family.

    If you need the health scare look at bad cases of stds that kill or severely change your life.

    If you want kids look at the whats transferable through pregnancy to keep you strong.

    Maybe get a therapist to help you through the abuse he's put you through because that is fucking outrageous. He yelled at you. He coerced you to have sex his way through aggression. That is a horrible partner and technically sexual assault. Doesn't matter if yall were teens.

    Especially since he was most likely cheating and none of them cared enough to tell you. Its a bad family. Let them go.

  38. This relationship is going nowhere. You know it deep down.

    After 2 years you don’t know his family. He doesn’t want them them to know about you. Go date someone happy to be with you and where you can fit in with their life.


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