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Model from: cz

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Birth Date: 1985-02-11

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26 thoughts on “Luna-Naturallive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. If we were in same location, we would already been together, but we are in different country now, it is the 2nd time i went over to visit him. But we knew each other from high school, and we have been texting consistently for 4 months, so i trusted him more than anyone. We talk and act like couples, but none of us ever bring it up or ask to be official.

  2. It wasn’t about just doing enough to pass the exam. It was how my entire life I put 200% effort into everything, but for what? When everyone else gets by on doing the bare minimum, never caring, never trying, yet we are raised and told and even beaten into always doing our best or we will never be successful or happy – and here I am experiencing the exact opposite. I felt disappointment in myself because i delayed this exam so long because i wanted to make sure i could get a high score, not even perfect, but high enough to reflect my effort and nude work – not just one point above failing.

    I dont want him to feel pain. I dont want to feel pain either. I want to UNDERSTAND how I could feel so much after he needed to work so hard to get me to his level of emotional intensity, and then suddenly he acts like he feels nothing. It’s hurtful that people are okay with hurting me.

    The only way I feel able to get over this is to find reasons to hate him. To assume the worst and believe that i’m the trash that deserved to be thrown out, that i deserved to be used and deceived and lied to and wasn’t good enough for him and that i’ll never be good enough for anyone.

  3. Honestly what concerns me more is that she hasn’t told you. Even if she got so drunk that she forgot, surely other people have talked to her about it afterwards if they are talking to you about it now. I would think if it was something internally bothering her she would feel bad enough to confess it to you so you both can move on from it.

    I’ve never understood people who get so drunk that they cheat, I’m 30 and have been too drunk countless times, but have never cheated because of it. The fact that she did it, and hasn’t even talked about it almost makes it seem like she doesn’t care about you the way she should.

  4. It's a hard question. Most couples, even happily married couples, have at least one important issue they disagree about and never resolve but learn to live with. Gottman did some research on that. I guess they become incompatibilities if it's not something you can learn to on-line with.

    Opinions and views are something we have about everything all the time. Some are just loosly held beliefs or opinions, some migt be more factual or based on important values. Having good communication and negotiation skills helps to resolve differences. But I think your gf is right in that love is an important factor, as long as we feel loved and have an abundance of trust and care it's easier to negotiate.

  5. Yeah don't listen. You're wife material when you find the right one and fit perfectly and that's all it takes.

  6. Well, it sucks but you are going to have to chose between your beloved hobby or starting a family. Bc having a child is not easy and it's not fair for your wife if she has to do all the care taking of your baby.

  7. Dump his toxic ass. This is an unhealthy manipulative relationship and I guarantee you no matter how good the sex is (if you’re having sex if not substitute for cuddles hugs kisses literally anything) it’s actually not that good and it’s not worth the emotional trauma. You can and you will find better once you leave this man

  8. In my native language, therapists often describe “islands”. There is a “You”-island and your boyfriend also has his own island. And when you got together, you created a third island – “Us”-island. But having that third island doesn’t mean you live there now. You go there to meet up. But both of you still need to take care if your own, separate islands. You need to care for them, spend time there, clean them… but you can and should use them to do other things there, too. Relaxing, hobbies, meeting your own friends, even travels.

    Please speak with your therapist not only about how a relationship should be, but also about your perception of how people in general should be. It seems crazy to me that your husband barely got any alone time, yet you thought he needed MORE friends.

    Basically, you need to learn to stop assuming. If your husband doesn’t ask for help with finding friends, don’t help. If you want to go somewhere, don’t assume he should or wants to come along, but ask him. He’s an adult, not a little kid who has Mommy decide what’s going on. And he is also not a project for you to manage.

    I hope things work out for you. And I hope you find that you truly love your husband, the way he wants to be, and not just him as an extension of you.

  9. I’m all seriousness if that happened to me I would at least threaten this to him and be like “wanna fuck around? You are gonna find out.”

  10. He's a shitty person. Not just for turning Republican but for the way he's acting about it.

    I would dump him and when your friends ask why be completely honest. You're 22. You have your whole life to find someone who doesn't equate your bodily autonomy to his right to own a business.

  11. Idk what advice you’re looking for but she sounds like someone who knows nothing but abuse, and as a result, is abusive herself. Nothing wrong with cutting ties with someone who’s mean to you.

    Are you still with your boyfriend? I dated briefly a guy who had an avoidant attachment style and it was super toxic because of the disappearing and reappearing, as well as just some other toxic stuff he had going on. Be careful.

  12. I mean we are together for 99% of the day. But yes I think you are correct in the “choosing games over her”

  13. Yes! I can’t help but think my husband had to go 6+ weeks after each of our kids were born. A comment like that about cheating and I’d probably be in prison and him 6 feet under. Come on OP, she caused the injury and only 3 days in is talking about cheating? You deserve better!

  14. If her go-to response to something she regrets (she remembers it and regrets it) is to accuse you of harassment you should consider whether she is a good fit.

    Imagine if you’re actually together, you initiate sex, ask her if she’s in the mood, she says yes. Then 10 minutes later she’s accusing you of rape because she’s no longer in the mood.


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