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22 thoughts on “layla_juicelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Tell them just that. He doesn’t owe you anything and neither do I. Then cut ties. You are paying her car note while she drives after she suddenly stopped working. She doesn’t need a car because she has nowhere to go. Let her know you aren’t paying the car note anymore after XX/XX/XXXX and stick to it. If she wants to continue to drive, she’ll get a job and can start paying that car note. If she doesn’t she doesn’t consider it a priority and neither should you.

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  3. Grow up. Berating someone for asking for relationship advice in the “Relationship Advice” sub is beyond petty.

  4. I am too but it is pretty clear that she isn’t open to advice and sometimes advice that is unwelcome can actually be detrimental to the end of protecting someone like this. If he is too caught up in her making the “right” choice for her but she is determined to take the other path because of the pressure he is putting on her it is better for him and for her that he relieve that pressure by putting up a boundary that they not speak on it.

  5. I'm so sorry, dear OP. I know full well how it hurts. And let me tell you, you are only harming yourself by continuing to be in that situation. You have to leave. Seriously, find another wonderful job, preferably in another city. Otherwise you'll end up k!lling yourself, literally or metaforically.

    I'm going to go against the current here: he knows. And he's consciously cultivating and maintaining the “friendship” with you. Why? What for? I don't know. The first reason I come up with, is to keep you close as a spare tire, in case Marie doesn't hold the line. Other reasons go down a rabbit hole of possibly creating jealousy in Marie, etc.

    Why am I so sure he knows? Excuse me, after so long it becomes impossible not to. For all what you say, he's smart; well, smart people realize this type of dynamics. You also say people in the office and friends used to see so clearly what was happening between you, and told you. Before Marie showed up, they asked you when you'd start dating; when she did, they saw your pain. Well, in all these months, all those coworkers and/or friends inevitably had to go to him and tell him. And repeatedly. Whether he really doesn't believe them, or pretends not to, doesn't change the fact that he knows. And plays dumb or naive for who knows what purpose.

    This last move, asking you to help him buy a gift for Marie, rubs me in a very sick and wrong way. How cruel and inconsiderate can he be? Sorry, again, he has to know, and he can't be so emotionally impaired not to realize that this is a hurtful request to you. Yet he went ahead and asked you. Probably he wanted to force you to confess. Or maybe he wanted Marie to have enough and dump him. I don't know, but I do know it's very wrong.

    You did well pushing him back. Now please, cut him completely and find another job. The situation is too toxic for you now.

  6. The thing is, for the past year of our relationship, he has been saying he'll swear off alcohol. The most he's had recently was a beer at a concert or two. Him and I were on the same page that alcohol is just not for us. He's never been this drunk before. He claims to have had 20 drink, which for his size, could've been dangerous.

  7. Only a man could make a woman's orgasms or lack there or about himself. JFC.

    I also have an incredibly difficult time orgasming. It sometimes bothers my partner but there are ways around it like toys or trying various forms of stimulation. (Music, dirty talk, etc)

    He should look at it as a challenge and do research and discuss it with you instead of shutting down.

  8. If it's jointly their money, then they jointly have to decide on its disposition. Or they can divorce, then she can independently decide where her half goes. Until then, each spouse has a veto on joint funds, and he's exercising his. That's not a power move, that's called input.

    OP's withholding of honesty could just as easily be labeled as a 'power move'.

  9. Even yesterday, I asked about breakfast (at noon). She said she wants to have xyz but when I said let's go and make it together she made a disgusted face and said “go make for yourself I don't feel like eating” so I had to make for the both of us. What do you make of that (this has happens a thousand times)

  10. Of course I didn’t mean direct puff we are married again I was hoping to get more interactions with him outside of him visiting/regarding our son

  11. Get a life in the real world.

    I love it when people say things like this on the internet …as opposed to the real world.

  12. This is just going to get worse, he's going to try to make you feel less than and probably start to belittle you. Men don't “make the final call” this boy is a child. Not a man at all

  13. “and if you could choose, would you choose me or her?”

    but he can't choose, because there is only one option. so you will never believe he answered you truthfully.

    and it sounds like you believe you know the answer and it is not one that you like. accept it or don't (and take a step back from your relationship). otherwise, you will continue to be upset over this.

    but in all honestly, you were so inappropriate to say anything to his ex-wife. If I were her, I'd be having second thoughts about allowing you to spend time with my child.

  14. i’ll try again, i have a combination lock box but yesterday they showed me they could open it by listening to the clicks as a goof? so i’m gonna try to get a keyed one

  15. This confirms he has been lying or maybe he misunderstood his therapist. Or he has PTSD from something else in life and is blaming my grandmother? I don't know. I'm going to have to find a safe time and place to confront him about this.

    Thanks for your insight.

  16. She's for the streets man, you know you know this. Never put up with it. Not when you're 18 not when you're 40. You won't respect yourself if you tolerate intolerable behavior. If you can't respect yourself, no one else will.

  17. Take proof for everything!!!! Make a lot of photos and save them where she can't find them. You don't have to leave. You can also fuck around. You don't have to be intimate with her anymore. Tell to everyone what she did and let them see the proof. She needs to be humbled!!! 1)You both go to a good lawyer and make her sign a contract that you both are free to sleep around OUT OF THE HOUSE BUT that your child ALWAYS comeS first for both of you!!! 2) Find that good lawyer and let him make that contract. 3) yes the child support is going to be needed for the child but the amount it may not be as much as she thinks. 4) You do you while spending your time with your child. But you have to put cameras in the house in places that she doesn't know because some women don't have good instincts and bring predators inside the house. So you have Also to protect your child. 5) From now on you make her pay half everything, she is not your spouse anymore and she is not your responsibility. You make a clause that states that everything is half for the child and the house and then everything else is separately. 6) You will need to not depend on her for your clothes and your food anymore, you will have to do that independently and sometimes you will have to cook for your child too. Make a plan with chores for both of you everyday. Don't clean up after her. 7) Make her sleep in another room. You don't have to share the same bed. 8) If she insists on sleeping on the same bed then you take the couch. You stop doing everything for her, you don't take her out anymore, you are not caring anymore you just care and take out your son and that is it. She is a traitor for you and your son. Bring your mother and your father inside the house to help you out for a couple of months and to keep an eye on your child.

  18. I see posts almost daily on this sub that are actually from the other party trying to discuss their own fantasies. Language like “buddy” and “railed” sounds way more like a straight dude.


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