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30 thoughts on “Latasha17live sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. I would however make a pact with myself to walk away, if he ever laid his hands on you again. Once you both learn how to handle conflict, this must NEVER happen again.

  2. Like I said again. Appreciate what you have or you’re going to lose it. Why are you so dead set on feeling bad about being a virgin? Why are you trying so hot to feel bad about yourself? You know you don’t have to right? You could be celebrating that you found a girlfriend. But you’re here complaining about her past….. why?

  3. You shouldn’t be with somebody that wants to change who you are. Love accepts you for you. Find somebody that actually loves you.

  4. Makes me think of Stockholm syndrome – but this is obviously not that.

    Plenty of people throughout history have heard of bad things by their partner and looked the other way. Think of all the people who let their partners molest their children. Or don't believe their kids when claims are made.

    I wouldn't doubt this is karma farming but I also think this “bombshell was dropped on me and I'm confused” type of story isn't that far fetched.

  5. You are being very passive with this discovery. She has more than likely cheated several times. She clearly doesn’t respect you. At the very least take measures to ensure you aren’t raked over the coals in divorce when it inevitably happens.

  6. She may just prefer longer hair, but her preferences shouldn't dictate your relationship. If she can't get over your hair then she's just being shallow.

  7. Tell her that this behaviour hurts you. If it stops you can reevaluate if you want to continue being friends. Otherwise you have to distance yourself

  8. I’m in the NL and hired a survivalist to teach these things. It was about €75/hour. No need to go to Bulgaria for this.

  9. We’ve been dating for almost a year, and it started since christmas. But it’s always when we are talking otp, we have never once gotten into an argument when we are together in person

  10. Lol. That's what, the price of a cinema ticket? A movie you might not enjoy that you only get to see once. Yes I'd spend that, especially if it was to spend time with my partner, even just 3-4 hours. And far less than the $500-$600 you were quoting lmao

  11. I get him being upset over mentioning random guys names in my sleep, but I genuinely don’t even know anyone with the name he said I said, and I’ve been asleep each time and he tries to wake me up for sex and I start randomly talking from my sleep.

  12. She could probably use a therapist for her mental problems, not just the one for her private parts. If it was a purely physical condition she would show more enthusiasm about fixing it. I can't imagine spending 12 years with someone so accommodating and understanding, someone I claim to love, and not resolving this problem. You're far more patient than a lot of men out there. She seems unwilling to do the work and instead shifts the blame on you and likens your desire for sex to you wanting to hurt her, which sounds like she might have some sexual trauma to address.

  13. The problem is that even though it is a small gesture that requires almost no force, it shows so much.

    I don't even spit on ants. It simply seems wrong to do. And for someone to do this to another human shows such a bone deep disregard and disrespect. Not just for you, but for your life and worth as a creature.

    Unless you wish to be treated like an animal or a belonging, it is time to say goodbye. To get past this, you would have to fundamentally change how she sees you, and that's if she's open to it.

  14. he is not insecure. she is cheating. point blank period. you wouldn’t say this if she was cuddling up with men instead of women. double standards and sexism

  15. I think your user handle is appropriate here. I'm disappointed in this whole comment thread (not you). OP wanted advice, not to get bullied. Words don't come out as readily and easily for everyone and sometimes the whole world can give you stage fright. Miscommunication happen, and she's asking for advice to make it better. This is not AITA!!

  16. Absolutely, I was nice to her after she had crossed the line before through hopes it was just the autism but now she is pushing it even more as a result and I won’t reward bad behaviour with niceties or friendship!!


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