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24 thoughts on “Lily_Delucalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. You want to have a conversation about something that IS making her feel bad. Maybe be sensitive to her. What makes her feel good? Maybe it's been a long time in your 4 years that she's felt good about herself. Do you two normally openly communicate?

  2. His credit/income/debt load is probably bad enough that he wouldn't help her qualify for the mortgage, but it's also likely that she wouldn't be able to afford the house (mortgage payments, insurance, property taxes + money for inevitable house repairs) on her own.

  3. I was with ya till you called it hanging out with your kids in one of your comments. Being a SAHP isn’t hanging out with your kids it’s cleaning them, keeping them safe, keeping them on routine, making sure they get to appointments on time. It’s being their nanny, maid, nurse, parent, and teacher. Not hanging out. Kids are a lot of work which I can tell you understand. I have been both and being a SAHP you sometimes don’t get a chance to clean the house because the kiddos have other plans. If she does the same for you for your guys trips or when you need a break I’m failing to see why you are upset. I’m not here to attack it just sounds like to me you both expected something different. I did most of the house work but I suck at cooking so my husband did that and dishes. Which you sound more than willing to do. The issue is sometimes my husband will come home to the house more of a mess than he left it because our kid was fussy or decided to have multiple blow outs. It sucks and is naked. So maybe have a conversation with your wife stating that you thought it would go this way and she will tell you how she thought it would go and make a plan that works for both of you. If she didn’t want to quit her job some of it could possibly be resentment

  4. don't over complicate it just ask about this day and what he is doing this weekend or whatever. When you want a guy be BLUNT we dont usually pick up on the subtle stuff.

  5. This is instant divorce territory. She had cut you off from sex because she wanted sex wirh some one else ( was likely having sex with others slready).

    Just rip the bandaid off. She is lying even when caught.

  6. It wasn't a harmless joke.

    You're shocked he has empathy for other people.

    Good on him for calling you on your nasty, shallow attitude. You need to grow up.

  7. Your sister is NC with him for a reason. It’s not up to anybody else to make any kind of decisions about reconciliation but your sister and you need to make that CLEAR to your Dad.

    “I’m sorry Dad but she’s her own person and can make her own decisions. It’s not up for anybody to change her mind”.

    And as an FYI, he completely disrespected every major life choice she made because HE didn’t like it. Doesn’t like the husband bc he’s “not American”. Heads up “gramps”, neither is granddaughter.

    There’s no sides to see here. Your sister has made her choice and you have to respect that and so does your dad.

  8. Have you ever read a post where someone's venting about something, everyone tells them they're in the wrong, they insist they're not, more people tell them … etc?

    That's you. You're that person. You're wrong and you're kind of acting like a loser by getting so incredibly butthurt about this.

    You know what I'd say to her comment? “I understand. A lot of guys are kind of the fucking worst. I hope you find a good one.” Because a lot of us fucking are! That doesn't make her sexist toward men. Men are just the people she's interested in and also-whether you like it or not—the most likely to be creeps. This isn't about you, it isn't about all men (do you remember the bit you quoted that said “I feel like?”) and you seriously overreacted in a serious way. Go slink off to your shitty toxic masculinity subs or something, or get some therapy.

  9. Thank you for your comment. In all honesty it definitely is out of anger/resentment towards the other woman, not because it’s the right thing to do, which is disappointing but honest. I talk to him regularly about it but it’s now starting to get to the point where he’s sick of feeling like a “villain” which I understand, I want to also let him move on from it.

  10. There is no long-term plan, they are simply NOT compatible. OP is responsible for his own health. Knowing he's highly allergic to dogs, why date someone who owns a dog???

  11. If it's on brand for you, go for it. Either she will jive with your sense of humor or realize you two may not be compatible. It's a cute way to ask while also showing your personality, bonus that is low pressure. Just be accepting of the response you get as a reflection of her communication style, too.

  12. It sounds like he is jealous and immature. With all the changes you made, you may have out grown the relationship and that’s ok. He does not have the right to put you down though.

  13. That’s gross tbh. Why spend time deceiving people just to feed your ego? Is it fun to toy with people? Eh.

    I’m not saying it makes her a bad person, I can see how it would be ‘entertaining’ but it’s really just ego ego ego ego ego, and that’s not a good look on anyone.

  14. Honey you’ve only been together a month

    This woman is WAY too clingy for a month-long relationship. You’re never going to make her happy or reassure her completely, so if this last month is what you want your life to look like, then stay with her. Otherwise, you should end it while it’s still early.

  15. I’m tired of people saying I’m too young, I’ve already had to raise children, they’re my younger siblings but I still had to step in cause their mom wouldn’t help them or cook for them. I moved out when I was still in highschool and have been working and figuring out what I want in life already. He understands I have goals and want more out of life than just sitting around. And we got close pretty fast and when that happened I kinda freaked out and pushed him away cause I was scared

  16. The father hasn’t been given custody, yet, and the grandmother has made it pretty clear that he is not an option… I think she should’ve been given to him once the mother passed, but she wasn’t.


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