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37 thoughts on “MAN-MOHINI-21live sex stripping with Live HD

  1. He sounds like a terrible lover. Some people truly are blind to what a healthy sex affair is. They only know how to please themselves and are oblivious on how to please a woman. How much patience do you have and how much do you care for this person? How much of how he treats you makes up for what you’re currently experiencing? How much time are you willing to invest before you see any sort of effort on his part?

    He has to keep himself excited throughout the sex and maybe you can learn the things he likes, and do them in a way that pleasures yourself? One thing is for sure, if you grabbed a dildo and started using it in front of him and pleasuring yourself I bet he would be into it. You can have fun teaching him by treating him how you would like to be treated.

    There are ways to have fun and explore new things, but he will still have to meet you half way. You can think about showing him the things you have in mind. Might even blow his mind in the process.

    The ball is in your court. You likely burst into tears because you feel used at the end of sex that didn’t result in someone taking the time to truly connect with you and let you have as much fun. Make sure he’s okay with you taking the reins a little and then start to do the things you like.

  2. Give her the gift of silicone (wax) earplugs. I can't on-line without them because I, too, am a light sleeper.

  3. Be honest but kind. Ask him to stop playing for a bit because you have something you want to tell him. Get him to stop playing, put the phone down, and just look into your eyes. Then calmly say ”I feel ignored sometimes when you play Clash so much. I feel like you Dont want to spend time with me and its making me feel really sad and insecure in this relationship. I want to spend more time connecting with you and doing things we can enjoy together. What do you think?” And smile.

    Be calm and kind, but dont cave in if he starts demanding that you cant control him or that you are asking to give up his hobby. If that happens say ”I am not trying to put pressure on you. I just want to spend time connecting with you and doing things together. I feel unhappy and ignored with how things are now.” And keep being kind, calm but determined. It can be difficult for him to understand, but if he refuses to listen to you or even attempt to understand, leave him. You will find someone much better.

  4. This is true, I have a friend I care more about than she does about me. One time I have out more distance and for whatever reason she hasn't figured out it's not the same anymore. You can accept it easily enough but sometimes it's better to step back if it affects you negatively. OP has to decide how much to invest in this friend group and whether to step back. Honestly if OP isn't even invited to the wedding, why bother? Honestly if they aren't close enough to be in the wedding party, I wouldn't put in the effort.

  5. You’re going to be ok. I promise! Just love yourself, and know that there are a ton of guys out there who do NOT do this.

  6. So your point is that to have a relationship with her daughter, she must have no boundaries? Accept being treated without respect? Thats how your comment reads to me.

  7. What the fuck lmao you are fully aware your boyfriend is sexist, lying about something, bad-talks you to his other friends, and is a narcissist, and you’re worried about a present for his sister?

    Man I hope this shit is bait

  8. In any way? Goodness… I don't think you're ever going to be in a relationship very long. What you might see as disrespect might be a genuine mistake by someone else or not seen as disrespectful. Over the course of a long-term relationship, feelings get hurt and no one is absolutely perfect. I bet you've even disrespected your partners at times as well.

    From the sounds of it, you don't even let the person know that you feel disrespected or let your boundaries be known. You have an incredibly unhealthy view of relationships and what a person should or shouldn't know.

    I highly recommend you look into how to have a healthy relationship. You also seem to be caught up on respect, but don't respect the opinions of women. That's something you should definitely look into.

  9. Seems like you're trying very hard to be offended on behalf of OP. Obviously what's weird is bringing up a very known issue like it was some revelation. Premature ejaculation isn't weird, but having a serious Convo about it on your morning commute is, and with the added layer of this having been a very obvious on-going issue that he's just now addressing.

    It's ok for him to take time to understand, that doesn't mean he didn't cause the stressful situation or that it's her responsibility to assuage his misplaced feelings. You're still trying to put the onus of his behavior and feelings onto his partner, which won't actually help OP solve anything since that's not the problem.

  10. Holy shit you're just an outright moron. Genuinely you're a fucking idiot. A trans man is a MAN. Biology isn't binary, and genitals sure as shit don't define whether or not a sex act is gay. Is a cishet man getting pegged by a cishet woman gay? NO, because neither party involved is gay.

  11. If he felt comfortable and bold enough to do this in your own home to your sister, ask yourself how often he cheated before.

  12. Apart from the obvious, obvious danger, are you able to ship off to another country to hang out for a week with a woman from Instagram?

    Fuck that shit. All of this is so sketch.

  13. I agree. I hate how they act like it was so accidental. It is like “I slipped and I happened to be hard and he happened to be nude and he went to catch me and I ended up falling on his pe&&is. Man I hate that when it happens.

  14. I then looked to my wife and said “that means no tv or lights on in the room, please”. She then rolls her eyes.

    100% deserved eye roll.

    You were condescending and talking to her like she's a child. Yeah – you deserve an eye roll for that.

    Was it disrespectful in this case – no because you were not worthy of respect when you treat your partner like that. Treating you at the level that you've shown you accept as normal is not disrespect. It's acknowledging that you don't even recognize respect.

    Would it be disrespectful if someone eyerolled without being talked down to? Yes. Context matters.

    You were the person in the wrong here. You're the issue.

    And since you added the second edit only after you got called out, it really looks like you're trying to make up anything to get yourself to not be the bad guy. I flat out don't believe you. It really looks like you tried to tag rage bait on the end to get out of the hole you dug yourself in the main post.

  15. He mentioned she wanted to get back together before this and he didn’t, then about maybe doing it if she won’t abort in the comments.

    I agree both should have used protection.

  16. Is this his normal behavior? I think it is a problem. If this is your love language then he needs to step up.

    Why don't you ask him if his feelings have changed? Give these 2 examples and let him know it's a problem for you. Only he knows how he feels and it's worth asking. That being said if his actions don't match his words you know you've got a bigger problem.

  17. Is this his normal behavior? I think it is a problem. If this is your love language then he needs to step up.

    Why don't you ask him if his feelings have changed? Give these 2 examples and let him know it's a problem for you. Only he knows how he feels and it's worth asking. That being said if his actions don't match his words you know you've got a bigger problem.

  18. Great! It will be interesting for you. Just make sure you can deal with carrying the mental load if that's required. But you sound like you know what you are getting yourself into to. Best to you!

  19. True, like negging or something, I thought of that too. Can't imagine someone who wasn't already a misogynist falling for shit like that though.

  20. It’s also just biologically the case, I don’t remember the names but we move from the “love” hormone to the nesting hormone. It’s variable but around 6 months. I remember reading the longest lasting “love” phase is when the relationship is a secret. So, fun fact there.

  21. I’d be very dubious about someone having feelings for me that quickly. If you decide to keep seeing her I’d take it very slowly and protect yourself financially.

  22. Buy and make batches of food for yourself and freeze portions. Let him worry about his own dinner.

  23. You could ask your mom a hypothetical question – a family friend is cheating on his wife and you don't know what to do, would you think the wife should know?

    What if you tell her and they don't get a divorce? Would you be okay with that? If they did get a divorce, do they have enough savings to support two households? Will the siblings be able to take them in and support them?

    Whatever you do, don't pressure your mom. Maybe they had a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

  24. It seems pretty important. So you were pregnant and getting over the flu when your husband behaved like this?

  25. I mean it's not like they'd be hanging out alone so what's the problem? If it rekindles something then she obviously wasn't yours in the first place.


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