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39 thoughts on “LoyalRiverlive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. This is called stealthing and it is illegal and a form of sexual assault. If you do not consent to having sex with no condom and they take the condom off, that is not consensual sex. This is very serious because you can get pregnant from something that is not your fault at all. I understand you may have strong feelings for him, but my ex used to do this to me and it was not okay with me. We had a conversation about it and he understood my point of view and apologized. If your bf is uncomfortable having sex with the condoms you have, maybe try another brand that will be more sensitive for him. Good luck

  2. He's one of the “sweetest guys” …..but

    you can't talk to him.

    Why is it that these post always start out singing praises…and then

    there is that fly-in-the-ointment….

    and it always comes back to whining to a bunch of strangers instead of

    being an adult and talking to your partner?

    Excuse me are you really thast badly in need of attention,

    or do you have some sort of impairment you would like to share with everyone?

  3. What a piece of shit. Dress up as Wednesday and be sexy as hell. Tell your boyfriend to fuck off cause he doesn't deserve you.

  4. She sucks. You don't. Happy birthday, it sucks its such a low point but it's just that. A low point. It will get better my dude! Have some cake if you didn't already

  5. That ends when he hears “please stop doing this thing I find annoying”, and continues doing it. He knows it's a problem, and doesn't care.

    That's not acceptable.

  6. You're so wrong, no way is the mom in the backseat. It'd be too much disrespect to make her sit on the backseat for just a girlfriend (but I don't feel capable of saying if she'd sit on the backseat for a wife or if being the mom means lifelong front seat.)

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  8. Did you read the part about driving 18 hours? Plus it sounds like they share finances, I would not be happy either.

  9. Trust me I agree with that, but since said girl came and told on herself first and switched the story my girlfriend is finding it easier to believe her

  10. He's not a man in the truest sense of the word, he's 22 and doesn't even have a fully developed cerebral cortex yet.

  11. I’ve promised to not drink and if I do to limit it

    These are incompatible promises. What is wrong with you?

  12. It could be he heard a story about a friend that had this happen and he wants to make sure it doesn't happen. Father here and I talked to my sons about this (accidents or deliberate) and you are on the hook for $400 000 in payments till the kid is like 26 and educated.

  13. You’ve backed yourself into a corner and now cat lady jokes are your only defence. That’s so clearly the case I’m embarrassed for you.

    But as a responsible pet owner, I’m always stocked up on the cat food. Unlike you, all the pussies in my life are satisfied.

  14. I do want HIM to change his beliefs but it’s quite nude and exhausting to mold him into a better man

    Stop. So many women spend so much time trying to DIY broken men into better men.

    He is not a scratched up coffee table you got cheap. Don't try to fix him.

  15. If I told my parents to stay in a hotel it would be like slapping them in the face regardless of who paid. That is unforgivable in my family. Anytime family is in town the expectation is that they would stay with you even pretty distant cousins and no other options is considered acceptable. Culture can play a big part in expectations and may be relevant to OPs situation as well.

  16. This is also what I'm not OK about. That I've done this when I absolutely trust her. It all started because I saw a photo in her photos and then spiralled from there

  17. She's already left you fella. The nude part is coming to terms with it.

    I am much much older than you and I am not going to say that things were so much better when I was your age. However…

    While people could still be arseholes back then, it was very rare that someone just disappeared from a partner's life without having the decency to speak to them face to face. Naturally, the technology was different but at least we couldn't just disappear.

    To me, the fact she has blocked you on everything, refuses to engage with you, unless under very specific circumstances, and given you a very specific date upon which normal service will be resumed smacks of leading you on and not being honest with you (why the 12th April by the way? It's a Wednesday).

    Don't fixate on her happiness, try focusing on your own. Will you be happy to be lead around by the nose like this or would you prefer a clean break?

    Personally, I'd just send her a text, which she seems to be reading, wish her well, say goodbye and get on with your life. Miserably, you may never know why she wants to end the relationship but please try not to become obsessed with finding out and find someone a bit closer to home for your next relationship.

  18. She works for 30k without using her degree needs a masters to get 80-120k even if she makes 120k the debt wont go away anytime soon. Her degree is in science so not a medical or law degree she just choose poorly. Paid insane amounts for a useless degree. She has no longterm financial goals as op mentioned. This is not someone who planed out their future. She burried her head and pretends all is fine.

