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9 thoughts on “mariamac420live sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. It's not immature to decide to not be friends with someone, particularly when you weren't friends to begin with. If it was just sex, no point in lying and saying it wasn't.

  2. A mth and half. It’s over. Don’t even bother. Why would you want to date someone that stops talking to you after a fight, through text, for a whole month and a half? Move on. There are better men out there. He probably sleeping with one of his “love guru” groupies anyway.

  3. In theory she could do a full shower in the morning and wash her hair and then at night, do a quick wash of the body. But only if she is willing. I wouldn’t mind doing it personally, but not everyone feels the same as me.

  4. Listen I’m 37 and I’ve been married the past 14 years. We split about six months ago. At the time I thought I’d never find someone else, let alone someone as good as my ex. As soon as I put myself out there again tho I almost immediately found someone who is a much better match for me in every way. It’s scary but if you’re not happy don’t waste your time.

  5. I beg to differ; equal standing is a huge crux of successful poly relationships because without it, there can be little foundation for fair treatment and proper respect.

    Equality is not needed for fairness. Equity is.

    This difference of “wow wait so what? It doesn't have to be equal? And that's okay?” is a more advanced level of poly-awareness than most start out with, so again, so I don't blame someone for not automatically knowing it if you haven't been exposed to real-world poly situations.

    If you don't know this kind of thing about poly, it may be better to leave the poly questions aside and answer the other ones you find on this forum.

    a lot of the problems here have arisen because the GF clearly either doesn't care as much for her husband, or she doesn't particularly care much for either.

    Feels like projection. There are other possibilities to explain GF's actions, such as… ignorance. Due to lack of communication.

    Disagree, the whole way she has treated her BF is disrespectful.

    Okay, but not all 'disrespect' is malicious or intentional.

    If you have to fight for fair & decent treatment in a relationship, its not a good relationship.

    You're right…so make it better. I think that's the key point you're not getting.

    All you're really doing, ultimately, is reiterating “there's a problem here.”

  6. I assume because she's claiming it has been vacuumed and that he's being overly critical of the job she did. So looking at the electrical draw helps him dismiss the gaslighting.


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