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  1. The thing is when you ask people on here, a majority say to break up and leave. Do you love her? Yes, she cheated. Does she love you? Is it salvageable for you? Get counseling together if you want it to work. I’ve been cheated on and it hurts, but losing someone that made those mistakes hurts more later in life. Do what your heart tells you and not what the internet tells you. But go to counseling and get the story. Heal from it and love her or move on. You’re doing great homie and I hope you find that peace. It’s going to be nude for now.

  2. She’s not over him. She lied to you and is using you as a rebound. It’s not working.

    She needs to be on her own to get over these feelings. There is nothing you can do. You can’t make her stop loving him, and you can’t make her love you instead.

    She shouldn’t be feeling “lonely” if she’s dating you. What she actually means is she’s lonely BECAUSE SHES NOT WITH HIM and you are not him.

    Dont waste your love on her, she’s not feeling it back and you’ll end up the lonely one. Wish her luck and move on.

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  4. He should have just left for work and let you deal with your kids however you see fit.

    I'm a step-dad myself, and I can tell you that the most difficult aspect of being a step-parent is getting on the same page as your SO in terms of parenting. It's obvious that you both have different parenting techniques, and it is sometimes frustrating when a situation brings that realization to the forefront. He got frustrated with your enablement and snapped, which isn't acceptable but understandable to some extent.

    You both need to sit down and discuss the do's and don'ts of how you want your children to be raised. When a situation arises that he feels unable to handle in that context, then he needs to step back and leave it to you. That means you have to step up and take control, no matter how inconvenient it might be, and you can't be angry or resentful towards him for stepping back.


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