  19. But you aren’t making money so until you are you can’t lecture anyone. Please do her a favour and break up. She can do better than someone like you.

  20. What are you gonna do for orphans by taking a bus there with other tourists? Do you even speak Spanish? You could donate money or medicine to make a more tangible impact without inserting yourself into an unnecessary situation

  21. Op if you husband has a bad reaction with the little blue pills can I suggest he tries cialis I have found it has virtually none of the same side effects and he can take a pill a day or one pill for three days and it doesn’t need to be timed for sex.

  22. Relationships are work, and can be exhausting. Feeling like you need time alone or activities alone isn't a bad thing, and in a healthy relationship it's important to have a full life which includes your partner, but doesn't depend on your partner.

    An important thing to consider is the concept of “code switching”, essentially that how you behave may change based on who you're around. You probably act differently around your parents than you do around your friends. You probably act differently at work vs at home. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but it's worth paying attention to how you act differently around your partner than you do when you're by yourself.

    If you prefer the version that you are when you're by yourself, then see if you can take steps to make the the version with your partner more like the version by yourself. Give it time, since there are layers to unpack when it comes to getting to know someone and exposing yourself to someone. But, if you get to a point where you feel that, when your partner is around, you can't be the version of yourself that you want to be, then that would be a sign to either get outside help (couples counseling and individual therapy) if you can, or to consider ending the relationship.

    Remember, your partner doesn't have to be a bad person in order to be a bad fit for you. Try to be patient and honest about how you feel, both to yourself and to your partner, but also don't feel like you must stick around just because your partner isn't a “bad guy”.

  23. What’s her objection to your parents? Are they super conservative , racist , homophobic, misogynistic? What’s the deal ? I’d say you’ll never make her happy for the other things you mention. I’d end it.

  24. Sorry, not sure where you got that from. I'm not suggesting anyone is making anything up? I'm not suggesting spending time apart is a bad thing. I'm all for it. Just not every 4 weeks for the rest of your life.

  25. Question – why is the relationship now long distance?

    Have you ever tried to find out what he likes taking about? You say what you like to talk about, and that he finds answering those types of questions mentally exhausting, but you don’t actually say what he likes, maybe you’d have better luck getting him talking and opening up if you were talking about things he likes.

    And yes I agree with him. Those types of questions are mentally taxing, and out of the 2 examples you use, the famous one I’d refuse to answer as it’s not worth the time or energy to think about, the value in the relationship one I wouldn’t need to take the time, because I value my relationship and my partner, and I ensure that my partner knows it, so I’d have no problem with that one.

  26. What would that achieve exactly? That's passive aggressive, and it's surely much healthier to just have it out with her?

  27. What would that achieve exactly? That's passive aggressive, and it's surely much healthier to just have it out with her?

  28. I'm sorry your going through this and that he violated the terms of your agreement big I can't help but think that in that lifestyle you have to be prepared for the possibility of things like this happening.

  29. First you’re not a sec toy and 2 people get sick, troubles which might hinder them from sex, and 3 she sounds like a nymph not a GF.

  30. Would sound like a great mother to him. The question is why you are doing so.

    Take some worming tablets. You have a parasite.

  31. I would ask for something that shows good faith, Something that will show any amount of progress at all, For example, can you try staying over a few days a week.

  32. If it's been two years of questionable feelings about the relationship, I would say you've done him a disservice by waiting this long and it's only going to get worse. If these feelings were recent, perhaps it could be attributed to depression/mental health and could be resolved, as I feel relationships require sacrifice and commitment and it's not always going to be kittens and rainbows.

    But after this long, you need to rip the band-aid off as everyone is saying. There's no other advice here. You can't stay together for him, it's not fair to either of you.

    As for the cat. “Co-parenting” a dog is… Weird but possible. “Co-parenting” a cat is downright cruel. Cats aren't creatures that take well to constantly bouncing around. Don't do this.

    When me and an old ex split, I'll admit I prolonged it because I was genuinely going to miss the dog but the dog was always hers. I had the dog for a few months after we split for logistics reasons but the strings attached made it suck. You just need to do what needs to be done, just cut the cord cleanly.

    And be sure of it. No running back because of guilt.


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